New home new start better mental health

New home new start better mental health


I hated the old home due to FIRE ahhhhhhh ! Excuse me readers hi how are you ? I’m actually stating one of the anxieties I had from living at the old home I couldn’t mention or talk about them

I would never want to Jinx my family so I’ve just spent just over two years in an apartment that is nearly 200 years old and the fire alarm going off nearly every other day was actually exacerbating the thoughts in my head about bad situations occurring

New home new start better mental health

New home new start better mental health MY FAVOURITE PART IS UNPACKING THE COLLECTION

New home new start better mental health This isn’t what I’m aiming for this it is actually happened we are in a new home it’s a new start and I am feeling brilliant, yes I still have my issues yes I still take my medication but life has changed so quickly and for the better.

we have a lovely new home that we know we can stay for as long as we like the new home has a garden for the dog and as we have just had a baby I will never arrival can grow up with some outside space within the household as well as going out.

New home new start better mental health

New home new start better mental health

It seems my mental health has packed itself away

It’s within my own cognitive thoughts that I can say that the new home has had or is having a more positive effect on my mental health how pragmatic I’m being And the fact I actually enjoy waking up now wether it’s to help with the baby or get ready for a brand-new day

New home new start better mental health

New home new start better mental health

hey a few weeks back I was feeling so low I thought I would have to endure some dangerous situations for at least four years and to suddenly move away from all those problems means it’s just the beginning with this new home new start better mental health.Bulldog museum Brighton

New home new start better mental health

New home new start better mental health UNPACKING HAS BEEN A JOY


we are so busy at the moment trying to get the baby into a routine that we have an idea board this is so that we do not forget the great ideas that we come up with to improve the new home and garden ready for when the baby is older and for the dog as she is now.


now that we put out outside lights in the back garden our Porscha is getting used to the space and freedom she’s now got and there’s a waiting period before one of the cats ventures outside but by the summer the garden should be in full swing.

The home !

New home new start better mental health

New home new start better mental health Packed away for a year. Ouch

We are very fortunate to have managed to find The place that we have now it’s a period basement flat it’s quite cosy with large rooms and a long hallway that reaches from the door right through to the kitchen there is two bedrooms and Open Plan front room come kitchen and then there is the toilet


The specs are more up-to-date and we have a beautiful garden now but as stated about The unfortunate part we get to stay in the same city that we grow up in and this cannot be said for many families that have ever been pushed out or cannot afford the rent that landlords are asking in Brighton at the moment


we have a very large bedroom with lots of room and I’m sure there will be cabinets in here with our bulldogs in as it does seem to be one of the largest ones in the home And the lounge area has potential when it comes to displaying the collection too


That is a current search For affordable cabinets that are big enough to take parts of the collection but not big enough to take over the whole flat we will be utilising alcove space to continue with the shelving that someone else is already started and that looks quite effective if done properly

New start !

New home new start better mental health

New home new start better mental health WE WILL CONTINUE COLLECTING

Pinpointing what has improved my mental health is not easy could it be the fact after so long there is now a garden to use and to have some freedom with or is it I now do not have the same anxieties about this home as I did the previous either way I’m loving it

For someone that suffers with suicidal ideology and to go days without thinking about this destructive of thoughts is absolutely amazing it’s not down to anything in particular like being too busy to think I believe the new start has changed my mindset to a new more positive outlook on life.


feeling stuck at Our old home  it’s no wonder I was miserable especially with the thought that I may have to carry the baby up and down those stairs for maybe four years was draining enough but to add on the illness and the anxieties I feel I did well to last as long as I did there.

New home new start better mental health



We did lose wiggles there and there is no change in that but to have Siena home may not have come along if we hadn’t of lived at the old place will make it a conundrum in the mind about whether or not I liked it there at all, but I am blessed to of got married and conceived at the second beautiful baby was living at that place.

My mental health


So where do I start well it’s easy are used to think about death a lot and now I think about what I can do it in the garden how I can be a better husband and how I can best help my wife when it comes to tagteam in the baby when she won’t settle of a nighttime.


due to rebound anxiety I won’t be coming off my medication any time soon but that is the plan it would be great to be prescription free and to live life as “normal “ I will be keeping the old habits I love collecting So won’t stop and I’ll continue with the 3-D project

ideas for the garden range from a gazebo and a raised pond to a vegetable patch and area for the baby, as well as putting in safety guards and making sure that the dogs waste is picked up if she uses the garden as a toilet instead of on a walk and the Icing on top of the cake has to be my very own shed.

A few years back at limited additions I was creating bespoke items that were being sold for good money and this money was pumped back into the project I’ve obviously taken away skill sets that I learnt there and I wish to use these to the best of my ability to create a space both indoors and out that is both eye catching and life improving.

Our little twinkle ⭐️

New home new start better mental health

New home new start better mental health PROUD DAD ALERT

if one thing has improve my mental health it has to be our little twinkle no matter how far she pushes our sleep deprivation or emotional limits she is so loved it it’s put up with quite easily both mum and I are living on hardly any sleep yet sienna is so stunning and perfect it’s all good !

