My Mental health article not all jokes are funny

My Mental health

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Hi readers it’s funny how you can be inspired to write an article and today a joke I said in jest was not taken as funny it has not ruined a friendship but made me think about the fact that even though I have my mental health problems that not all my jokes are funny.


worse still what comes out of my mouth is seen as funny or meant as a joke but in reality I’ve offended someone without actually realising it, this was first picked up by my Community psychiatric nurse who looks after my mental health care plan.

I was in a depressed state and asked my wife out of the blue for a Divorce ! Yes I’m lucky she’s still here and it took me months to understand how I had not just offended my own wife but made her feel so hurt too.


That’s the problem with my mental health issues you don’t understand what harm your doing to others by speaking your mind or thinking every joke that comes out of the mouth will be seen as funny.

“One popular theory is that people with Asperger’s syndrome and other autistic disorders lack a “theory of mind” — the intuitive understanding that others have their own thoughts and feelings. As a result, they cannot imagine their way into the minds of others to anticipate their responses”


not all jokes are funny (Asperger’s syndrome assessment)


As I said to a very good friend today I may be waiting for an Asperger’s syndrome assessment that this is not an excuse for poor jokes or things others don’t find funny ! Also being honest I had never thought that I would have Asperger’s or any kind of autism because I thought I had quite a good IQ as well as being articulate



I cannot say for sure that this is the case but just like I have said to my friend in a text I have learnt something about myself today might not have been the best way about it but it’s always good when other people are honest and tell you when you’re going wrong and I wouldn’t like others to set around feeling frustrated because they don’t know how to address me or what I said


this doesn’t mean to say that I am totally in the wrong like I said everything I have said has been in my eyes a joke or I’ve come out with things that seem okay to me but I’m not okay to others I think my psychiatrist raising this will be quite surprised that I have use cognitive behavioural therapy to understand my own downfall.


actually downfall is a little harsh if I am someone that has Asperger’s syndrome it really wouldn’t help my mental health care plan as I already have about three diagnosis’s including unstable emotional personality disorder and OCD magical thinkingI wouldn’t want Aspergers to be put into the mix.


My Mental health article saying sorry 😢

My Mental health



Feeling bad for having bad thoughts sometimes this is something that I cannot apologise for as we all go through life having certain thoughts that we do not talk about we bottle up our issues for many of us there is not a psychiatrist or psychologist at the end to talk to so I am lucky in that sense



what I am sorry for is the fact that I have hurt peoples feelings not meaning to but still I have hurt feelings of other people and as this was not my intention at all I actually feel guilty lonely and I feel very empathetic towards others that may be around me and put up with some of the stuff that I come out with.


my mental health has not got any better over the years if anything has gotten worse over the past decade I struggle to cope in the evenings when I’m on my own I have suicidal ideology and I’m forever worrying about things that I cannot control I do find life difficult but that doesn’t mean to say I should make others feel the same



Due to my illness and the way that I am I have not had any friendships or relationships in the past 14 years other than the relationship with my wife and my children to anyone that has come of course me and found me rude or some of the things that I say rude then this is an apology and I am sorry


Why talk about my mental health issues it’s a collection site ?

Its 2022 and my mental health still gets it’s fair share of stigma so I’m happy to put myself out there so others can learn from or understand how mental health impacts the people it devours, remember that One in every four people will sometimein their life experience mental health.


Websites I feel that have this kind of section can be a hardship or a very helpful tool let me give you an example, I’ve made myself look rude to explain what Asperger’s syndrome can look like and some may see my disorder as nothing other than me being rude


Others will not only understand that I’m confident and honest enough to share my faults as a learning / teaching tool to others and myself but that I also run a researched world beating beautiful bulldog collection and managed to pull this off for seven years.


Ive been in groups before that are based around my mental health and folks with much lesser issues than I have navigate themselves through life in a much tougher manner than myself,I had a friend that sadly committed suicide during Covid who was a brilliant artist but had no clue about websites and we were going to talk about him collaborating with Collectibulldogs to showcase he’s amazing work but he had no clue about how it was done


It’s not being clever it’s hard work !

Wether or not you have got mental health issues writing a blog article zaps at your synapsis, I have been told many times that I am articulate and clever with my words I do not think this is true I think it is quite easy to stick microphone on walls blogging on an Ipad ,then let the microphone do the rest


it’s also the same with each of the websites pages I have written every single part of the website myself this took me quite a while as I wanted to get it right so that part was not about being clever and it took mental health is part of everyday life yet I’ll never get used to having two personalities one being totally chaotic with emotion.



what I am clever at is putting my emotions down in writing and also coming across to other people in a way that other blogs don’t this I’ve been told many a time and I am glad that people when reading my articles get a better sense or understanding or even just accepting my manner of writing.


My mental health articles are not the easiest things to write I have to think about who’s reading how old they are and how I might be an influence on how they react after reading this,if you check out my other mental health related articles you will see that I do write with a passive manner in mind yet I still try and be as truthful as possible.


