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It’s an honour to promote anything by mr Norman Davis

Hi there readers I hope your all safe and well it’s an honour to write this article on behalf of a friend and fellow bulldog lover, yet this isn’t just any owner it’s for mr Norman Davis (Grandog to he’s friends ) and his new double deal offer coming to you from the 15TH of October.

If you folks remember I wrote an article a while back just after Norman put out he’s brilliant autobiography which took you back to Norman’s youth he’s love for wildlife and how he got to become a 2 time world judge with over 150 U.K. wins alone.

Brilliant bulldog two for one


The Bulldog bible I’m sure things have changed since

Norman’s book is fabulous it comes signed by the gentleman and can be added to any collection wether it be your bulldog collection book segment as a future antique or if you just like reading then it’s a great addition to any book collection too.

This time round Norman has teamed up with the Bulldog breed council to bring all lovers of bulldogs a special DVD, I cannot spoil the content well I could not anyway as I’ve not seen it yet but as I have Norman’s book already I’ll definitely be buying the DVD too.

The man behind OCOBO


Get to know OCOBO At Norman’s Facebook group

Norman has tried to explain what OCOBO stands for and I till this day still do not quite get it but this man single handedly created a new version of the existing bulldog and applied the bulldog standard creating a healthier DNA within the breed he truly is the master of this craft.

You can find Norman on Facebook he’s approachable and happy to answer any questions you may have or you can see he’s posts and that of the OCOBO breed where many have this dynamic of bulldogs and of which wiggles is one too.

For Norman it’s always an honour


A good friend of Collectibulldogs mr N Davis 2xs World Judge

It’s true that Norman is very busy and I do not often get to chat with him but out of all the breeders / showers I’ve ever met Norman sticks out by a mile a bit like a hero or peer to look up too, I know my niche is the other side of the spectrum but I also know how much Norman appreciates Collectibulldogs.

With a congratulations from the fella himself regarding our upcoming wedding made my day and it’s always an honour to do any kind of promotion for the gentleman I just wished I could get more time with him it would make a brilliant article more like content in art from through words lol.

Choosing both

The book on its own is an excellent read I can email extracts from the book if it gets people intrigued or interested I’m sure Norman would not mind a few of he’s words quoted just to show you folk how good the book is, pricing to come further on. PLEASE NOTE IF JUST PLACING AN ORDER FOR THE BRILLIANT DVD PLEASE CONTACT THE BULLDOG BREED COUNCIL USING THIS LINK THANK YOU

Doubling this up and adding the DVD not only gives you hours of bulldog loving enjoyment but as stated can be kept as a collectible after, the two as a set would make the perfect Christmas gift too just think how happy your bulldog loving other would feel to get such a gift especially with the book signed by the man himself.

Totally worth your money


Find Norman Davis PayPal details here

The time and effort behind the autobiography and processing the DVD means your getting quality for your money, a signed copy of the book at just £21 sterling, or pay £35 sterling and get both the book and DVD together as one.

Postage is always a pain but essential to getting anything anywhere I’ve spoken to Norman and these are the best possible shipping prices he could find, just think though from door to door no going to the shops and a small investment to fork out for this amazing deal.

Keep up the great work you do !


Collectibulldogs has the honour of October front splash on Bullish Magazine


Our achievements

Since our last char with Norman Collectibulldogs has been endorsed by bullish magazine its had two awards and a page change, Norman likes Collectibulldogs because we are not profit driven and he likes the idea of conserving the pieces for future generations.

In response to such kindness we hope Norman has many more years perfecting the bulldog breed helping to make breeders see errors of their ways and get into ethical breeding and I know he’d rather people didn’t just start breeding unless they have done their research and been verified to breed.


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