Mental wellbeing distraction techniques and ideas

Distraction techniques


Hi there to all readers from around the world, as survivors of mental illness most of us will know that Mental wellbeing distraction techniques and ideas for me was mainly the collecting, the website and all that came with it has just helped to create a bigger distraction from OCD PTSD and unstable emotional personality disorder.


Not everyone is going to grab our free ebook and say yes this will cure my demons as I’m sure as mental disorder is different for everyone, as previously stated in another article the combination of all I’ve done and a certain medication I take everyday called clonazipam has changed my life.


From a person ten years ago maybe eleven now I’ve gone from a vulnerable self harming stress induced psychosis, antisocial, hermit, recluse, Hypervigilance,anxiety to the point of it feeling like terror and suicidal ideologies. I mean who would want to live with all this ,life’s hard enough with today’s society and parenthood (which I’ve managed brilliantly my daughter is training to be her dream of becoming an air hostess.


Something like that years ago would of sent me potty potty. I had eight weeks CBT counselling just so that my daughter could get the bus to high school, all those protections you’ve put in place to safeguard best you can felt like it had all gone out the window, I digress I’m much better these days with good and bad combined, some articles you’ll find of good taste others maybe giving a sense of failure and that’s too much worry our website doesn’t even create revenue what’s there to worry about !


Mental wellbeing distraction techniques and ideas


 Distraction techniques

What a great motto


In light of my own past I’d like to suggest some NON NICE guidelined ideas and techniques that will not cure you. I’ll never say I can do that ,but empowering others to sit up and take notice of what’s around them and to utilise what you do love and can do must be a step in the right direction.


Im not here to preach either these are just Mental wellbeing distraction techniques and ideas that come to my mind ,as I’ve had cognitive analytical therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and the steps program, a half year course that was really aimed at the female clients, not only was i the only Male in the group but sucking a sherbet sweet and staring at a candle wasn’t my idea of chilling out or learning to relax and it didn’t stop two suicidal attempts during and after, this concluded in the fact I cannot be treated anymore I’m to old now and they have cut backs and targets.


Since the tory government took over ,the cutbacks came and a massive proportion of NHS clients were discharged back to their Dr whom in my case has no knowledge of mental illness, not to sound  patronising but I am under a CPN at the moment I’ve been with Debbie 24 yrs got married and someone spoilt the day this caused depression that I’m currently beating (yet again).


As My CPN will be discharging me again I thought what should I get up to so after forty years I’m taking to the open road, there’s sufferers out there that like me think the road is also not a place for them or they will not achieve success if trying, I’m starting on a little 125cc and going to see some of the country ,won’t that be exciting.



Mental wellbeing distraction techniques and ideas

5 Mental Health Hacks: Self Care

The first idea I have is to those “again like me” with frustration about reading and writing to take up either blogging, a diary ,if you want your thoughts to remain private and poetry, you can write about your feelings your day ,maybe how you see the world with your particular illness and as each day you start to fill up either pages or write blogs a sense of accomplishment sets in and compeles one to keep going.


Poetry is like code you can write what you like (doesn’t even have to Rhyme as long as you understand it’s meaning, we’ve all read or heard poetry before that goes straight over our heads yet the writer feeling and writing it must of known its meaning, again, just like a diary you can keep it private, with celebs and companies following the HRHs there’s more need now than ever for real life stories to be told remember a psychiatrist has an outh it’s policy they cannot divulge information so how else will the public learn about mental health.


Blogging if your at a point you can can share your content would not just be a distraction and better sense of self understanding ,but your content could be invaluable to others that can only find Wikipedia snippets or google pages scaremongering when a keyword is typed in you could be that person that changed another’s life just by them thinking they are not alone.


If the pen is your thing then this first technique could not only give you understanding and self belief but as someone whom hadn’t wrote a paragraph in over a decade nor read a book for the same amount of time I can assure you the day will go when the frustration dissolves, as you can see I don’t shut up now, great for the article too as bigger ones get more Kudos from google crawlers.


Mental wellbeing distraction techniques and ideas


 Distraction techniques



I DID WRITE A HELP GUIDE TO THOSE DISCHARGED BACK TO GP TO SHOW LIFE GOES ON mine took some doing but I’m here now trying to give advice and help to others wether your in the mental health system or not, my next idea is art, don’t shout at me ! A colouring book and six different colours can change a mindset within a few minute, it’s a short term fix but worth it when feeling bad thoughts coming, for others that really enjoy art you can start either at home or at a class.


