OCD magical thinking

OCD magical thinking


OCD magical thinking definition below


I’m not an expert but have provided a link for those wondering what the bleep is he going on about here

My ocd magical thinking nightmare Hi there readers remember me lol I hope your all well and today’s article is to explain the lack of blogging since Christmas, my OCD magical thinking and the mindset I now need to change to re engage with my readers in a cognitive manner, a faulty cabinet caused so much distress it triggered a lapse.

I wrote a blog not so long ago on displays how best to keep them and other tips, well just after that blogs submission the £150 modern cabinet I had bought brand new bowed at the back for no reason we can think off and three shelves lost the pegs underneath and came crashing down.


I’m just writing this to explain why I’ve been absent I wanted to be open honest get this off my chest and start again I know I don’t have to say anything but this gives people a small glimpse into OCD magical thinking, this can come in a few forms but two are very obsessive to me.

OCD magical thinking

It’s hard to see what caused the OCD magical thinking the bend can just be made out

OCD magical thinking

OCD magical thinking the offending Cabinet that sent me insane 


After the accident instead of a normal thought like OMG the insurance is to be going up I was first distraught and angry at the delivery / shop we purchased the cabinets from (all the others are fine) and then my brain disorder kicked in and I started believing that my blog had caused this and the thoughts for the blog came from me.

This happened in late December I think and I’ve been too scared to create a blog ever since just in case I jinx something else but the OCD magical thinking needs to be conquered or I’ll never blog again, the cabinet that bowed had no water marks or damage and there’s no explanation other than the OCD magical thinking that plagues my daily living.

OCD magical thinking Continued

OCD comes in many forms another is a ritual that I do everyday and that’s to deflate my OCD magical thinking worry by telling my daughter I love her too have a great day or time and to WATCH THE ROADS this is partly because I never did as a child and I was hit 3 times before the age of 16 years old.

I have got better over the years I remember when I needed one-to-one counselling just to let my daughter go to school un parented, those with some knowledgeable sense of OCD knows it’s not just checking and cleaning but has many forms and mine are drawn from a distressed childhood with what I’ll just call minimal happiness.


cognitive behavioural therapy is a skillset used for these types of disorders it’s Dang hard to tell your brain what it does not want to hear but that’s how you start to rationalise the thought process, this takes a while in my case and I often don’t see the forest through the trees (if I may use that analogy).

It can take months for mine to kick in and this blog is testament to me getting better and realising that my blog had nothing to do with the accident and that’s all it was an accident from faulty goods, ahhhhh that feels so good to think and say, I’d like to defend my illness with all I have done it proves that even when down I’m not completely out and won’t stop due to a disorder that makes me sound like a wizard.


CBD cognitive behavioural therapy

The idea behind this treatment is that you start or try to start rationalising your thoughts, this could be anything but the idea is you choose different  scenarios more down to earth on why a situation happened an old example is the missed call scenario where someone keeps missing someone on the phone thinks they are not liked or being brushed aside BUT in reality that person may just be busy or didn’t hear you call etc and it’s that fact of thinking of more possible and positive outcomes and in my case it was the cabinet nothing I had done



without wanting to jinx anything we have moved in and settled down the girls love where we live and wiggles does not really care as long as she gets to lay on our bed and I’m sad to say I’ve feared buying anything bulldog for a while. As my mindset brings me back I’m sure I’ll get my passion back and start re collecting but that doesn’t mean I’ve not been doing nothing.

Working with an SEO expert I’ve been in the backlink and bookmarking making business well he did I just directed it’s all boring jargon to you folks (no offence it is to me) but all this work helps create a better website with higher domain authority and page rank. I’m hoping blog comments has been sorted so I can start receiving comments but remember spam and offensive get reported and any one wanting to link up should contact us.

OCD magical thinking

With massive bill paid we can now relax


Bothered is not a word to describe how I feel about opening up like this and stigma is just rude it doesn’t wind me up I hope I give others a small insight into my world and truthfully I believe an absence of that magnitude needed an honest excuse why, feel free to ask mental heath related comments I’ll try my best to answer them but only proper questions please.

Without being brash it’s my birthday soon the big 40 so I know bulldog presents will be on the way and after my last payment (BULLDOG DEBT FREE) I’ll be collecting again and blogging, this experience has happened lots of times with OCD magical thinking taking over but as I get older I get more of a grip on it, take care for now stay safe and happy collecting.

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Let’s go back to 2016 where I had similar problems to overcome

One of our missions at the moment is to get more people liking wiggles on youtube and maybe subscribe you can see her having fun and even singing songs

The offending blog article I’m placing this (with a small gasp) to prove I’m over it now

Christmas blog

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