What ! Not a purebred representing

What ! Not a purebred representing

What ! Not a purebred representing Our little miracle

Hi readers 👩‍🏫 I hope that all are well after a slump in views, social media changing and the feeling of being boycotted I’m here to justify the question What ! Not a purebred representing, and I’m afraid the answer is a big fat NO !

Porscha is classed as a mini bulldog this appealed to our current living situation after wiggles passed away Most difficult blog to date RIP wiggles you star I had spent that year carrying her and know the pitfalls of damage to ones self carrying such a weight up and down stairs yes I did it and no I would not want too if helped

What ! Not a purebred representing

Porscha to be new face of collectibulldogs our Purebred



The idea of a bulldog that’s smaller was ideal but just like all pups you have to wait for the first six months to tell what kind of dog they will become, well we got a SHOCK ! Porscha is nothing like bulldogs we’ve had before.


Her age comes into play I’m assuming but this bulldog has ZEST she’s a whippet when it comes to running she’s got MEGA strength and I’ve not seen many bulldogs bolt across beach pebbles for an hour then want to play straight after.

What ! Not a purebred representing

What ! Not a purebred representing

But I’m a gorgeous bulldog see Purebred

Porscha is no different to any other house proud burglar alarm 🚨 her hearing is exceptional and when a noise is heard she investigates, it’s normally the cats getting things out of the drawer but she’s on the ball there.


Speaking of balls it’s actually refreshing to play Ball we have adopted middle aged bulldogs before and at that age they prefer comfort over exercise but I cannot talk for all bulldogs out there just our own experience with puppy Porscha here.


Snoring is not an issue nor is her breathing yes she pants after a good play but it’s not continuous and her little heart seems to be able to cope with the amount of play and exercise she loves to get every day.

What ! Not a purebred representing

What ! Not a purebred representing Don’t be surprised to see Porscha on new website

My wife did mother Porscha when she first arrived so now Porscha at 9 months old thinks that human food is hers (we don’t feed it to her) when it’s bedtime our Porscha can be found upside down on her back asleep between us with legs dangled in the air.


Love and Compassion runs deep !

What ! Not a purebred representing

Porscha thinks she’s a human bless. Shhhh she’s asleep lol 😂


Taking away Porscha and her abilities leaves a little mix bred puppy lucky to be found alive in the womb with her sister after a litter of seven did not make it, her sister a jet back girl 👧 with bent over ears we the only two to survive.

Now Would you adopt a middle aged purebred with no to little veterinarian information ℹ️ or try and keep in the realms of bulldog world and get a breed more suited to home life, Porscha is half the size of a purebred so carrying if ill was a given.

What ! Not a purebred representing

The world we live in but cannot live without a dog. Stairs are so narrow


With the stairs from hell The move reminiscing one year on you can see stair issue here ! A narrow 5 Set of wooden stairs barely legal I found carrying the shopping 🛍 up quite a journey and it’s the steepness and lack of handle support that makes it more dangerous.


It’s unfair to take on a bulldog used to a flat surface and then get them used to these stairs or like our wiggles lose the plot due to horrible neighbours the DoorBell from Hell is one example here it’s also unfair to get a youngster as their hollow bones would diminish quicker overtime if we was to adopt a purebred


Some maybe thinking but Porscha is a puppy what about her that’s hypocritical ! Firstly it WAS our intention to carry Porscha up and down the stairs her weight and size would of made it much easier but if you see Porscha now you do not get a chance to carry her.

As soon as she hears keys the word walk or if I put my coat 🧥 on this little cuddle monster turns into a four legged four wheel drive kind of bulldog as all you see is her backend as she darts down the stairs there once was a time when we carried her but now she’s like a youngster wanting independence from a parents safe hand.

Came for bulldog antiques and stayed for Porscha!

What ! Not a purebred representing

Just one of the best bulldog pieces to adorn any collection and plenty for new content on new website

That’s the Dream folks we are a bulldog memorabilia collection resource website here to help and impart our knowledge but it would be great if people got to love 💕 this beautiful little soul REMEMBER beauty is more than coat deep !


The new website layout with a passed bulldog would be a little unfair to their memory and once I get my editing skills down you’ll see more articles of Porscha around our Brighton city as we continue to socialise her and you’ll see the fuss she gets all the time.