After years of solitude at home with only psychiatrist and doctor’s appointments I understand the resentment felt when others try and get you out of that door ,(thousands will relate to this) every time I’ve had involvemen,it’s all about getting out (this is only to prove capability then it’s easier to discharge or lower session amount), one good thing about being passed on is you can apply for your aftercare package to include art classes, these can either be free or low cost but you do need confidence to A get there B handle the time spent and people met.


I dislike art with a passion, just like I described writing for some that’s what I’m like as an artist give me a paint brush and my teeth start to grind ,I’m not sure why as it’s one of my only pass at school, art just like writing can be a depiction of your disorder ,it could be anything you like and if your not like me I’m sure self affirmation would boost your ego a rare commodity in our world.


Pencils, pastals ,paints whatever you feel you like just get a sheet of paper take a few deep breaths and focus on what you want that paper to represent and do not forget art as well as being abstract cannot be judged, yes it may matter wether you think others might ,like it isn’t the point with art it’s your own creative mind expressing emotion but through colour direction and a little self discipline, I’ll never take to being an artist but there’s no stopping you seeing what talents you’ve not had time to notice or perfect in years.


Mental welbeing distraction techniques and ideas



More of the Hands on type out there could start anywhere ,the skies the limit and Mental well-being distraction techniques and ideas that involve helping ,but in a safe and understanding environment is a great idea for those that enjoy being out, want to start getting out with help, and a fondness for nature and doing things just for the sake of kind morals.


Schemes across the country have their own Mental wellbeing distraction techniques and ideas and one is to set up groups that are tasked with doing different things either weekly or monthly this could be fence fixing cleaning river banks and even help organisations like the YMCA tend to their gardens.


The schemes set up like this normally have a set date (check your area) and a bus and lunch is provided, you get a thank you of course, but it’s you that will go home in the back of a minibus thanking yourself and if of a  sociable character or even someone that’s trying to reach out you’ll find you have new friends and people to talk to sitting there right next to you.


Ive been a deafest (no offence) so I know the struggle it is to even want to face the outside reality but all must know that it does get easier, one thing the professionals are correct about is if you fight what you fear you own it, just like for many doing the supermarket challenge set by CPNs it is baby steps for some I’m not suggesting for a minute this idea is for everyone.


Mental welbeing distraction techniques and ideas


There are great opportunities at the moment for those with mental health issues to start volunteering ,their time I know many that feel like they are giving something back by giving up their time to help others, you could be a kind caring person and offer your services to the likes of mind, age , help the homeless and for animal lovers shelters and rescue centres are always looking for help too.


Due to your specific circumstances under a voluntary basis you can have more flexibility over the hours you do ,to the tasks your able to achieve your working for nothing so there’s no judgement unless it comes from you angry that the manager gets a wage lol, I’m joking never get into the politics of charity based organisations and you’ll love your job.


Brighton museum gave me back my self worth when they took me on as a collections assistant. I’ve not been many times either, very ill health or other issues have hampered my placement but my job is secure proving their understanding and patience something you’ll find among your peers if you choose this route.


Mental wellbeing distraction techniques and ideas is very much Aimed at the voluntary sector so if you do not like my suggestions there is a national or city voluntary centre where you can find and apply for many more projects than I’ve time or space to mention let me see if I can find an example link ! As the article is seen in more than just the U.K. I picked this one as an example


Mental wellbeing distraction techniques and ideas

What is Mental Health?


i never used to have these either but a daily routine can change the mindset, for those up all night worrying and sleeping all day yes I’ve been there I even got to the point I didn’t believe in sleep this became a trigger and I would stay up for up to eight days !!! My now wife would have to phone the emergency number and I was injected with sleeping sedative the sleep deprivation had me in all kinds of mess from thinking my neighbors were out to get me to believing I was being spied on by people in the attic SLEEP IS SO IMPORTANT!


My suggestion here would first think how you wish your day to go and your capabilities too, you want to learn to enjoy so do not over think or over do anything ! as failure of self disappointment can rear it’s ugly head sending you either back to square one or beyond, start small and simple and add as you feel yourself gaining routine.


Depression is a danger in itself and feeds on us doing nothing for ourselves I really mean no offence here but the psychiatrist and CPN appointments can only get you so far there’s some parts to wellbeing that they cannot reach and it’s up to you to find your strengths.


