Misconceptions about bulldogs and safety

Misconceptions about bulldogs and safety

Misconceptions about bulldogs and safety

Before I can talk about bulldogs and safety let me know talk about the different kinds of bulldogs and what to expect with them.

Bulldogs come in many shapes and sizes. From smaller and cute, fat and lazy looking, to big and “scary”. But some bulldog breeds are more popular and widely known.

The English Bulldog
the French Bulldog
the American Bulldog
and some other bulldog breeds such as Australian, Alapaha blue blood and more.

Most known and loved breeds of bulldogs are English, French and American bulldogs, especially in the US and Europe. To learn something about each of them, we would like to share some characteristics of these specific breeds.

Misconceptions about English bulldog

English bulldogs are very loving and loyal. They are nice to their owners, other people, and pets. Despite their rugged appearance, they are clever and quite sensitive. They sleep a lot and don’t bark much.

The biggest problem with this breed would be health. Their life span is often shorter than other breeds, and they can suffer from respiratory issues, skin and eye problems.

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There are some minor things about the character, that we
have to take into consideration, such as;stubbornness and being possessive with food, (they shouldn’t be fed by children). Despite that, they can easily be taught right from wrong with patient training.

Some other minor things are; drooling, loud snoring and many weird sounds they make. But that shouldn’t be a problem when you love your dog, and might even add to the “cuteness” factor.

Misconceptions about French bulldog

French bulldogs are quite similar to the English ones when it comes to health and character.

They are loving and playful, (enjoying different games and playing with the ball). They don’t require a lot of exercises and are usually peaceful around other pets.

Just like the English bulldog, they don’t bark much. They can be stubborn and might be a little more challenging to train. But with consistency and patience, it is possible due to being perceptive and clever. When training them, food can be a good motivator, but you should also find other ways to motivate them to prevent obesity.

Misconceptions Of the American bulldog

American bulldogs are bigger in size than the French and English ones. They are much stronger but are usually very nice to people when socialized properly.

When it comes to other animals, (especially of the same sex), they can be aggressive if not properly socialized. Socialization and training are key, to forming a good character for these dogs. They love their family, and shouldn’t be left alone for too long. Requiring a lot of intense exercises, they are not appropriate for people who are at work all day.

Like other bulldog breeds, they can suffer from severe health issues, such as; respiratory problems, allergies, skin problems, hip dysplasia, joint injuries and more.

These dogs can have different characters at birth, but with proper socialization, love, and a steady and strong hand, they can be very loveable dogs. Properly raised, they are nice to everyone and great with kids.

Misconceptions about bulldog safety

Misconceptions about bulldogs and safety

Misconceptions about bulldogs and safety Please read on

We have shown you three different breeds of bulldogs. English and French bulldogs are more sensitive and don’t require that much exercise. On the other hand, American bulldogs are a bigger challenge when it comes to socialization and exercise demands.

A lot of people might have heard stories about an aggressive bulldog that attacked another dog, or even their owner and now needs to wear a dog muzzle before even leaving the house. But it’s hard to know, the background of the story, the socialization and the character of every dog. We will talk about some common misconceptions about bulldog safety, to help you choose the right one for you.


Not all bulldogs are aggressive. In fact, most of them are not. English and French bulldogs can be stubborn, but are usually sensitive and very calm by nature, getting along with people and other pets. American bulldogs when socialized properly, are mostly not aggressive.

-American bulldogs are more dangerous. That can be true in some cases, but in others, it can be entirely wrong.

The aggression of the dog often comes from poor training, lack of socialization, lack of exercise and lack of proper guidance. Every dog is different, and some of them might be very easygoing by nature, while others can be a bigger challenge.

Bulldogs have health issues. Sadly that is quite true. As we have described before, due to the breeding process of these dogs, a lot of them suffer from respiratory problems, allergies, eye and skin problems and more. When choosing a bulldog breed, you have to be prepared to face health issues through the lifespan of the dog.

While many people believe, that all the bulldogs are dangerous and aggressive, that is often not the truth. French and English bulldogs are calmer and sweeter by nature, (also towards other pets), while American bulldogs might require more socialization in that area.

Whichever breed we choose, we have to take into consideration the possible health problems, training and exercise needs. But with proper care, training, and quality food we can improve the lives, of even more demanding breeds.


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