One man and his dog garden capers

One man and his dog went to design a garden

One man and his dog went to design a garden A NICE DAY FOR MISCHIEF

Hi readers, I hope as many of you as possible are safe well and adhering to the stay at home and save lives, one man and his dog garden capers can only we justified as the three stooges minus two plus a dog designing a garden.


So the gazebo went up without any issues and now sits behind the home taking on all kinds of weather so I’m proud there but that’s where the easy part ended. Our mini bulldog Porcsha barks the home down if she cannot see me so I spend a lot of time with her.


Porscha is still a puppy really and this has been clearly evident on everything I’ve tried to do to redesign and the back garden for the summer and implement it before hand, now I do love my dog to bits but it would of been easier and cheaper to keep indoors (we live and learn).


The hardest part of this experience is actually controlling where Porscha can go at the moment, my wife wasn’t happy to find do do in her sunflower garden and now we have to put netting across the vegetable patch, Porscha has stayed out but the cats don’t.

The dog the lawn the racetrack !

Now I love gardening I don’t like the idea of digging up homes underground but to get a lawn growing the garden needed to be softer on its top layer so with Porscha to help we started to dig the area we were going to sow (lol we )


At first Porscha just creating holes was of help not only could she dislodge the earth for me but she also dug out the root system that goes from under the lawn area to the patio (well done Porscha).


The help was great until Porscha made it her mission not only to find the roots but chew them out of the ground and drag indoors, these were chewed everywhere and after clearing up we are still finding pieces here and there.


The lawn area was dug over three times in total and sowed with seed twice, the first attempt was scrapped when Porscha used that certain area as a racetrack so to give the lawn a fighting chance temporarily trellis surrounds the area and Porscha gets taken out.

Porscha vs the garden shed !

Cute puppy montage

Three people have attempted to put our shed together one man and his dog was struggling so did get the assistance of a friend, this friend had little time during work hours to help but I think gave up due to Porscha whom see as a Norse when working.


My brother came down and started to put the shed together and as a dog lover didn’t mind a dog under foot ! Unfortunately this gave Porscha the opportunity not just to run off with the tools but also components needed to complete the task.


This shed to be raised took about a month to complete the instructions did say half a day yet we found ourselves shovels in hands digging up nuts bolts metal clips and all the pieces that Porscha decided to hide.


Now that’s it’s finished is a relief and I’m grateful for my brothers help but I’m still to understand how it manages to stay upright and looks ok, here at home is a plastic pot with some of the sheds pieces in it ! Fingers crossed it stays up.

Solar power is not a chew toy !

Part of the gardens redesign was solar powered lamps that dug into the ground and if enough sunlight has shone you get a beautiful ambient effect as the lights change colour all across the garden and up the bushes.

Learning that these are no good in the ground we went out before the lockdown happened and bought the over head versions ! These are effective we just have to watch where we go or when the fire pit I’d on there’s no lights above.


The dog by the pond !

One man and his dog went to design a garden

Dad digs it out I fill it in the circle of life lol

Now I wished I was about to talk to you about Beswick the sailor by the pond but this story doesn’t involve porcelain just Porscha being her naughty puppy self and as per usual that doesn’t stop.

Debbies dad passed last year so I thought it nice to create a rockery and pond add some Karp and present it to my wife as a Gesture of goodwill and to show pops hasn’t been forgotten you know some spontaneous.


This Rockery and pond has started to take shape I’ve not had to buy anything yet as the old tree that was sawn down and rocks from the garden were enough to create a lovely little rockery and that’s what I did.


Taking a break after so much work in the garden I had left Porscha to her own devices so upon going back out Porscha has refilled the pond hole (the little moo bag ) and has either chewed up or dragged the wood around the garden!


It doesn’t stop there ! When we went to move her bed to clean the floor we noticed it was very heavy not your usual weight so looked underneath the cushion and there was about fifty rocks and stones which she had snuck in.

We did put these back outside and even though the dog is frisked upon coming in we are still finding either stones in her bed or she’s trying to chomp down a piece of terracotta these are not what we would class as good for her teeth and now throw away each one.

Porscha the bouncer ! Protector of cats

One man and his dog went to design a garden

One man and his dog went to design a garden THE CAT BEING CAUTIOUS

The first month or two there was just wildlife birds of different kinds squirrels and even nosy foxes, then our indoor cats decided they wanted to venture further afield, this was fine they didn’t go far so my daughter wasn’t to worried


A new cat came on the scene well cared for with a white coat and other markings this cat would wait nicely outside until our cats went out and they would disappear for a few hours and return (the white cat would even bring them back)


This all changed recently when what looks like a Feral cat turned up and doesn’t like to play nicely it focuses on our weaker of the two cats and wants to fight like cats do THEN PORSCHA TAGS IN ! Porscha is ok with the cats she lives with but won’t abide strange cats especially in her back yard.

Porcsha now has her own patrol going on if it’s during the day she just has the freedom of the garden but at night we have motion sensors so when we don’t see a white cat (the other is grey ) Porscha goes running out to do her doggy thing and scare off bully cat.

Lastly ! Foxy stuff

We would like to finish well I would by saying we don’t take our outside space for granted especially right now not only does the garden look nicer for us but for those that over look us it must be better than the attempts made by gardens near to us.

we are lucky to hear the nature around us to feel the sun (even the rain ) and enjoy things like BBQs and just reading or relaxing outside, I hope any footage captured might help some stay connected to what they would normally see like going to work early morning and seeing the occasional fox

A fantastic link to all the worlds doggy breeds


we have a few at the back of the garden and just by chance one popped up the other morning and I captured it on periscope! This one is quite inquisitive when it sees Porscha but we can never tell what the fascination is maybe our dog looks more like a fox than we think


Remember to stay safe stay indoors and be kind to each other folks hopefully this trend will last after the lockdown and the idea we help our fellow person isn’t just down to Christmas Day but everyday and for anyone needing it we are after all a socialising spieces so we need each other like a massive family or tribe

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