Collectibulldogs message to all our Twitter Followers

 message to all our Twitter Followers Distraction techniques

Collectibulldogs message to all our Twitter Followers THE FUTURE STARTS TODAY

Hi Readers from around the world and I’m really hoping from twitter too, our Collectibulldogs message to all our Twitter Followers is a MASSIVE THANK YOU ! To get to 180 thousand at Christmas was amazing but to be way over 200 thousand followers on twitter now is both unbelievable and amazing.

I have to show people I talk to they do not believe a little website with a cute bulldog could reach out to so many, wiggles has been a star 🌟 on Twitter and we now share her with other accounts that have taken her to their hearts ♥️

another Collectibulldogs message to all our Twitter Followers is THANK YOU for sticking around I do us old content as wiggles is Ill as most will know so getting new footage these days  primarily means capturing her asleep as her medicine kicks in.

Thank you for excepting the recycling I do need to learn some new social skills so I can create threads and make more connections there’s no point in having this following if no one retweets or shows interest in our soon to be social enterprise.

Collectibulldogs message to all our Twitter Followers


If there were another Collectibulldogs message to all our Twitter Followers that’s a thank you to those that either defend my mental illness or those that bash the dog so many of you love wiggles your prepared to block others that dis her that’s so kind.

With the latest hatred coming from the U.K. Labour Party with their  rhetoric that if you own an English Bulldog your some sort of white The premises were part of a group that celebrates nationalism this coming from a party steeped in  allegations of bullying anti-Semitism and their own members walking out.

Ive never been approached by the far anything let alone left or right and my connections are  just my psychiatrist my CPN and Brighton Museum, but the joke is on them AS THIS ARTICLE WELL STATES WINSTON CHURCHILL WETHER A NATIONALIST OR NOT NEVER OWNED BULLDOGS SO THESE GROUPS PROVE HOW THIER INTELLIGENCE COMES THROUGH AS WINSTON CHURCHILL OWNED RUFUS A FRENCH POODLE !

This had a devastating impact on my mental health and set me back, it’s hard enough keeping this breed in the public eye like I do most just post to their social media formats at least I had the nads to stand up and fight for my own passion as well as the bulldog breed itself.

Collectibulldogs message to all our Twitter Followers

Collectibulldogs message to all our Twitter Followers

hey It’s me wiggless from Twitter hi 👋 there

2019 I thought was going to be a troubled year of getting no where I’ve sat on my behind all 2018 ok I won awards but that’s not what I’m hoping to achieve, at the moment I’m talking to Brighton Museum about the  logistics of creating a pop up museum

It was very kind of Of our new endorsement to put his famous face to it all helps to promote our website as I cannot afford to pay for advertising companies and I cannot start selling the collection or there would be nothing left.

A few idea spring to mind I need to find the funds to have the collection professionally appraised which may cost thousands so I’m having a meeting with a  colleague from Brighton Museum about how I can approach the notion of creating funda for this venture.

We could add a donation button to the website and explain what it’s for with all donatees getting a free ticket to the pop up museum there’s crowd funding, I’m not begging for new boobs or luscious new lips, the feeling of guilt would appear but the world needs to reclaim its bulldog breed.

Collectibulldogs message to all our Twitter Followers

There are other routes one would be advertising I could send out an email with the help from Brighton Museum stating I have a great following on social media alone and would they like to advertise their business or products here, from picture banners to link backs we have products we could offer.

Do not worry I’m on Facebook Pinterest instagram LinkedIn blog lovin even Reddit so I’m not targeting twitter directly wiggles has been a great help in creating other community types on formats but twitter is our largest by far, I think to reach 200k in three years is quite good.

I cannot afford the advertising for Collectibulldogs at the moment so my articles and word of mouth are how I try and find interest in what I am trying to achieve I’m really glad we’ve climbed the twitter ladder a bit as we see our posts get more likes and retweets but we need your interactions please fellow tweeters.

I spend most of my social media time on twitter yet it accounts for little in the way of views to the website what I would love is if people shared our articles just like they share wiggles pictures, the article may not interest you but we retweet each other and there will be accounts on your page that might enjoy the content.


Collectibulldogs message to all our Twitter Followers

To our mutauls that have come Gone and come back again with the change in routine all I can say is it’s not easy to please everyone I’m trying to build a page that creates more interactions for both parties yet I cannot build my page up just posting my tweets.

