HI there readers I hope your all safe and well and I would like to add I’ve enjoyed my rest since the start of the exhibition that started in late may, I’ve not done anything except for my daily business and promoting the website.

The exhibition looks amazing and I cannot wait to get my fingers tapping to put into content how an installation works, the good , the bad and what needs to be looked at if I continue as a social enterprise, the museum also has some lessens its needs to learn but we are coming together to iron out issues and in the museums defence it’s only their second public assisted project.


Exhibition comes second on twitter with wiggles


I’ve been pondering on my break on how best to bring you the exhibition through the goodness of the interweb? So do I go swish and create an ebook for the viewers to download or shall I go manual and blog the exhibition for you all. An ebook would look more up to date for the website.

Im not sure how many of my following know how to download an ebook or if their gadgets can, ( I say that as some times the websites plug ins play up) and I don’t want those either interested in the event or even one or two that donated to Miss out so I’m going to leave it up to the viewer / reader to get in touch and instruct me I could do both but would rather have a viewers choice here.


Exhibition cabinet an old Georgian book case


Why is he bringing this up I hear you saying lol, I’m mentioning this as I live in England and the election is all everybody is talking about, well most of us anyway I gave my vote to my 15 yr old daughter she’s the future and no party had anything that helps me or Bulldogs.

I’m going to use the time the world is looking at number 10 Downing Street to put together either a part blog or the framework for a second original ebook, the only thing if political I’d like to say is good luck to my own country and I hope somehow things fix themselves.



Birthday gift and a thank you for the support

Back to the exhibition, I know someone that’s going to be flattered about the pieces used and her name mentioned in the exhibition (pic shown is her Bday present) I also want to express my glee when I was asked to stay on till late August. The  election break will give me time to decide how much info is divulged nothing’s perfect in life and the same went for my exhibition I just don’t want to push my luck yet I want to be as open as possible about what it’s like working alongside highly trained professional curators and the less glamorous side.

What I won’t be telling you in the exhibition special is my new role at the museum (cool ay) my Role is unclear but my skill set has been seen to lie in antiques and tech ability so I’m hoping I get to work with both curators and the blog team, imagine thousands each day logging on to the museum and reading my published content.


What a beautiful place to work or volunteer

Bulldog museum Brighton Bulldog museum Brighton

its all good fun

I would love the blogging part and not just because I enjoy the writing but the museum only holds a percentage of its stock in the museum so that means a lot is stored away and that’s what I’d love to blog on, the exhibits there have been up for a while and the pavilion stays the same year in year out so bringing new objects to the public could be a good idea we could name it THE ARCHIVES WITH AVE lol.

Ok before I leave this part I’ll finish by saying the exhibition looked amazing, it was the first of its kind in the world, the outer display and the projector slides really made it pop but the main cabinet with the Collectibulldogs pieces in looked like they belonged there and Collectibulldogs.com would like to thank Brighton museum and all involved for the countless hours all the help and support and the opportunity to showcase bulldogs a breed that could be a sensitive breed to promote.


Teaser pictures from the exhibition

Bulldog museum Brighton Bulldog museum Brighton Bulldog museum Brighton Bulldog museum Brighton Bulldog museum Brighton

Anna Kennedy OBE

This made my week so I thought I’d try my best to help if I can and try and get some support out for a lovely lady on twitter whom is an OBE, I was so surprised to see this follow I thought it was fake like when mr Bieber followed us and I had to check it was him lol, ma’am (I’m sure that’s how you address OBE and MBE members) decided not only to follow me and reply to me in direct message, (unheard of for most celebs ) but whom promised to check out Collectibulldogs, I was honest about my disorders and wanted ma’am to know my struggles to get where I am and that honesty found me a high profile amazing pillar of society that found interest in my venture and story.


I think The exhibition looked amazing

Who is Anna Kennedy OBE 


Humanitarian winner OBE Anna Kennedy ambassador

Anna Kennedy is herself an ambassador for autism doing amazing work ( see amazing follower) Anna has been a finalist on popular TV shows (not sure if I’m allowed to name them), the founder of anna Kennedy online helping those effected by autism and their families. I’m guessing this ladies help goes much further but I have to watch what I say so it’s fact and I don’t get into any trouble. And I’ll leave this part by saying not many can boast that they have a follower that’s won an humanitarian award.

Does autism effect you or your family, do you need help but not sure where to go then I’m sure ma’am won’t mind me leaving a link to the autism website and you can get more personally centralised help from there, alternatively if you wish to help or donate to autism uk or annakennedyonline may I suggest you contact ma’am using this link Maams website link please show support thank you.

everybody needs help sometimes

And it’s thumbs up support from such people back,that Collectibulldogs needs to be noticed don’t get me wrong I’m happy to talk my disorders but I’d rather chat bulldogs and collectibles helping you good people and I cannot do that when it’s ok me 24 hour promoting with no one on my side so to speak.