What ! Not a purebred representing

Hey I’m doing my tongue out Tuesday look see


As stated love is deeper than skin or coat and we fell for Porscha straight away, as she’s grown she’s showing signs of her mixed DNA 🧬 with her dads overbite and her mums look and ears 👂 she also has pug sized french looking ears I agree these help to dispel some of the heat from her body.


We are always honest and open here so it’s fair to say if we had of adopted porcsha and she was A a french bulldog B a pug she would not be honoured with being the face of collectibulldogs YES OF COURSE WE WOULD STILL OF ADOPTED but even I know the website is primarily about English bulldog memorabilia and historical fact.

From puppy to teenager

What ! Not a purebred representing

From puppy to well a bigger puppy 🐶

Its true our little girl is growing up lol ! Ironically my wife is ten weeks away from giving birth to our second baby 👶 girl but this refers to our little Porscha! You dread the day you wake up to the spots everywhere and it’s out with the nappies after.

That’s correct our little puppy is a little teenager now as she comes into her first season it was to be expected but not something you watch out for daily is it ? She’s a little freaked out by her first season but getting used to it


No is the answer to Breeding I mean if she’s a bulldog X already what breed should you choose so we are doing the right thing and Porscha will grow up to be a beautiful bulldog but it’s not right to breed her and with new laws in the UK I don’t think it’s now legal to just mate two dogs without proper breeders licenses.

What ! Not a purebred representing

What ! Not a purebred representing I DONT WANT TO GET OLDER ! IM TO CUTE LIKE THIS

She will be too busy when the baby arrives anyway at nearly a year old she’s ready to be our babies little protector best friend and comforter and in return our little new arrival will spend hours each day just playing wether at home or out on outings.

What do you think now ! Not a purebred representing

What ! Not a purebred representing

Hey I’m not a replacement I’m the families new best pal ok 👌


Are you someone who will boycott a websites need for interactions due to a breed surely not Porscha will show with time shes a stunning little cute miracle pup that came along when I needed her and even though wiggles Is still missed Porscha makes each day easier


hopefully when the new website is live and with a members area we will feel more confident in hearing others opinions about this question I wouldn’t rely on the comments section as some would just be spiteful and last I looked there was nearly 20 thousand comments (spam backlinks) so no comments have been answered till filtered through.

We did think about creating a cartoon style bulldog to represent, but then thought that’s a daft idea if people are not coming to the website to see its great new look and check out the new content new pages new features then what’s the point So it would be fantastic to hear Porscha can love out there among those that still follow our venture 🙏

What ! Not a purebred representing

I hope you’ll ❤️ Me I’m very funny and love to hear people laugh it’s my mission in life to make humans SMILE


I am just as eager if not more than others to see how the website will look 👀 investment is a 50/50 win or lose game but with our domain name safe and hopefully a much more modern website layout I can leave you all to enjoy it’s bounty as I enjoy time with my new baby girl at the end of year.


We were going to have a relaunch party but three months overdue it would of been a very annoying party lol, our decision now is to have the new website switched Over once signed off let google do it’s crawling and put out feelers or an article to let people know.

Due to the late relaunch we apologise to those that won’t get anything this 2019 and we start our members area and giveaways but it’s ongoing and just an idea until in full swing in 2020 2021, if you’ve seen the homepage then you’ll know we have a brand new look coming.

What ! Not a purebred representing

However they start in life they all need love right ?

Id also love to learn to write and present articles like our last guest post Friends a passion for bulldogs guest post as when this presented to me to publish the PDF had me saying WOW and if honest I couldn’t use iPad to copy over so did not do HES amazing work justice.

Well that’s it for now my friends 👫 please remember Porscha is just a dog 🐶 it’s my website and my decisions (my idea and money too no offence) that I’ve used to keep bulldogs online and on as many social media formats as possible please help me by doing the same thank you.

Oh before we go !

Can you paint 🎨 unfortunately we never got a painting of wiggles done we feel bad as we have scruffy Louise as a painting but not our others this isn’t through the want of trying people feel for you when your dog passes then forget promises made so three or four painters have forgotten their pledge.

We know money is time we also know advertising brings commissions so if we agree to a price collectibulldogs will also advertise you free of charge across the world 🌍! Please email if this is something you could cover and want the money / exposure


peace ✌️ Ave n Porscha

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