If you need an example ive been with Debbie 24 years and not had my routine long (admittedly wiggles being ill has not helped) but from cooking dinner and making drinks to house chores and taking out the trash it’s a long way from the person I was, each and everything I do I either forced myself out of my bed to do or made little promises to debs, as a man of my word this worked for me and I’m slowly getting a daily life back.


Mental welbeing distraction techniques and ideas


For those unable to physically get out why not bring fun and ideas to you we live in a world now where everything can be delivered to your door, a good way of putting it is it’s better to be distracted by a hobby than a horror, it’s semi true with the saying the devil makes work for idle thumbs but in our case it’s our heads instead.


From the basic hobbys like crocheting diamond art type crafts and other crafting to basic woodwork and metalworks you can either learn from books or use the Internet as inspiration to look for your niche, we have come along way from the days of  crocheting and we are now in a world of VR sets and 3D printers, all now affordable and easier to use than ever.


The point being if airfix models and painting solders from warhammer comes to mind remember theres so much more in the way of choices one young gentleman I’ve known now for a while was having issues and had ideas about self harm, I advised his mother and after a week or so saw her again her life had changed and so had her sons all because of a chat a two dinky hand drones that he now adores (his new found hobby showed an increase in his social skill set and he improved at school), £50 and a chat changed this small family’s way of living the lad has OCD ADHD.


Games that allow you to converse with your fellow players can be a great way to meet people and have a hobby that doesn’t involve uneasy social situations you do not get seen and as long as your safe and do not give away anything revealing you can enjoy these types of games, unlike the larger console games where a headpiece splutters youthful swearing these are written context only with settings to help safe gaurd the user.


Mental wellbeing distraction techniques and ideas


Its not for me at 40 years old to preach to the youth about mental health the dangers of self harm and it’s effects later on in life but I feel it’s my duty to respond to the way mental illness and Mental wellbeing distraction techniques and ideas for the youth of today, not only do they fight social stigmas but many or a vast majority are bullied then there’s home pressures maybe abusive…I was one of fourteen my dad had Victorian values so was mentally and physically abusive which then was classed as punishment and with drugs and  alcohol mixed in life must be like  spaghetti junction for some youngsters minds.


Mental welbeing distraction techniques and ideas Will differ here as the opportunities for younger people are different, firstly find a safe place for yourself and for your mind to think 🤔 I used a reference Library that I ironically work in now this kept me away from those on the estate that’s parents sold drugs so we lived in a culture of fear too I’m sure many young people out there know this just a bit to well, I hated bullies till one day I saw one take a beating from his dad and realised where it came from.


Talking therapy actually works (its a must for many adults that do not have much adult time with others their own age) but for a younger person it’s hard to express many feelings mostly due to fear of consequences, this isn’t a youngsters only fear it does depend on the individual and the way they are being parented, I learned from my youth and didn’t let any one bully my daughter even drug dealers kids I have daddy power and it works ! A younger person feels so much safer when their parents are their freirnds as well as mother and father.


Youth workers school liason officers even special counsellors are there to guide and advise yet what I’ve written above and a few other reasons like body image is why Young people need to take a step back and if they ever read this and understand yet feel they cannot open up about certain issues just show whom your talking too this segment that way it’s off your chest and the start of sorting out the issues




It would be foolish and unprofessional for me even though I’m not a professional and just talking about Mental well-being distraction techniques and ideas NOT to leave links to websites and or add numbers for younger persons to use The Samaritans are an  organisation aims at any ages day or night from those in a desperate place to getting advise on help and resources in your area, CHILD LINE just like the Samaritans is brilliant for both crisis help confidential help and resources but aimed at the under 18s, there are other organisations but these two seem to prove the best.


Mental welbeing distraction techniques and ideas


Before I continue Collectibulldogs does not condone the notion of smoking DO NOT START but would like to talk CBDs no I’m not a drug dealer and yes cannabinoids do come from cannabis and hemp plants 🌱 but not in the way you think or even remember ie wacky backi ! America patented the rights to these cannibaliods there’s over fifty I think and all have different effects.


CBD normally comes in oil form you can either take droplets 💧 or Vap the CBD there are the adventurous that go and buy the herbal form but with this wonder drug still being illegal the THC content in the raw form is 2%, if you think I’m stating this without fact I’ve used it myself and there’s an important reason why I’ve mentioned it.


