The move one year later let’s reminisce



Hi there readers, hoping all are safe and well wherever you maybe at this point in time this article is me reminiscing after the first year of moving but not just moving having to move Collectibulldogs too, from the horrible text telling us we had to move right up till warned the amount of stairs shown may make you feel drowsy  if so refrain from driving and then operate heavy machinery

I never saw the stairs that we have to climb each day to get up and down to our flat more to the point is the narrowness of the stairs, due to not seeing all this for myself meant the flat was taken the deposit paid and me in for the move of my life.
One of the biggest challenges and most properly the most expensive was the fact my cabinets would not fit up the stair way so what do I put all my collection in ?, Out of 14 of these display cabinets only four fitted so we had to spend hundreds on new displays that came flat packed and could be erected once inside.
I also lost space too those that know me from years ago will remember all of Collectibulldogs growing in our front room but now as the new place is smaller many pieces are either where they should not be or put away till we can sort out an idea.

Preparing Collectibulldogs for the move


Even our home hindered the move due to stair layout


Hardly any room to move down our home stair way

Counting back there were over twenty plastic crates soft sided for a more Secure move and bumping about, there was over seventy boxes 📦 all filled to capacity and we used a few of those “Bags for Life” a stronger version of the old plastic bag, by the time I had packed all this it took up half our old bedroom.
Getting the collection on the move became a logistical nightmare partly through my distrust of people, my anxiety was high so I wouldn’t let the removal men take my collection, the move was made simpler in the normal respect it only took a few hours but my bulldogs were to come along after.
No matter how much you appreciate someone’s kindness I have to say sitting in the front of a car with all my crates in the back wobbling about had my biting my tongue at the poor driver, thousands of pounds worth and a decade of collecting and debt was all in those boxes so my faith in the move was how well was everything packed.
Backbreaking work for me came in the form of moving this collection crate by crate box 📦 by box 📦 all by myself, I did not expect the lady driving nor Debbie to hurt themselves lifting what was very heavy bulldog memorabilia (I didn’t want anyone touching any either).

Move move move no time to stop


The stairs leading down from front door too…….

Two trips and moving felt like it took hours I cannot tell you how many times my back locked up or I just wanted to faint but as I had made my choices it was up to me to get everything from the old flat to the new one, I know that I slept like a log that night.
There was no way after over 100 times up and down stairs that day was I going to be getting anything out all I wanted was BED I did not even check one box to make sure my part of the move was a success, I’d do that the next day all I wanted after this mega move was sleep and lots of it.

Trying to keep current and move with the times


Even more stairs these go down to………..

Website and social media content was still needed so laying about for me oh no I had a screw driver a hammer and new cabinets to put together which I did one by one all by myself ( please note get two persons to construct a piece of furniture that requires two persons) just saying as I found not having four arms quite hard when making them.
A mixture of cabinets with glass fronts and bookshelf type pieces were chosen and I had put them up in a day, some took an hour others longer due to frustration and stress (most hammer to the thumb) but once they were all tightened and ready to use I felt a little relieved phew.
I will not go on about how long it took to fill them but what did nearly move me to a tear or two was the fact we had realised after that the washing machine in the new open plan home made the whole room vibrate, I was so close to packing it all back up and adding to our attic space that would of been a shame.
So after all that, the move the carrying, all those dang stairs both ways and the erecting of new cabinets oh after dragging those up the stairs too IKEA lie when they say delivery 🚚 to your doorstep they were lazy as we are three flats up, all that now the vibration OMG what would be next.

Today’s Collectibulldogs and the next right move


Down the next set of stairs too………

Today the Collectibulldogs collection is split up there’s the majority in a room of its own, I moved all the cabinets AGAIN into this room away from the vibration and put up the artworks in our hallway and stairs, due to poor or unthought parenting we gave our daughter the largest room and our bed embarrassingly lies in the front room as a futon.
After the wedding my daughters in for a surprise as I will be switching rooms I’ll split the largest room up so that Debbie and myself can have a bed space then put the collection down the other side of the room, as stated I will not be doing this till after I’m married and we have funds to move things round.
In summarising up a couple of suggestions come to mind after my own experience during my move, the first idea 💡 I think I’d say is learn to trust someone around your collection! If like me your of an anxious character then get ready to do everything yourself be prepared to feel muscles you never knew you had.
The other suggested idea I have is INSURANCE this is so important well it’s important all round but with the close shaves I’ve had myself this would be a great idea, if your a hobbyist that does not have insurance first ask the removal firm their policy and or get some temporary insurance whilst your moving you never know what damages a pit hole in the road could end up
Doing to your moving contents.



The last set of stairs before the front door

Here’s to hoping this next move of the cabinets is the last and everyone’s happy with the new arrangement, wiggles will love being nearer the stairs and the people living in flats 1 and 2 will get more annoyed as her barking noice increases, oh well dogs have to express emotion too and that’s what wiggles likes to do.
Just the thought of the move back then makes me yawn with the feeling of tiredness or it could be that it’s late lol, I want to say before I go I was and am very proud of that day and those that followed I kept my cool 😎 I got all that was needed done and I did it all by myself,I’m not wishing to sound brash though.
With ideas for making the most out of the smaller room for our air hostess trainee daughter to thoughts of where our honeymoon will be I’m off now but if anyone has any questions about what to do during a move contact me I didn’t break one piece (nearly did a few times ) lucky for me, stay safe and happy collecting folks.

A great move ! Finding space by hanging as much art as possible

Once you have gotten up stretched and moved about please come back and continue with another related article

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