OCD collectibulldogs youtube mission

Hi there readers I hope as usual you are all safe and well out there my article today is more like me distracting myself and to tell everyone about our most recent accolade and to try and convince some of you to become YouTube subscribers for a channel I’ve started.

First bulldog to reach 100k Twitter Follows

I’ve been unwell recently so I’ve not been collecting and as you have noticed my blog rate has dropped too, I won’t turn this blog into a mental health discussion and try and keep the article on track, Let’s YAY our first celebration/ accolade or achievement.


I looked it up and I’ve been on twitter just under two years and starting really kicking it last summer I started becoming active and the page slowly grew, now I would never call wiggles a gimmick but she’s so adored we’ve gone from 49k follows when the exhibition started this summer to over 100k now.

WOW is what I think and when smaller accounts ask how I grew so fast I say insomnia and OCD as I’m up more hours and love pressing buttons, to be honest it’s been countless hours of asking nicely, following in the hope you get one back, retweet the main feed, use follow trains, use certain hashtags, the antiques side and of course wiggles.


We are still pinching ourselves it’s amazing

Wiggles is adored on all formats she gets the most love from twitter because I’ve spent time and effort there plus she’s cute so she has picked up many a follow herself with many twitterers checking our page just for wiggles, We have made wiggles a little star ⭐️ with folks quote boxing her and her posts get many more likes than collectibulldogs lol.


To all those that have helped to make us past the 100k we thank you dearly and I was so relieved when it happened I had reached a goal in my own mind it felt achieved which is something I’m not used too, now I have the follows I hope my tweets get more likes and interest that I can re submit and get the blue badge, why you may think!!! I believe wiggles aside I have bought a new concept to the format I engage with it and the people on it there’s nothing like our venture on there.

Collectibulldogs Wiggles getting ❤️s

As a lot of you know apart from my art group and the exhibition I don’t get out much in fact 99% of all I’ve ever done as been at home anyway over the past year I’ve been playing around with videos, wiggles and my own pics on free apps are what I’m achieving at the moment but wrote this blog as I had a request and something to say regarding this.


Ok ATM I’m posting the videos I have made in the hope they get stumbled upon and I get some subscribers but as I enjoy this side of SEO I was thinking of taking the collection on YouTube and create new ideas as I go along. For example the videos of the talking artwork and talking ceramic I felt was raw but not the worst Idea and has a few applications from teaching to telling jokes.


It’s a bit of a flop just now with just the 5 subscribers so I’m hoping I can reach out to your compassion and ask if you guys gals and furry friends could sub and help me get the channel started, once my current situation is sorted I’m going to ask the head at digital wulf if he can help me to learn basic skills and in return I’ll help grow he’s page as it’s something he doesn’t have time for… oh yeah and he doesn’t know yet.

Who let the dogs out


Once I know what I’m doing I’ll ask lee if it’s possible to link our videos page with YouTube and utilise it to the best of my ability for the good of collectibulldogs and to try and create something new on their format, my last call to action was a success (I asked folks to put their pets on my pinned tweet and it worked) so I’m hoping this article will also help and create some subscriptions.

If you have a channel I’m more than happy to sub for sub with you but if you don’t we would still love for you to come join us and even leave me suggestions and help me in the making of the videos and what directions to take, I’ve done all this now for what feels like a lifetime so some companionship along the way wouldn’t go amiss.



I have slowed down my collecting considerably this year there’s no real reason other than poor health and the exhibition itself, I’ve promoted collectibulldogs now none stop for free years and we are at our lowest views for a while now and I blame myself for the lack of interaction with the website yet I have been going at it hammer and tongs to build up my twitter page.

Someone suggested I take a holiday I’d love too but there’s no time or funds at the moment so my peace and quiet is when the flats empty, I will be resuming my passion for all things bulldog I’ll be trying out new ideas too I just have a couple of my own issues to deal with and then it’s back to researching and finding those bulldog bargains.


I need to youtube and collect lol

Thinking up YouTube ideas involving the collection

Hopefully we will be a shiny success on the YouTube scene


If any of you collectors want to take the reigns and submit a blog article it sure would help me to get some collection content on the blog page, if not no worries folks will not mind waiting we are not going anywhere and there’s a great archive to browse back on. Thank you to those that have wished to blog at collectibulldogs and although not all collection content it’s still welcomed knowledge is knowledge at the end of the day but we do draw the line when a submitted post has more outbound links than content.

Many bloggers that are affiliated with known online shopping outlets make their living or cash connected to these companies, if your one and upfront with your intentions then there shouldn’t be a problem but those sending blogs with hidden back links etc will not be submitted as my tech support will trace the link back.

Since I’ve started my new obsession I’ve been asking folks to subscribe and it seems it’s working as the numbers are rising, I’ll post vids I have for now and when it becomes more popular I’ll up my game and have the time and energy to do so, until my or another’s new article folks it’s bye from us stay safe and happy collecting. Oh and please subscribe thank you…. 👍buddies👍

I’m hoping in time that my web host can link our videos page to the channel and videos rotate but let’s see if its possible until then please have a look it’s a work in progress

As a favour to me could I ask the collectibulldogs faithful to link to a few of the galleries they haven’t seen much action as of late, new pieces will be added as soon as its possible thank you

As like previous blogs I’d like to bring you more than just myself especially if you found / find the blog/s boring so here’s three that I know and trust

You can deny it but I know for a fact pug owners read my blogs and here’s a treat (yep pugs on a bulldog site) this pug called Doug is cute even sent my daughter a little message to cheer her up so check em out for PugLife

CSA mountain pickers may not be anything your familiar with they advertise clothing on twitter the reason I’ve added these to my list is because they are amazing retweeters and very active towards our page THANK YOU GUYS

I was not going to add this link the fella never retweets grrrr lol but on the up side he does like or has liked the most posts out of all my followers on twitter so here’s his channel he seems the outdoor kind of guy so I expect he’s content will be remarkable

Wiggles singing wiggle wiggle

I’ll just go and pop the link to our channel down here in case it got missed. Again thank you 😊

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