Mental health or social media ones not right


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Hi readers as you can plainly see today’s article is firmly on the subject of Mental health and how we get impacted by using the same social media formats as everyone else


it was bad enough last year when twitter suspended our account due to a video of a bulldog, it was a harmless video of wiggles yet was deemed so bad we lost our account for three months.

When arising yesterday I went to use my Pinterest account only to find I had been suspended, I’m ok now but rest assured I was so anxious when this happened I wanted to dig out the anxiety pains I was having.

It’s that sun again ! keep your dog cool

This is from yellow dog antiques proving it’s the social media formats not the users
It’s that sun again ! keep your dog cool

jesting earlier about mental health and social media being my enemy with a friend Gave me the will power to face what is un equality on social media, I don’t mean the two tier system where verified accounts are seen as the holy grail



These pages are urged not to mix with unverified accounts and when you check out a celeb page it’s boring as it’s just them all the way back from when they started ! Maybe it’s the Asperger’s syndrome but I just do not get the appeal but everyone has choice.

i’m not here to be writing about celebrities, (that’s for another article lol) I’m writing about the fact that people with mental health disorders seem to have a hard time on social media mainly due to the fact that their disorders act out in different manners whilst using these formats.

Mental health or social media ones not right

Mental health or social media ones not right

Mental health or social media ones not right proof Pinterest got it wrong !

A perfect example is our Twitter account due to the fact we are on multiple formats there’s a lot of bouncing between them to keep everyone happy whilst promoting and when we are on Twitter we do lots of advice for our mutuals


The mental disorder side is OCD which means I get lost in with daydream and could retweet all day without even stopping to think about it and as I’m obsessed by the number four I seem to retweet peoples posts for times for each retweet I get.

Mental health or social media ones not right

Mental health or social media ones not right Doing amazing on Pinterest otherwise!

no I don’t see nothing wrong with this but the Twitter social media format things it is over retweeting and then they tell you that you cannot retweet for three days this is a complete cheek not only because retweets are part of the format but I’m using my time and my energy on their algorithm instead of give him my own website more time duration.

having a break from any of the social media formats is a good idea we will not you have mental health or classed as let’s say normal and I to have my breaks and get things done in the real world I’m also enjoying the fact that I have a garden now so don’t spend as much time on social media anymore.

Social media format Pinterest made me value my life !

Mental health or social media ones not right Nomination invite !

Mental health or social media ones not right, I felt so bad I was going to turn down the shortlist

This kind of title even though scary is the sole reason why I am writing this article when I found out I was suspended I was so embarrassed I did contemplate hurting myself or worse now I want everyone to know that I didn’t but this is how I was made to feel and it could’ve turned out a lot worse


after the Twitter suspension last year I feel I can’t take any more embarrassment especially as I’m connected to Brighton museums and they’ve always had or tried to have a professional ethos and work ethic even if it’s just a new English bulldog collection.

Mental health or social media ones not right

Mental health or social media ones not right Let’s hope things get brighter

The suspension hit me like a bus I couldn’t believe it and after I had sorted myself out I did sit down for a while to wonder or ponder why this has happened to me and whether or not my mental health had a part to play in the way i use Pinterest


Pinterest is massive Just like all the other formats with trending stories And lots of lots of things to see and buy if you wish ! I found out how to appeal which I did normally I would just ask what I’ve done wrong but this time I did mention that if it was my fault then it was unintended.



Interested in my reply Pinterest did get back to me Stating that my suspension was fabricated or maybe that’s the wrong word I was suspended by accident as they put but I’m not sure if that’s true or if they took pity on someone with so many complex issues.


The page itself lost about 5000 followers and the page gets about half 1 million visits a week so to create a board system on Pinterest and have so many people follow I have already created a little community so it was brain ache when I was wondering why I was suspended.


get in the second email after my appeal felt like a shallow victory I should not have been suspended in the first place and as all complain Lucy Pinterest have taken full responsibility for the suspension and reinstated my account there I just need my website to be verified again.


Social media it’s all inside out !

Backlinks Mental health or social media ones not right

Always improving the page Mental health or social media ones not right

social media is not the same as it was around five years ago yes it’s still the same formats systems but the actual social part and FreeSpeech has been taken away by the owners who now play God with their own online design.

Twitter for example will put up a list of people to follow prompting you to press the follow button as Twitter believes you may have something in common or a friend with this new follower

then Twitter will go ahead after a certain amount of followers say that you have over followed and you get penalised now where is the fairness in this I certainly don’t understand it myself is there for all to say you can follow these people but for some reason you can get penalised for doing so.

Facebook has changed beyond recognition I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg has taken a leaf out of the Amazon owners business handbook and owns the rights to the rights if you get what I mean Facebook is now Really aimed at business everything else to them as spam.

Long gone are the days when the creators of beautiful groups that had thousands in these groups and whom had sole responsibility for what went on in these particular groups now the social media format Facebook deemed it themselves to state what goes Where and how

Mental health social media, spam to beef brisket

Thank you Brighton Argus

our Second appearance in the Brighton Argus seen as spam ! Mental health or social media ones not right

Yes it is a funny little sub title, other than it being great for keyword inserting it’s also the truth and it’s across the board ! Post content on Facebook and it’s flagged as spam (hashtags are ok) BUT if you pay it’s totally different

Content that when posted is seen as spam takes on a totally new role when money is involved and I do not get the concept, yes I understand promoting but how can great content be ignored or denied just because you cannot afford to make a billionaire even richer.

collectibulldogs doesn’t even use social media formats for selling we only promote or should I say I only promote the website which with links to Brighton Museum and other important places should be seen as a resource website I’m guessing museums like Brighton Museum I’m not seen a spam when they post their articles.

