Scruffy Louise

Scruffy Louise

Good day to you all and hello readers of my blog, I thought today I could make a change from chatting about the collection but in fact have a chat about the inspiration and idea behind this venture and that’s my little fat sausage or pigmy hippo miss Scruffy-Louise.

Scruffy is our first bulldog of any kind our previous being an albino white boxer named missy moomins we had her for 13 amazing years and part of me went when she did I think about her every day and believe she gives me inner strength to accomplish my goals and is missed b the whole family every day.

I did not get scruffy as a pup like most lucky bully owners but in fact took her on at around 18 months old, I had gone too a an old school friends house for a catch up after not seeing each other for around 20 years and after saying hello and sitting down I felt something wet right by my ear and it was scruffy jumping up and down trying to get my attention from the kitchen.

My friend explained that he did have 3 bulldogs but after some really bad luck he needed to work more so could not look after the dogs full time.

After a trial period of about 1 day we decided to keep her and offered him half of what he paid and she came to live with us, now I do not know of others out there that have gone from one breed to another but oh my what a change a totally different responsibility all together was needed.



The scariest thing we have had to go through are her head tremors this never happened with our other pet dogs so the first few times we panicked but after getting advice we started becoming calmer about it and now they hardly ever happen.

Scruffy has been with me nearly constantly since we have had her and I mean 24\7 and I have to say bulldogs are the most stubborn and complex of any breed I have had and here are some of what makes her quirky.

She hates WALKIES its tough getting her out even to do her business she has to have a wall or walk right by a wall when going out and if there is a new object that was not there on her previous walk she either digs herself down so she cannot be moved or we have to completely cross the road to avoid whatever it is that was not there before.

I just mentioned stubborn well she has bucket loads of it and I have tried to get her to do simple things like sit and stay but nope she just looks at me as if to say yeah right get lost poop picker, the only thing I have learned how to do is get her to lay down while on our bed and by doing that I have to tell her to get off she then lays down as she does not want to get down.

I do not enjoy the random face sneezes and wiping her mouth on me after dinner I swear its on purpose and there is a few other dirty habits I get the brunt of but I will not mention them as its teatime.

Scruffy has her amaze bulls upsides too and foremost to that fact is she has been here constantly for me during every bad episode of my mental disorder that I have had to battle and when feeling so low a face sneeze followed by a lick isn’t quite so bad and they say dogs are a great form of stress relief so I give her lots of loving after my therapy sessions and it calms me down but scruffy also seems to know and just lets me cuddle her where as most other days she prefers to play fight and beat me up through the duvet that I use to protect myself because as some will know bullies have tough claws and can really hurt even by accident ( I learnt the hard way lol hence the duvet).

My bestie hit 9 this year and I did start to worry till I spoke with a friend who has a 17 year old bulldog called Oliver so that perked up my spirits scruffy has only been to the vets twice since we have had her not including her check ups so I’m thinking she still has lots left in her but I have started taking precautions like cutting her walks down a bit keeping a closer eye on her while sleeping and making sure she is not to lazy to drink the right amount of water each day, apart from that our vet said to just keep on enjoying her which we do every day.

Scruffy Louise Loved Forever

Scruffy Louise Loved Forever

I think this family will be bully for life now I have grown up with dogs all my life my parents had larger breeds right through till I went into care and even then I chose a family because of Jessica and Shieka two German Shepards the family had at the time, when you get a bulldog I believe they change your life completely well she scruffy has too us.

Scuffy has no clue that she is the driving force behind everything I have done over these past few years and as a little team we have started climbing the bully ladder which I’m proud to say is meeting lots of you folk and becoming friends, the collection and its purpose, my groups, page, and of course Collectibulldogs and I have not even started selling yet so the sky is still very much the limit and you can see how life changing she has been for me.

So much so she has given me a new lease on life where as there was none before it also means my daughter can live her dream and I can pay for whatever vocation she decides and a possible future business that I can pass to her also and all this came from going to an old friends one night for a beer and a catch up.

Our next step is to start a viable business but I lack the business skills and with therapy  I am not sure when I will get to do a course to push all this even further but its in the pipeline and you never know there could be someone out there willing to help just as I do with the artisans but we will just have to wait and see I have come this far with just a bulldog and a tablet but I think I need a little help moving forward.

To conclude my blog I would like to make a suggestion, if you have the time the money and love getting wet adopt a bulldog its the second best thing I have ever done BULLDOGS RULE AT COLLECTIBULLDOGS…