Signed bulldog from exhibition

Bulldog museum Brighton

You should see this now

We are doing well on twitter we are now up to nearly 80,000 viewers and wiggles is bombarded by amazing retweets saying how cute she is and I’ve noticed a small ripple in the moving of my page, this is how many retweets and likes a post gets without prompting or using hashtags, on the other hand I am owed thousands of tweets as I near to 200,000 retweets myself.


Before anyone writes in can I say we chose wisely when shopping and we bought the most lightweight appropriate go pro camera we could find and when attached wiggles doesn’t even know it’s there, well the names in the title we’ve decided to record wiggles out for a walk a wiggles eye view if you like, my friend jo is going to start up a wiggles page on Instagram and have different walks.

Brighton is a city with a sea one side, a bus ride away is rolling hills so landscape shouldn’t be a problem, I’m guessing any issues lie with me being able to work the pro, it’s good exercise and also gives me and the wife time to chat and spend time together it’s amazing how well walks work for problem solving, just like my other ventures this wasn’t cheap and a risk in case it either doesn’t work or doesn’t take off.


Before I talk about the website let it be known this isn’t a dig aimed at my web designer most issues arise from my own thoughts but as I see views slipping I’m amiss at what to do, I’ve said before you cannot make people love bulldogs and as the new site is just a cleaned up version of the old site I’m starting to think you folks have seen it etc and now find us boring.


An unknown world first

This has been on my mind for weeks now I wish to stay with lee he’s become a kind of friend he worked hard on the copy over well he worked hard on the whole site, so even if money fell out the sky I’m not sure I can go with another designer but then where does that leave the site.


I’ve had offers of more interaction website designs by others I’ve even been approached by a couple of companies that could in effect turn Collectibulldogs.com in to apps for such servers as iOS and android, it maybe just me but the website feel plain now the gif at the top has gone, in lees defence he knows of my woes and is trying he’s best to address the problems and keep me as one of he’s clients.

All I want is the best website possible not just for my own gratification but for you folks too, I’ve had an idea called Collectibulldogs2.0 and this is saving to have new website made but keeping the original too that way I have the first and the second could be a little more interactive, this is just opinion and speculation ATM there could be many reasons why my demographic is falling it’s just not nice for me.


If you managed to make it to the museum thank you, if you endorse Collectibulldogs thank you, if you like share retweet or view our content on media thank you, if your one of the many that retweet quoting wiggles thank you, if your a new follower on any media and stuck around thank you, Facebook group creators thank you, twitter followers that support us thank you, Brighton museum thank you, behind the scenes at museum including mentor Thank you, and lastly thank you for reading my article and helping to increase my views.

I will be getting back to my old self in 2018 I’ve not really collected anything for ages and I miss the research and also the thrill of the auction chase, I’m after a Bretby bulldog now but no hurries and I’m also going to need my contacts as eBay prices as well as other sites is increasing all the time, often rare isn’t at all and many use shipping programs that I swear are all ex footballers so we will see and I’m being sent a gift from Australia so that should keep me going my only bug bare is the website for now. Lees site from issue help to design and hosting


You folks have obviously seen the galleries and I’m guessing one point Is the website is too big? (It’s one reason why I’d want to keep my host) but if you have any ideas we would love to hear them, wordpress was used to design the website so if you get an idea it has to fit in with the template lee uses.

There’s no such thing as a 💩 idea just good and bad ones so if your starring at my website now and The lightbulb 💡 goes ping write it down and send to lee or myself at  ask@collectibulldogs.com   and it will be looked at to see if viable, lee cannot work miracles but he’s a nice dude that will help where he can and knows I get down when views are low.

Places like Reddit would be perfect 

There are other ways of increasing views to the website but my call to action campaigns are like that emoji up there and I don’t mean the light bulb, there’s the share option and it just takes a share or two to one of the many thousand sub Reddit pages on Reddit there’s google plus, Pinterest and linked in too I would of added others if I knew my demographic more.

The other ways to increase views is mutual website link exchanges if you want to go beyond that then there’s keyword link drops, and the old fashioned idea of guest blogging, this I’ve pondered on as I don’t get many, my website is the perfect hub for many a demographic to come blog endorse a product through the blog and create a link at the same time, I’m offering all this for free some new niche ventures are charging to even appear on their sites all I require is a thank you.

Peace to all 

Right that’s me I’ll leave a picture of my latest disaster I’m donating to the dogs trust it’s bulldog relatable so might as well share and if any interest the website email address is back up in the blog👍 I normally finish with happy collecting folks buts it’s only fitting that I end with that our thoughts and prayers go to all decent people and families effected by the the latest wickedness that walks our earth. (Hashtag your posts with peace and make it a top hash tag)…


My latest dogs trust art donation

Bulldog museum Brighton

a call to action you knows the ones that don’t work

ebook surprised us when it took off

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