I won’t give up on social media I won’t use the saying even if it kills me as I believe at the moment that’s not the right way to be talking but I would like to get to the bottom of why nothing has been put in place for people with mental health issues that use social media get into a muddle and end up suspended.

It’s true But !

Yes the fact everyone should be treated the same should apply yet when your a person whom has a brain wired differently to others surely there’s scope out there for some compassion, it’s on fair when you use an app with free music then get penalised by the likes of Sony due to copyright infringement when all you did was making harmless videos.

Hey mental health in itself is at the forefront at the moment due to mental health awareness month and the ironic thing about this is most of it is online and on social media this actually makes me giggle especially when they say that you need to talk you write a post and hardly anyone responds

its also true that people or persons that do suffer with a mental health or mental health disorders contribute greatly to the understanding of mental health and this of course helps to take away the stigma behind mental health helping people to understand better.


collectibulldogs has created a mental health category in the blog titles honesty goes a long way and is also part of the bigger picture when it comes to the collection and everything that I have done and achieved while suffering and not telling anyone until I started being honest around this time 2 yrs ago

Getting it wrong can be devastating

The Pinterest team were kind enough to contact me through an email and explain that the blame was solely on their side apparently I had done nothing wrong and my suspension was a mistake the format had made.


Depending on the emotional state or frustration or turmoil of how I’m feeling usually the Outcome and the after affects of the amount of medication that I take some days are of a suicidal mind where as other days are very practical way a lot gets done

I am after all only human I am seen as intelligent and I use my synapses to the best of my ability but sometimes I get things wrong just like everyone else but that doesn’t mean to say that social media can victimise or bully those that don’t understand their policies or the concept they have created.


Mental health issues will be on the rise in dramatic fashion after the pandemic of COVID-19 I am myself am worried That I will lose my CPN due to the fact there will be so many new cases and also the government in the UK are always taking funds away from either the NHS or other public services.

Just make it clear your not having it 👍

Mental health or social media ones not right

Stick a finger up to stigma from social media formats

i’m not giving up on my Twitter account meant that when it came back I was still at around 190,000 followers so it does pay to wait yet social media formats should have a special team that locate clients with mental health issues and offer guidance and support.

it would be easy for myself to just stay on the website and create a community through the comments but this would not be a positive idea if I’m wanting to promote but I don’t want my mental health to stop me from using social media.


my suggestion or suggestions are either email the format first explaining your situation how your mental health manifests and how it may come across when using the social media format that you’re emailing !, this way they will get a heads up if they see something amiss or guidelines broken on your account


The second suggestion is a little braver due to stigma yeah helps a lot and this is to be honest in your bio you don’t have to be 100% about what issues you have but you could hashtag a few words that have meaning. You can then use this to prove that you have been open and honest from the very beginning.

The new mental health section !

creating a mental health article section in a bulldog memorabilia website is a brave thing to do but also gives people that have mental health issues and opportunity to write in and have their own experiences published without fear of ridicule or stigma

The reason for this section is because I myself have mental health issues and this collides with my collecting so I feel that it is part of the venture I have started that’s not to mean all my articles will be about mental disorders

It’s unfair having to go through life in the online world being as invisible as you actually are if you can imagine having 1 million types of different emotions per day running the website being a father and trying to keep everything together sometimes I need Mental wellbeing distraction techniques and ideas


The new section is in a lightbulb moment I have been thinking about it for awhile I will mainly still remains bulldog collectables and we have some nice pieces coming in soon yeah it was felt we could reach out to more people about mental health if we added this section as a primary page.

What needs to change !

The world revolves around money I do understand that even if I don’t understand the concept of money and I cannot think of any solid ideas that I could send to the formats creators to make them change the way the formats work for both those with and without mental health


When I contacted Pinterest I explained my disorder and as you can see they said that they had made a mistake sometimes these mistakes have consequences so it’s only fair that the main players Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram all become more mental health user-friendly.


when you start an account you create a bio This happens almost on all formats So why can’t there be a section where they can put if you have any additional information you would like us to know to make your experience on our format better please tell us.

By doing that they will find out whether or not you are going to struggle and pee them off in an indirect way until the point is where they suspend you or delete your account altogether and in your mind or in my case my mind nothing has been done to create such a harsh response.


we cannot go keep going on where we keep getting suspended for things we haven’t done or things that we do not understand that we’ve done and if this was the case then all formats should put that they are not user-friendly when it comes to people with mental health.

as a resource website with links to museums and other important places you would think our back links to informative articles would be okay but this isn’t the case and now format to use any excuse to close your content as spam which is annoying as I don’t know many people with complex mental health issues that are rich or have lots of money

My ending for now

This isn’t the last we will hear about mental health and mental health awareness with social media and not on social media as these are two different subjects with one underlined trying to help people and the other is a social media format not noticing clients patterns when online.

They were safeguards in place a little bit like a bankcard for example if you used Twitter between two certain times a day and did this for a month and then change the routine they would hold your page whilst asking you if it was you using your page at that time

Life is not always be about money it’s not fair I spend hours upon hours researching to put what I think is creative and original content about a niche subject That I created and that people would be interested in but due to the fact that I won’t pay for promotion I cannot get the views that the website deserves.


working with another we will be emailing the main formats to explain the situation and to see if they’ve got any mental health safeguards in place and if not why not it cannot be that when a person or persons doesn’t understand policy that they are smitten straight away without any rhyme or reason

How dogs help with our mental health

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