Maybe being biased but I have been using parts of the collection to stimulate my little girl she cannot just lay there or sit there forever so we go on walks and have a look at pieces which is quite enthralled with and then when it’s quiet time the pirate comes out and underneath there is a little music box


eyes glued sienna will stare at the pirate As the music plays for he’s a jolly good fellow but as we all know most nursery rhymes sound the same musically so you could sing different songs along with the music to the baby well that’s what we’ve been doing.


Sienna takes after dad and that’s not just dad saying it ! From the left-handed to the light brown hair and the definite look like for myself as a baby it is stunning to be able to say not just yourself but other members of the family in a gorgeous babies face.


as the conduit of Collectibulldogs my youngest must be one of the youngest bulldog collection owners In the world I did have thoughts of slowing down on the selecting side and work more towards business goals but now with two owners I feel I should continue collecting for at least a few years longer


The collection will go to both daughters but I have a feeling my younger daughter will have more love for what her dad does then our older daughter but that doesn’t matter as long as Collectibulldogs gets split 50-50 between them both that’s fine with me I just hopeIf if Lady luck shines he will become a social enterprise or some kind of business.

Still inspiring others with and without mental illness

New home new start better mental health

New home new start better mental health Some of Richards pieces

Heres a fella I met a while ago it’s ok to call him Richard as that’s his name lol but I do not have to delve deeper than that, myself and Richard have recently been talking about a bulldog memorabilia collection his just bought.

After helping a friend by producing a website business idea it’s part and parcel of Collectibulldogs to help others thrive wether This is through collecting or selling memorabilia on the breed but in the case of my friend a bulldog business was thought out and we would never ask for any money or credit no matter how successful another one becomes we are just here to help.


Richards photos of his newly found collection Do not show many surprising pieces but there’s a few there I’m yet to get acquainted with and I’ve not had that much of a chat with Richard to see whether or not he’s a collector and wishes to continue collecting in that case Collectibulldogs would be happy to do swaps and if not we will be also happy to help liquidate.

New home new start better mental health

New home new start better mental health GREAT START


we hope for everyone saying this Tolivar to go they will approach Collectibulldogs and that a showcase the collections that they own and start getting some decent but antique posts or blog articles on collectable dogs rather than people wanting to leave articles on animal health


let me finish quickly about the articles this is why we started the advertising features as many guest posts were about the same subject matter this could be how to best look after your dog what foods are good and bad for your dog how to groom your dog how to socialise your dog but none of these are antiques related.

Back to Richards collectibles

Haven’t had a chat with Richard about his collectables I think for the money he spent he got himself a brilliant bargain there is some really nice places to choose from from Beswick and Doulton to John hill and sandicast !

New home new start better mental health

New home new start better mental health ANYONE CAN MAKE A SUCCESS OF COLLECTING

There’s a couple of Northlight pieces there and Richard will be glad to know he has some great postcards and bulldog art art amongst the other pieces that he has obtained, Collectibulldogs is hoping Richard is the collector and that a few swaps could not only enhance our website and collection but also of the value to His

we have many pieces that we have two of the many would not be missed if we were to swap but if Richard is to sell then we will of course help him for free and pay for any pieces that we feel we would like to add to the collection but let’s see how things go as at the moment he must be working presently as most of his comments and with a thumbs up usually meaning someone is busy.


If it turns out Richard is a seller or wants to sell pieces you’ll find his pieces on our social media channels and if enough a priced up article will be written it’s just to early to tell, collectibulldogs does hope that this man is a collector and a keen one at that as inspiring others with or without mental illness is what we do.

Send yours or plz show ours some love 💕

do you have a connection at home this could be anything from thimbles right up to the quirky and macabre it doesn’t matter as long as it’s not too shocking it’s not explicit and it’s not going to offend anyone then we would love to showcase your collection on Collectibulldogs


Details are at a minimum no one will come through your front door because no one will know anything other than your name and what you collect these kind of articles could really help to show that the website is working and it’s not just the advertising features but also all the free work we do with others


Your collection would look amazing on our website and with a 300 word or more article that could be written by Collectibulldogs or yourself would Shed some light on different collections from around the world I know of western collections i.e. stamps postcards even sports cars but they must be collections out there that would amaze even the most experience of collectors


Lastly Collectibulldogs has had a re-launch with a totally new look faster speeds bug fixes with won awards and Wish to boost our our excellent rating at trust pilot and we are hoping that some of you are enjoying the website so much that you are willing to give us a five star review on this format and help us build up from 64 reviews so hopefully 100 by the end of March.


OUR GALLERY PAGE is an ongoing project but that doesn’t mean it should spoil your experience so we moved things around and now you’ll find not one slide show but two, there’s not 200 pictures between them but this will improve as pieces are unpacked and photographed.

if you could make the most of our social sharing icons that would be amazing as it has taken me quite a while to get the website how I wanted it as a designer only has limited experience which wasn’t conveyed either in the contract or verbally and why the website isn’t 100% perfect yet we cannot afford to pay for the SEO that normally comes with a brand-new website and will have to save until we can find a WordPress expert to come and have a look and see what they can do to clean up the internal part and all the Jargon we others don’t get.

It’s 2020 it’s been lucky so far can we get luckier and create 100 reviews of a 5 star 🌟 proportion and Push our excellent

Mental health or social media ones not right

rating upwards if you remember the old website and go through our new main pages you’ll see the investment and effort not only to bring you a different experience but also to show we are here and going no where.


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