Thousands apon thousands of those suffering with complex complex mental health issues can get to the point physical pain can be felt, the pain can be from a knotted back sciatica of the leg headaches and chest pains all of which can be a worry to a worrier, it’s a legal way of taking away many pains, PLEASE NOTE we would suggest contacting mind or your GP to see if this would have a negative effect regarding your diagnosis.


Mental welbeing distraction techniques and ideas


COLLECTING it’s one of the best ever Mental welbeing distraction techniques and ideas I’ve come across so far there’s so much involved if your dedicated to the passion and idea of a long term hobby, I’m not here to say hey collect bulldog memorabilia it’s great you should think about what you love 💗 and put your mind into making it the best collection you can.


Once a passion idea appears and the cogs start turning youll start to enjoy what your achieving it could could be a nest egg for the future right down to coke can ring pulls it doesn’t matter value wise unless it’s personal to you, mines to give to my daughter to help in later life when I’m not about no more it’s what drives me with all I do even if I do despair sometimes.


If you ask most people they will say ive made something special and it must of taken a lot and do you know they are right the research the debt the blood sweat and tears the rudeness from others either bulldog bashing or trying it after seeing my illness displayed but they get a shock as I’ve learned how to defend myself online well too.


The distraction is the collection and the collection should be the distraction ! Not a bad quote there, there’s lots to chose from to change your way of life and mine was collecting, combined with my love of dogs it’s been a delightful distraction and it all came whilst deep in therapy so if I can do this anyone else out there with my issues has the same chances it’s not a case of get out there and do it but come on let’s try.

Mental welbeing distraction techniques and ideas


Well i do hope that I have provided food for thought there’s no pressure here to do anything that takes you out of your comfort zone they are just Mental well-being distraction techniques and ideas from someone that’s been in and out of the mental health system now for going on twenty years and to those that may of even  over analysed this article I apologise for any anxiety caused.


This list is primarily aimed at young adults upwards I’m not factual enough to talk about the younger generation and Encourage all under 18s to use the childline access and all can use the Samaritans but instead of feeling down I’m hoping these ideas help to change people’s perception that even if they have a mental health diagnosis more often than not it’s isolation in one form or another that brings it to the surface.


These ideas “well some” bring isolation to the forefront and how to combat this but there’s also some of us that enjoy our own company so there’s ideas for that too, please stay as healthy as you can eat properly sleep on a regular basis and try to get some fresh air, I never believed in walks I didn’t understand the concept of walking in a circle until I got so bored one day I walked down to the pier and went on every ride.


Mental well-being distraction techniques and ideas Is in itself good content to inspire ideas but do not be blind mental health stigma is still something very real I’m dealing with it daily at the moment on twitter by U.K. Labour Party supporters, I’m being systematically blocked and it’s hurtful yet I need the page to promote bulldogs so I’ll need to find a distraction to ignore these people.



HERES A SHORT MENTAL HEALTH STIGMA DOCUMENTARY FROM 2012 where I was larger in size and much more Ill championing mental health still 

Mental Health in Brighton & Hove: The Stigma


using a combination of research and my own adventures with the mental health services provides me with the knowledge to create such a passive yet informative article, I was a Benefits baby and dragged up until I went into care of the state at 15 i then lost my father six months later and had a tough life since.


Becoming a father changed my mindset my morals and how I became as a young adult many years have been wasted fighting my own past my own demons and how I changed the learned behaviour from what as I saw as a child and re defined it as I became a father I’ll never know, I do not believe in physical discipline and have never smacked anyone I think I’ve raised my voice twice to my daughter there’s never no need for violence.


If you have been effected by any of what you’ve read I am a 40 year old fella (married) I’m honest open and here if anyone wants to talk if anything resonates with your life as I’ve written it please get in touch what happened to me was from the late 1980s onwards that’s not to say a lot of went on back then Is still emulated in 2019. GET IN TOUCH (if under 18 get parents if possible to give permission)  


Myself and the collectibulldogs name would like to clarify we are NOT PROFESSIONALS in the field of mental health yes We have written our own articles like This article but most is experience either as an adult with complex mental health issues or the young child dodging bully gangs just to get to the school bus without getting a black eye I just know and understand I also hope the article helps people or at least one perso young to adult know that someone out there understands and cares enough to put his own past online.

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