CEO settled right in

CEO settled right in

Hi folks

Hi there all you good folks I as always hope you are all safe and well where ever you maybe at this present time, my apologies for leaving my blog session for so long but I felt after the Father’s Day blog I would take a little rest.

So as from next month our little website will be one whole year old WOW!

The time has flown by so quickly it only felt like it was a couple of months back I was remaking it for the second time.

As I sit here writing there are thoughts of achievements personal goals and failings that are swimming through my mind as I remember the highs and lows from this past year.

Mind blowing

I would like to start with a little bit of advice and that is if you have any degree of OCD and wish to start a website I would suggest looking into finding some support or a way of managing your compulsions and this suggestion comes from two issues I have currently faced.

The first is partly my fault and a little embarrassing I would say I think I’m the first to get a small restriction from posting on a social media site, I’m not a rich fella like some may think I’ve worked hard to get the collection where it stands today and even have debt myself I’m paying off so the idea of spending hundreds of pounds each month to advertise is just not viable at the moment and it’s hard when your constantly self promoting.

I do not sell from Collectibulldogs so Google only see my rankings due to the unique style of the website and my views depend on how hard I promote each day.

The second and even bigger problem I’ve found with this type of disorder is the views itself I find my mood tends to rise and fall with the amount of views I have each day on analytics, I have had some support from friends explaining as I’m not a business I shouldn’t let it bother me but its the disorder taking over making my mind obsessed with my website views and I feel I’m failing myself when numbers are low, so I end up reverting to the first part of this article and the circle continues.

There is hope though and I think a good course of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and some support in managing how to step back will have me back on track and feeling like I did when the website was first published and I was very grateful if I got say thirty views a day.

Thanking you kindly

To all whom believe

To all whom believe

Sticking with social media but on a happier note I know I say this often but I would like to say a massive thank you to all those that have viewed liked shared or commented on Collectibulldogs a big proportion of my views come from you folks and I really appreciate the support.

There will be a new website coming I know I’ve said before but I promise to the faithful it’s not just a pipe dream of mine, the websites creator is a busy fella but has said it could be ready within six weeks so that’s great news all round.

And You Folks Too

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thank yous to a group of people that have helped me out this past year, I won’t embarrass or name drop but I have had fantastic support on a personal level.

There are many folks out there with hearts of pure gold they are selfless in character and coming from such a harsh background I was mistrusting at first, but have since learned this year that I have a lot to offer in this field and have helped me to overcome obstacles, have stopped me from giving in/up and have taught me what self affirmation feels like and for these life skills that money cannot buy I will be forever indebted to their kindness and compassion.

Life’s precious to all

So a year old soon it’s AMAZEBULLS so much has changed and happened in such a short amount of time.

I’ve met folks the world over some with celeb status and other wonderful people, I have helped many folks with IDing their treasures, I’ve assisted folks in looking for specific pieces and even sold a couple of my own pieces on to new homes.

One of the sad points to knowing so many bully friends is the dreaded rainbow bridge, so there have been times I have been helping those that I know the best I can when their beloved fur balls are ill or passed over.

My disorder gives me uncontrollable empathy levels and I’ve often grieved for another’s pooches with them which can be emotionally draining for me but I wouldn’t be a friend if I shirked away from trying to comfort others in that horrible time that we all know and many have experienced, my heart goes out to all those who have lost their beloved bulldogs since I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you.

Keep in mind We give them the best lives

Keep in mind We give them the best lives

Collectibulldogs I need room!!!

Carlton ware teapot waiting to be added

Carlton ware teapot waiting to be added

The collection here at Collectibulldogs has changed slightly this past year, I have not gone overboard with pieces but I have got some nice pieces ready to add to the new website in due course.

There are other beautiful pieces I’ve seen but I haven’t got the room just now and might have to take a trip to auction to sell on a few high end pieces and re invest to freshen up the collection.

