Pet pillow possible collaboration

Pet pillow possible collaboration

Wiggles would be proud Pet pillow possible collaboration

Good day to you all dear readers, our condolences go out to those effected by this winters Covid 19 pandemic 😷 and heres to hoping they find a a vaccine 💉 Pet pillow possible collaboration ! I’m like OMG.


When collectibulldogs revamped itself we had a package system where others could buy segments of our home page we would give an image create a link and the owner would rent that space.


Until now we have had business opportunities but did not feel the money involved was not worth the hassle, now that collectibulldogs has its own server the bill is £350 a year but that’s with a host that maintains our website and helps where he can.


So far we have only published a few paid for articles as most are of the same niches like dog health dog insurance and articles relating to CBD, this is now legal to give to animals in the USA but it’s still classed as a controlled drug in the U.K.


About the Pet pillow possible collaboration


Using Instagram to post a picture we noticed a message from about a week ago it was very polite and Toby as I know him just opened up and came straight out with it ! I’ve been following your website for a while Great job and are you interested in a partnership.


This will a different story altogether if it goes forth as unlike affiliated articles that just want a do follow link from the website pet pillow are wanting to add themselves to our front page the very first since the offer was conveyed last year.


We are not going to say no the pet pillow factory are offering up a percentage we get a dashboard to see how well we are doing and other perks should this be a great partnership, we may even get a deal or have our own dogs used.


The money is not the reason why we have agreed has been in the shadows for to long now great articles like The Bulldog Spirit a friendly explanation and there’s also others to just way to many to link too.

We believe in these kinds of partnerships


Normally when approached before we’ve been offered about 15% of sales but no dashboard no way of seeing how our website is making its own money by endorsing and hoping visitors click on this new tab.


Pet pillow possible collaboration Would be ideal for us to sink our teeth into we have just started using our google profile not only to amaze the server with fantastic bulldog antiques but crawlers saying there’s issues has had us doing our own SEO.

There’s lots of room on our home page so if you’d like the opportunity to give our visitors something more than just what we have to offer then get in touch, just fill out one of our forms showing legit interest and we can go from there.


The idea might be to give pet pillow some access to the website that way they can update their widget add any offers or sales and or just show a presence on our website, we will chat with pet pillow and our host to see if our Ts n Cs need to be amended.

The collectibulldogs Google page profile


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These are just some of the great articles by and while we are finishing up there’s a link to the COLLECTIBULLDOGS PAGE on meta / Facebook or join us on Instagram or PINTEREST  there’s lots on all our pages and we thank pet pillow possible collaboration for the interest even if it doesn’t happen

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