Minnie Bat’s Condition by resident writer

Minnie Bat's Condition by resident writer

Meet Minnie bat Minnie Bat’s Condition by resident writer

Minnie Bat’s Condition by resident writer Greetings dear friends from across the pond. It’s truly dreadful out–raining, blustery; like a dreary old night in a Gothic Novel. Day Light Saving’s Time should be done away with. I hate driving at night–especially in a state with very low light pollution. There aren’t any streetlights to speak of–unless you’re on a freeway or highway–and for me it’s sheer terror when it’s a late fall rain. Hurry up Winter Solstice!

Minnie Bat's Condition by resident writer

Wynnes Minnie bat

Today, I’d like to talk to you about Minnie Bat and her medical/emotional barometer. She and sister Sox will be two on November 17, 2020. I have waited as long as I could to even consider the fact that she may certainly have rage syndrome. Some believe it is a form of epilepsy. My first Boston, Bootsie had it. Back then, vets were not treating it. Behaviorists would not take her case. I tried special diets, behavior-modification–anything I could give a try….

Today, in some dogs, rage syndrome is effectively treated with potassium-bromide and phenobarbital. The human guardian should give it at least four months to work because the neurological pathways need to adjust. I’m hoping it works for because Minnie Bat because she is such a loving, affectionate pup–more so than Sox–and she deserves at least an attempt to help her. She can’t help herself. When engaged in an episode she looks so confused. Almost as if saying, ” I can’t help myself.”

Minnie Bat's Condition by resident writer

Minnie Bat’s Condition by resident writer A beautiful picture


Minnie Bat’s Condition by resident writer

I’m bringing the gang-of-four in on November 23 rd.  Misty, Mr. Pibbs, Sox and Minnie Bat. I will discuss potential treatment at that time. I also believe that there’s extreme competition between the twins. When dogs disagree it always sounds worse than it actually is. But with bonded litter mates, the disagreements are frequent and fresh. They fight and “barkgue” all the time. But given those spats, these two actually love one another and are indeed bonded. If one were to separate such a pair, it should be done early along–say 3 months and not 24 months.

Toodle-loo for now dear friends. I’ll be sure and get back with an update on Minnie Bat. Prayers for all who lost a loved one to COVID-19. And prayers that our leaders an get this under control. Stay safe and until next time, be healthy.


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