Hello readers I hope your all well and finding great pieces to add to your English bulldog collections or if I have any general collectors then hello and welcome.

I would like to start by patting myself on the back not only for revamping the website but I found the external link page and the best part is I did not need to pester anyone on how to use it and after getting it wrong a few times its now published and ready for sharing which brings me nicely onto my next point of interest.

If you have a website or any online format that you think is combatable with mine then lets go ahead and share links, this will help create a great online bulldog presence with the websites gaining more traffic and also making the online world of all things bulldog just that bit more interesting when folks log on as it makes a web view more of an experience than maybe just say researching a topic.

I will be contacting people I know to link up and if you want to join the link page just contact me.

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I met this gentleman Edward a couple of months back and have recently started doing business with him.

I have purposely surrounded todays blog with pieces I have recently acquired not only to show the amazebulls pieces he has for sale but also to show he is of a trustworthy character.

He is a gracious fair seller and has a great back story to the life he and his parents have shared over the decades showing bulldogs and collecting alike I think its well worth a blog at some point and if you want to contact Edward you can find the details in the newly found links page.

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I would like to thank those that have noticed changes in the picture quality and the re making of each page.

I have started the info part with some help from a lovely lady but I still keep finding things at home not yet up so my web building process is a bit here and there at the moment and I can only say I’m sorry for the length of each page.

It was either a few long pages or a website made up of hundreds of pages which would bore the viewer having to jump each page.

I may just add one more for the historical pieces in the collection, but for now I’m just going to plod along till this main part is finished.

When taking a break I sometimes jump over to analytics and I am amazed to see what countries pop up when you great people look my site up I would never of thought folks in so many different countries have taken an interest in the site or collection and even better than that I get repeat viewers as well as the new viewers.

I don’t feel self affirmation so seeing these results is of a similar effect I do not get mail relating to what I’m doing so its a good visual tool to use to see what is going on and if I am growing as a site.

BIGGER and BETTER is the idea.


I would like to ask any collectors or folk with a special knowledge (as in specialising on one topic) if they want to share and have it used on the site.

I have lots of knowledge I can include but I don’t know everything and know that some out there know lots about sub collections and examples would include north light, Peggy Davis, Robert Harrop and so forth.

I could cheat and just read wiki and form my own conclusions but would rather use what you folks know.

It would help a great deal if some folks came forward to share what they know or have picked up over the years and that’s my point I have been collecting for 6 years and I know some out there have been collecting for up to sixty years and have way more experience than I do so fingers crossed on that one.

Don’t forget spectre is out so jack skyfall the new one is now available for doulton collectors and bulldoggers alike, Jack looks great with his new scares and credit to the painters in Taiwan as I believe each is individually painted and all are spot on I’m yet to see a second quality piece.
As for the collection I have invested on some new pieces I want to add and that I feel the collection lacks and that is show pieces I have some rosettes and ribbons now with medals on the way.

I totally understand why these can be the hardest pieces to collect if your not in the know etc as bulldog breed showers keep their trophies medals and other such items and love them just as we do our collections and why you wont see many modern day trophies or medals up for sale.

But you can find past winners or show related pieces to collect like I have and could soon get your self a lovely vintage collection going.

The down side to these are most have hit the melting pot by now so any old medals dating from the 40s back to when bulldogs started showing in 1875 are not just wonderful additions but a real part of the breeds history that started out a work dog pulling milk and the dreaded baiting sports to modern day bulldog now one of the worlds most popular breeds.

Lastly I am happy to say swapping still works a lovely lady local to me has seen a piece of mine she would like and asked me to hold it and I’m glad I did, the other piece is a commemoration plate which will go great in the collection we are meeting up this week to swap and Scruffy Louise gets to meet her puppy awwww.

Speaking of Scruffy I need to sign off now as nature is calling and she needs her nightly walk before taking up most of the bed and snoring the night away.

Have a chat with Edward you never know he might just have that special piece or even something that wows I know he has around 12 boxes full he would like to pass on and I cannot buy the lot lol.

Happy collecting folks.