The Good news is my OCD induced obsession with reaching two hundred thousand followers is now over and I will let the page grow it’s natural way so no more lengthy follow helps, but I will still use some techniques to continue to grow whilst retweeting our posts.

Im hoping as we grow we gain lasting friends and mutauls that’s do not mind sharing our content just as happy as we are sharing yours with that added vantage that your posts I retweet are seen at the bottom of this screen as Collectibulldogs streams it’s social media live.

With a browse Through the site check out the about page ! I’m hoping those on twitter see that I’m just one fella trying to create a museum one day but until that dreams a reality I have to show everyone what I have using the Internet, not that that’s a bad thing as I am doing worlds firsts every time I do something regarding the venture CBD.


Collectibulldogs message to all our Twitter Followers

As I get enough grief due to my choice of breed and you all do follow then a Collectibulldogs message to all our Twitter Followers would be please show more interest, share articles from the website out leave comments basically any interactions would be amazing 😉

This applies back too if you want me to spend time on your website or blog review a page or leave blog comments I’m happy to do so, we live in a world where even 30 word reviews from free lancers want paying for at least this way we both save money and help our domain authorities too.

It still has not sunk in just how big we have grown on twitter I ignore my demons that like a child want me to knock it down and build it back up again, I remember this happening to my first Facebook page I felt once I had reached my goal I wanted to prove it could be done again.

None of that this time now not with how I’ve had to fight the twitter algorithm from day one ☝️ I’ve never heard of twitter Jail or why people like me get put in it, for 3 years I’ve posted my own bulldog content and retweeted 3 quarters of a million posts so what I did to get into a virtual jail is laughable as it is a form of bullying but that’s how these formats are becoming.

Tweeters come advertising with us !

Just the same as the deal to business people I’m offering free advertising to any of our followers there would be pre conditions but we would happily advertise or help give exposure to anyone of the people that made our following what it is now.

You maybe thinking hang on just retweet my posts ! That’s ok but A it doesn’t get put up permanently for lots of new readers to stumble upon B not only do visitors come here but we post out to all the biggest formats and just like twitter we have our core that repost for us.

Just one fella and a bulldog with an iOS iPad (that’s dying) that’s us but the skill set I’ve learned means it’s easy for me to cross media posts so Twitter posts can reach Pinterest Facebook linked in and the many others we post out too.

I started off on Facebook years ago and have built up a reputation there the group creators always let my content through and I’m courteous in doing so I would not place a non Collectibulldogs article or non dog related article in these groups but I know many others 100s actually where your post can be placed, I also have my own pages on these formats.

From brilliant to getting back up !

Two things I miss from the Facebook format that’s not on twitter is the back up I get not only about my own issues but bullish bulldog bashing too, people think there’s no heart in the person behind the Post when they slag the dog off, this gets my back up to the point I can feel the anger serge

i do not need to be baby sat but that kind of camaraderie has not happened yet on Twitter but hey my page I think is only just taking off and normal people wouldn’t understand how it can make a vulnerable person feel or think “that dog is a big part of the family” or “well done on adopting” I think we’ve heard it all now.

Thats not to say I do not have a brilliant time when on twitter some days are boring I wonder if it’s me and my tweets or just a slow day, I’ve learned many accounts have their own routine and sometimes I’m on when the world is asleep. This brings up the question why is the other half of the world not active as twitter goes all twilight zone about 1am.

Thank you to everyone on twitter for making a small page HUGE we appreciate all the love for wiggles and hope it transends into more interest not only for the website but bulldogs as a whole, there’s so much to learn here I feel I’ve done a brilliant job creating 360 articles all on the bulldog subject.


I Am happy to include twitter links and drop downs like wiggles up there 👆 to those that help me with getting my articles reaching further shoutouts would be great as well I’m often shouting out to help your metric reach and to try and get you new followers a shoutout back once in a while would be nice.

Lets connect let’s see more twitter interactions for Collectibulldogs please and allow us some space on twitter in return we will continue to reciprocate any retweets we get by four and or post your urls too, anyone willing to come forward that does contribute feel free and I can add a post to an existing article even this one

ill thank the tweeters now for pinching their posts as an example but once read if you check below you’ll see examples of what your post would look like on an article and don’t forget its sticky so readers could press and be led back to your twitter accounts

look im just trying to reach out best I can and make the most of the twitter format for good, I’m hoping at least 1% of 200k help or support the venture and lastly before I go ! Authors writers bloggers we are here we do get traffic and we love some diversity so come guest with us. Happy Tweeting.


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