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Hi there readers how are you? I hope your all safe and well where ever you are, I’m sitting here after a day of watching my furniture go out the door and it dawned on me that I’m actually going to miss this place but new beginnings beckon now.

My daughter and her life here are my first thoughts then I think about scruffy and the years she was with me, the idea she inspired and the new concept of taking bulldogging online to a wider audience, thanks to her doggy inspiration we went from brass bulldogs to an actual exhibition.


Off to somewhere new




20 crates and around 80 boxes and tubes


I was here when I saw my own collection viewed on tv and when our new venture hit the papers not once but twice, we appeared in bullish mag whilst here and also gained the respect of many a person, group, websites, bloggers and now even new friends world wide.

Ten years is the longest that we’ve stayed in one place so the new apartment we hope will be long term, so in a decade I’m not sending out another memory blog so fingers crossed there, if you were to say “ave what will you miss the most” my answer would have to be the tapping of claws on laminated flooring.


I didn’t wish to jinx things until the papers were signed but now they are I can say a bit more about our new apartment, firstly the downside, due to the amount of stairs and size of stair way we have had to restart buy buying new pieces, I’m happy though as I’ll have new cabinets making my pictures better and have the front room looking swish.

The new place is above a cafe so if we run out of milk or I want to blog for inspiration this place is brilliant it’s one of the only cafes I know that allows dogs so I can sit there and bounce ideas off of the the other customers dogs lol, the place itself will be the first open plan space we have lived in so getting to the kettle will be easy peasy (lazy laugh).


So happy we are staying in Brighton

More new

Situated literally on the sea front is a bonus and great for walks and photography, my girls can both continue as normal ie work , school without any fuss as we get to stay in the city so that’s a stress relief and after this move I think I will have more of an appreciation for my city and get out more.

The is also a job waiting for me at the Brighton museum I asked a while back for a voluntary place and things were moving in the right direction until we had to move, I’ll be given a few months to acclimatise to my new surroundings and then the CPN (community psychiatric nurse) will leave me to it and that’s when I’ll be seen as strong enough to take on a role there.

Maybe a new me

Yep Looking into my Crystal ball with a new beginning there comes a revitalised me!!! I’m hoping to get out more I’m wanting to start collecting on my feet again and it’s been so long you never know the shops may even have new stock by now. It’s going to be nice to walk the dog along the promenade a different bit of scenery for her than doing laps of the park.

My first year with my web host will be drawing near and I’ll continue to keep collectibulldogs live until after the move then sit down with my wife to talk about its future, with call to action campaigns a fail and only analytics to show the website gets used you’ll have to forgive my pessimistic nature on this process.

Bulldog history or profit

dont just view us come say howdy we don’t bite


There’s never any comments questions critic or response except for spammers that wish to leave links that fool you into linking to other sites (don’t worry they get filtered) and other reasons I have to ie not having control over the website, not being taught how to use it and not being able to change it at my will to make it look better this are bug bares of mine.

I would not be sad if this is to happen I’d take up photography or start jogging I’ll still have the collection and the decision is made harder as there’s never any response to such issues, there could be other ways of finding engagement but without some website help I’m not sure how to interact with you folk and get replies.



There are a few ways collectibulldogs could be useful we could have a selling section I have been approached by many but do not have the business sense to create a company myself, I could charge for blog placements where each blogger pays me a certain amount to post and have their blog read by you guys….. I personally do not want any of that so what do we do hmmmm!!!.

Let’s get the move out of the way and go from there you never know it must just dawn on me that it’s my website inspired by my passed bulldog and I shouldn’t care what people think of what I’m doing or where I’m going and concentrate on where their paths are leading them.

lets see 

There should be a couple of guest blogs coming up ones from an animal shipping company I won’t publish anything to do with animal politics but the blog could be totally different so I have agreed to review it and I’m still waiting on the blog clanimal to get shared about with my own next instalment due out soon.

I’ll leave now by saying at least use the share buttons folks it will show me there’s interest in what I’m doing and will go a long way into me deciding what I’m doing online is worth the fees and does at least entertain some of you out there, till after the move folks stay safe and happy collecting…

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