Literally bonkers over bulldogs

Literally bonkers over bulldogs

Hi there all you great people I hope your all safe well and enjoying the success of your country’s medals haul from this years Rio Olympics.

We here in the UK are very proud of team GB and they outdid all expectations showing England is still quite the sporty nation which I believe was due to the fact we had the event here in 2012.

Today’s blog is aimed towards mental health, collecting contact bewares and wiggles wishes to say hi too…

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So as most know I have mentioned before that I suffer with a diagnosis called OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), this happens with most aspects of my life and I get compulsive over most things I try my hand at.

When I started the website I didn’t have a clue that the analysis from my analytics app would have such a profound effect on myself and my mood this is all very new to me and can be very frustrating.

I had a chat about this to a friend whom suggested a daily target of viewers and try to be content with that, so I thought 50 views a day would be an easy target and as I’m always getting told I’ve created something unique a one of a kind website that 50 views would be easily be achievable but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Today saw the website get 9 views which has had a massive effect on my mood and any forwarding ideas I may have for this venture.

When in this mindset the demons come out to play I start thinking of the collection as just an over massed selection of the same thing and that I’m just seen as a brash big head showing off, I know this isn’t my true mindset as I do not think this way on good days.

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How I’ve coped till now

I actually feel bad for part of this section the same friend I spoke to could see my mood dipping when I was being banned from posting my ads or pics of wiggles in any Facebook groups, I even appealed this explaining my condition and if I’m over posting to please give me a warning before just banning me but they never replied.

So my friend started helping me by posting on my behalf but recently became the same victim as I and both now in Facebook jail until certain predestined dates where we are free to post again.

Of course I feel really bad about what happened and it’s another self doubting trigger that I feel I cannot do all this on my own anymore.

I got my diagnosis last November I’ve had no help or advice on how best to manage this and until I do I think I’m just going to continue to struggle I will try to keep myself distracted but with things very slow at the moment it’s proving difficult.

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What do I do?

Why is this fella moaning you maybe thinking!!!

He’s got a great collection some followers and some even read he’s blogs, I would love the time to be able to sit back and moan but I’m afraid it’s just not that simple.

So I’m constantly self promoting I do this over many medias which without the help of an app takes ages, but I feel the personal touch is always better than a routinely timed ad placer for social media, then there’s the adverts themselves I make them in the hope they are good enough to attract you folk to come see the collection.

I get inbox messages everyday folks looking for assistance and depending on the piece it can take a while to either track down or research for them and I need to do it properly as being seen is a professional in my field is a goal of mine.

I promote, like, share, and assist many others on social media from pet companies to antiques dealers, artisans and even people that have nothing to do with our subject matter but need help.

Then there’s my own collection finding new and interesting pieces that I can add to keep the website fresh these need researching too (will be added on new website) so I get it right when publishing.

The hardest most challenging part I deal with I think is when a bulldog friend is losing their bulldog I console the bereaved best I can this puts my emotions into disarray and leaves me drained, but I know I’m doing a good thing as some do not have others to talk to, so I do my best to be there even if I’m thousands of miles away and I stay up for days if needs be as some obviously cannot sleep and need to talk to someone when feeling that horrible emotion we all go through when losing our best fur mates.

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Any one that knows mental health knows that for my disorder I need a course of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), this has been denied to me ever since the symptoms were noticed and when at my worst the Dr I see went away for a month leaving me to face my problems on my own with only A and E as an option should I of got too bad.

I’m pessimistic about seeing the Dr next week he has sent me to two organisations now and both have turned me away saying my issues are too complex so that’s why I doubt any further assistance will be any different.

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When the sun shines

So that’s the downsides or some issues that I’m dealing with currently but I can’t leave it on a downer and as you can tell by previous blogs that I usually love what I do not just for myself, but for others as well and when I’m upbeat I think about the collection and venture in a very different light with great positive thoughts and self affirmation for the achievements I have made these past few years.

The new website is coming which should be great there’s been set backs and delays but I’ve been assured it’s well worth the impatient excitement.

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Watch out Con artists about

Its with a heavy heart I write this part but feel if I say it then it may save the next collector from being used and stolen from, I did a deal with an American lady last November this lady never kept a record of my payments never sent shipping receipts and even messed up her own calculations when I asked her for a total owed statement recently.

The deal was for a job lot I paid $300 for but the shipping was to cost me 100s of pounds, I had been paying and the lady sending boxes till I paid £90 to have box five shipped and when this happened she kept my money saying I still owed her $184 for boxes 5 and six and this is where she’s got it all wrong, as each box if sent would cost more than $230.

To keep my money I class as stealing but I cannot name and shame as its very unprofessional I’ve been left out of pocket but it’s taught me a few lessons and I will be getting support when it comes to deals etc in future as my friends think people see me as an easy touch regarding my mental health issues.

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Watch out whom you do business with please folks, remember, you may love the piece desired but most sellers don’t care about your passion only your money and what they can sell you, ( I must note not all sellers are like this but s few seem to spoil it for the good ones out there).

This year has taught me so much about sellers and contacts which I will strive never to be and that’s a promise, I’m a man of my word and it’s my bond too.

Don’t rush into deals before first trying to get to know a bit about the person’s character and I suggest staying away from sellers that have no passion what so ever even in the pieces they are selling.

Its all about the €$£ to them and to a certain point good luck to them but after this years deals I will be going into next year a much more cautious collector ,as its not just faux pieces out there these days, only problem is I can only tell if a piece is fake it’s much harder to know if a contact or seller is until you find yourself used or burned, as always I give everybody the benefit of the doubt once and once only after that, they have to be left to continue their own journey as conning ripping off and nasty dealings isn’t going to make the collection any better it will just make the untrustworthy richer and my wallet lighter.

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Wiggle on

Lastly here’s an update on Wiggles our rescue from last December, she’s still got her disorder this is where she goes into defensive mode if woken up abruptly like a loud noise etc. but other than that she’s completely settled in.

Wiggles now goes outside for her 1s and 2s which is amazing and all thanks to Debbie’s commitment to her and the routine she has, still doing her trademark wiggle, wiggles loves the attention she gets not just from home but when we are out she loves nothing more than a good bum scratch and kisses from passers by and excuse the pun but she laps it up lol.

Please note I do not believe in mental health stigma and advocate it myself but as we are a bulldog collecting website I’ve posted nice bulldog pics to go with the blog.

So from a frustrated me and a wiggly bulldog it’s happy collecting till next time…

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Earning my keep

Ceo yeah right, I can’t get no peace just lately dad says with my cute face and good captions, he can make cost effective ads that grab your attention I hope I’m cute enough dad says I am so it must be true hope you like my pics…

Now for some sleep.

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If you haven’t seen the website please do its my own creation that will soon be changed but I’m proud of what I made considering I’m not a web designer at all just visit and you will be taken to our home page where you have a choice of different types to muse.