Today has been a mixed bag of ups and downs I wont go into to much detail but I have waited three weeks patiently now for someone I’m buying from to send me my items they said PAYPAL had advised them not to send people’s items till after 21 days.

I have not heard of this before and could not find it in the policy but I’m assured of a tracking number tonight, if not my wife will start proceedings for a full refund but I would rather it was just a delayed shipping error and nothing else and I will wait up to see the outcome as I cannot sleep.

On a better note my ROYAL DOULTON X 1176 in white with the spot, did turn up today and in perfect condition.

This piece had us super worried as when we tracked it a few days after shipping the app said it had been delivered and signed for.

WOW you could imagine the naughty words going through my head it was there in plain green DELIVERED.

After panicking we messaged the seller whom could not track it any further and I thought the worst I started believing my new bulldog had found a new home with strangers in Canada somewhere, we found a pick up card from the PO by the door yesterday and the parcel was at our local waiting to be picked up.

Relief was an understatement I felt sheer joy I did not care where it had been or why the mix up I was just so glad he had arrived and I did not have to battle the seller explaining that he never arrived.

As I have stated many times that I’m not sure if my posts are being read well that was answered today by a young lady, whom I have never met before and said to me that she loved my blogs.

I’m not sure which ones as they are very different but after the disappointment I have had today with various issues it was lovely to hear the young lady say that and gives that tiny boost sometimes needed to push on, so I say THANK YOU to the kind worded individual for making me feel better.

Ok as for my blog about your favourite pieces may be its best to give that a miss rather than just no responses I think ideas like that are best kept for when I get some followers and collectors that actually read this  and wish to participate, and please keep your fingers crossed for my tracking number to come through at the end of the day I would rather have my pieces that are owed than the money back.

P.S. Graham Simpson your a proper gentleman.