Light house assessment opened my eyes


This is a project in my home city of Brighton my mental health issues means I’m diagnosed with unstable emotional personality disorder, The Lighthouse project is a referral only organisation and they only deal with people that have this condition and whilst I was at my assessment I learnt a little bit about why I am like I am.



any sane person would realise that the issues I suffer from come from my traumatic childhood filled with abuse neglect abandonment mistrust and lies ! My father has Victorian values he was 50 years old when he had me and had 14 children and I’m guessing by the way that he bought us up he himself had a very traumatic childhood.


what you do not do and what I have learnt as a father is you do not emulate what your parents have done to you on to your children all this will do is create another generation of the same cruel and sadistic minds that do not know anything strengths at home could be seen as a weakness at the Lighthouse project because I have shown that I can at least hold down a relationship my wife and I got married three years ago I have been together 27 years.


another part of the assessment was to see how far my emotions go when I cannot handle them I do believe that my answers were quite potent as I am someone that does not lash out when angry but internalise or hurt myself can be in the form of cutting overdosing and also pulling my teeth out sometimes this can be over something as little as me forgetting where I have put something.


More excepting as time moves on

My Mental health

My Mental health waiting for an Asperger’s assessment

My mental health is currently seen as moderate to severe this means in the eyes of the National health service I am a moderate to severe risk of hurting myself or god forbid try and take my own life (please note I will leave information at the bottom of this article for anyone that is affected by what they have read) I’m always saying it will never happen again but sometimes I’m wrong.

When I was younger I hated the fact that I had issues regarding my mind, it took away my friends my job I was not allowed to drive and even getting a passport to have a honeymoon was a struggle! And what I could not except was the fact Social Services were informed when I had my second daughter one ☝️ thing I can boast about is the fact I’ve always been a brilliant dad.


at 44 years of age I am more accepting of my mental health than I am a terrible age that I’ve already got too it only seems like a couple of years ago I was walking around with a Stella Ken at the age of 21 and not have a care in the world how quickly time flies whether or not you’re having fun so I’d say get out there and enjoy life as much as you can before time catches up with you


Im off to the lighthouse in 2020 Heres the lighthouse project article I wrote in 2020 I think my lead practitioner my psychiatrist and Sophia the lady that is there in the Lighthouse Project might be interested in reading this link as it shows I was more than Ready two years ago to start to try and change my life.


Lastly I need my mojo back !

The reason behind this article was for me to talk about a teachable moment mainly for myself as it’s a mental health section I wanted to write it down but I would like to get my Mojo back and show the world just how good I am at writing articles on bulldog memorabilia just like those that I have written before


if my psychiatrist is gonna be spending time reading my articles then I wish to show my intelligence in a positive way I don’t want him to keep getting emails saying that I’ve hurt myself and done silly things when I think it will be better for him to say my passion in full flow.


Bulldog money boxes pocket money HoldersAnd the article WW1 a special postal deliveryare just two of over three hundred articles on bulldog antiques and collectibles yet there’s usually a researched story that goes with the object ! I need to take a good hard look at my collection and work out what I have not blogged about yet and start researching. as most people know is the only bulldog website online that showcases bulldog memorabilia and collectables that are both researched and curated people can learn about these historic objects from the bulldog breed I do not have to pay to use the website or see the collection and the e-book is a worlds first for any start up collector.



My Mental health



i’m going to finish this article by saying that I miss my friend Mark Radcliffe who sadly passed away recently he was a very funny gentleman and we had a brilliant online friendship and although we never met in person it was something we always wanted to do, I first met Mark on Facebook I did not know how to take him I’m guessing it’s because we had a similar dry sense of humour.


In my article dedicated to Mark I explain how his sense of humour played out how sometimes and I did not understand until afterwards that his jokes were just jokes this man was a gentle giant and I wished that I got this when I first met him and now it’s too late for me to understand what this man went through in his life.


The article was an honour to write I was a little worried that the Radcliffe family would see my article as myself just trying to get more people to read my article but that was not the case that they really loved the idea of Mark being immortalised on just like the late great Grand-dog OCOBO our own good bye to NormanNorman Davis another friend and fan of the website


Brighton bulldog museum Goodbye mark 2022is the link to Marks goodbye article if you would like to click on this and read what was written we will be grateful marks article reached over 500 views on its first day alone and these were from people around the world not just America and England.

We are genuinely sad when we lose a fan it’s not like we have millions of them but it would be nice to write about new fans of the website new collectors and new bulldog collections that could be popping up rather than writing articles about mental health or saying goodbye to friends takes very seriously information that it passes out on its articles we do not wish people to think that we are pushing misinformation and as the two biggest countries that read the articles of America and England collectibulldogs will leave this Link to the USA SAMARITANS WEBSITE and for England and Wales phone the number116 123 please remember that all mental health articles from Collectibulldogs are for teachable purposes if you find yourself affected please contact these given services if it is not an emergency please feel free to contact we would be happy to chat with you.


Collectibulldogs life after discharge-Mental Health Article


International mental health awareness day


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