I’m happy to say that a few of my pieces went out to new homes this year, I sold a couple of pieces some were swaps, and a few were gifts to people I’ve become friends with and to whom have helped me.

Hopefully it will not be long now before I’m paired up with a business mentor who will take a overall look at Collectibulldogs and Fire suggestions on where to take this venture next, I’m not driven by Money and a collector first so if anything I would like to stay in the non profit sector with my ambition/dream still being to one day open a museum dedicated to the breed.

This year saw Collectibulldogs become more popular online we managed to make the local news and was invited to advertise in bullish mag!!!

I was hoping I would of heard from Jools the journalist that was pitching a story to the national papers I had messaged him but feel he’s responses mean it won’t be going ahead now and I hadn’t even seen a draft copy, this is a disappointment as the exposure would of been great for the website but I know Jool’s can be busy for long periods of time or he doesn’t wish to hurt my feelings either one it doesn’t matter I will find a way of reaching my goals it might just take much longer lol.

Great stuff

On a good note regarding the views the website has grown in popularity over the past year with the later six months showing good growth I feel really proud on a good days viewing often thinking good thoughts and self praise.

I really hope (I’m ganna jinx myself lol) next year shows as much promise as this year and my end goal for this year is to reach 50k actual visitors to the site and as you can see pictured we are well on the way.

A special thank you to all those that have graciously invited me into their groups communities and circles this past year I believe a lot of my views are generated by being allowed access to groups to find interested parties and as nowadays a lot of posts are seen as spam it’s an honour every time I get an invite to come and be part of someone else’s creation.

Views to date. THANK YOU ALL

Views to date. THANK YOU ALL

It was you not me

Ok I don’t want to sound brash here but i do want those that started collecting or progressed on their collecting to feel very brash/proud indeed.

Firstly thank you to everyone that has messaged me regarding collecting some have just started others have had their passion rekindled and all seem to think it’s down to me, even though the gesture is wonderful and I would love to think I’m an inspiration it’s the folks out there doing something worthwhile that should take credit.

I’m just a collector whom started a group and then a site and my motto has always been if I can anyone can to the best of their ability.

Proud to say I’ve seen many collections grow this past year the same with many a collectors enthusiasm it’s great especially when they post their treasures in our collectors community, The English Bulldog Collectors Club where for the past few years over 7000 members have posted I think 1000s of different posts all collectible related and making up one amazing back catalogue of antiques and collectibles with the odd quirky piece thrown in just to scratch some heads.

Found my calling

Moving shaking and liquidating

Moving shaking and liquidating

Becoming established in any field takes time I hope that the strength of my blogs shows some clarity to where I am knowledge wise and I myself never realised the extent to what can be learnt just by starting a collection.

The wealth of info surrounding our fav topic is very extensive and I’ve taught myself so much that I have even surprised myself as to what I now know.

To this end I wish to thank those that have In trusted me and what I know enough to come to me for assistance, whether it be a price on a piece, the condition of a piece or where folks can find certain pieces to helping folks liquidate their collections in one advertising swoop.

So in a years time I hope I receive more trust to help more people, I really enjoy doing it meeting new people seeing new pieces and of course still trying to make the Collectibulldogs name as twice as big as it has been this year.

The End

Finally I will finish by saying that even though the website has had me at the end of my tether sometimes it’s played into the hands of my disorder and I’ve also met some unsavoury characters since, but I will say I wouldn’t change a thing from the past year.

The highs definitely outweigh the lows and it’s been my pleasure to be able to show everyone the collection so far, watch out for new pieces once the new website is published and feel free to join our Facebook group if you wish to muse other folks collections or come and add your own pieces, and as always I’m around just email or Facebook me should anyone need any help or assistance.

I will be doing a blog to celebrate the year as a whole next month and fingers crossed all will be reading it from the newly formed website.

Until next time folks Happy collecting…

If your new and like the images below be sure to check out the website there’s 3 massive pages of wonderful objects books art and much much more.  Thank You

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