Mental health are you brave enough to join in !

Mental health are you brave enough to talk

Mental health are you brave enough to talk Help others to open their minds

Hi readers how are you before I start I’d like to add the Samaritans emergency help line Call 116 123 for free THIS IS A UK BASED HELPLINE PLEASE CHECK YOUR OWN COUNTRIES SUPPORT NUMBERS FOR EMERGENCIES OR JUST TO TALK  

Let’s start as far back as I can recall, I’ve been with the east Brighton mental health team for nearly twenty years most other clients are not as long in staying under the services but my disorder means I’m seldom discharged and often monitored I’ll say more in the article 

So mental health and it’s stigma and the irony of media both the TV and social formats like Twitter is a joke I’m sorry to rain on their parade but the emergence of media and gadgets has helped to splinter families up into different rooms and create more suicides in young people than ever before


A TV advert by channel three here in the UK is prompting families, couples, anyone surrounding that TV to ignore it and TALK yet this advert lasts just sixty seconds and most of the time is added to adverts put on during popular programming so not many will get much out of a sixty second chat on how they feel


Twitter and Instagram are just as bad there’s the do good twitter people that advocate mental well-being yet there’s so much trolling and bullying even I as a adult male have a twitter buddy in case my mental health is targeted but to date it’s just been stupid people making comments about the dog

Are you brave enough to talk

Mental health are you brave enough to talk

It would be handy if others could contribute

Collectibulldogs started out it’s mental health and well-being articles quite by mistake I felt low one day wrote about it and didn’t think of any repercussions or consequences when going to publish it and to date there’s been none, I’ve used the word brave yet I prefer the word brash I don’t feel brave about telling people but I do feel a little cocky sometimes (I’m lucky to be articulate)


In saying that are you brave enough to talk about mental health or disorders in a way that does not break any kind of confidentiality agreement, talking about mental health would sure beat ITVs mental health advice advert and any failed hashtags currently not working on a format (twitter ) where free speech is now twitters decision not its clients.

ITV | Britain Get Talking Launch


The other failed attempt so far is to get celebrities to open up about mental disorder and their experiences but the celebs chosen always seem to be those that were wealthy enough to live in a drugs lifestyle which will frazzle your brain ! It’s time those with real disorders had a platform in which to push out what stops making them tick properly


Imagine it so let’s get realistic there is not that much stigma in the public domain in 2020 compared to the 90s the issue is a lack of funding and the way the powers that be are trying to get mental health in the mainstream just isn’t working

Mental health are you brave enough to talk

Show care and inner strength why not help someone else today

Im a benefits baby sad as it sounds it’s true, my parents (my father was a farmer till he met my mum) had myself and my siblings just so that the household money raised and my parents could then cain it all on yucky cigarettes, we were starved we were locked in our bedrooms and the bathroom as punishment or if we couldn’t sleep and imagine being locked out in baking hot back yard from 9am until 6pm this was just a tiny piece of the hell I went through


The upside is I’m able to talk about not only how bad my childhood was but I’m also happy to talk about the disorders I have and how they effect my day to day living so in short if I told you about a day with PTSD OCD and unstable emotional personality disorder you’ll learn more in the time it’s taken me me to tell you than you ever would researching it.


if I had to choose which one of those disorders sits on my shoulder like a Demon it would be the emotional unstable personality disorder this is so debilitating it has me conquered at the moment this disorder goes from extremes from the feeling of normality to feelings of anxiety grieving terror and the fact that everything is wrong is by far the hardest disorder of mine to manage


this can manifest itself and many things can become a trigger with the prognosis usually me becoming so fatigued I end up falling asleep as the brain cannot take so many emotional switches, yeah I am a 40-year-old husband from Brighton with two daughters I lovely home and I work voluntary at Brighton Museum so it can be quite difficult to tell when someone has a mental disorder unless it’s disclosed.

Would you join our websites venture

Mental health are you brave enough to talk

Here’s how I got to blog about mental health

hey if there was a way of getting the right information to the right people regarding mental health and mental well-being with others be up for any type of collaboration I believe is the real sufferers that need to tell their stories so others can understand Hell and why they ended up with a mental health disorder or illness.


You could start your own mental health segment on your website and ask those brave enough or brash enough to come and share their experiences of their disorders the way they live and any tips on how others may benefit from any tools learnt from said sufferer.


anyone wanting to use collectibulldogs As a platform to either promote or write about mental health or mental health experiences can do so here absolutely free of charge and a compiled archive of mental health articles that the depict real life for those suffering daily must be a much better way of learning about this illness


Collectibulldogs’s was originally set up to inspire others with mental health disorders to follow their dreams it took me 12 years some very unhappy ones too but I’m still here and the website not only inspires but we got so popular we relaunched instead of listening to the bad thoughts saying give up give up your useless.




you could start up a page on your website where people feel safe to add an article about mental illness this could either be generic or their own personal experience, we would gladly take on this kind of article at collectibulldogs anything to teach a world more about what goes on when that the Synapses are on fire.


not only is the information important but it’s permanent to and our analytics are showing a rise in the amount of visitors we have to our mental health related articles now this is good for the website it’s not good for the Niche As in reality the wrong pages are being ranked but we do not mind as long as there is credible content that can help someone or anyone from feeling suicidal depressed or just alone.


let’s take mental health out of the hands of big business and those that he would wish to profit from it or stigmatise against it hey we are also here To give any help we can to any mental health disorder sufferers if we can but any chat would be of an informal nature and anyone seeking help needs to contact the proper authorities that deal with mental health give any help we can to any mental health disorder sufferer if we can but any chat would be of an informal nature and anyone seeking help needs to contact the proper authorities that deal with mental health issues.


Trolling, Bullying piss taking (no offence) name calling ! All these are childish and can be found everyday on social media formats by those that have nothing better to do than pick on others did you know there was even  a page on Instagram urging your children to start self harming and worse.


this was a disgusting find and as someone who is body looks like it’s been mauled by a tiger but had real self harming issues himself this really hurts when you hear that young teenagers are tearing into their own flesh and blood and for what ? Is it for a release of pain or popularity!

We will dedicate a page this year !

Mental health are you brave enough to talk

We keep winning awards so the articles must be ok

In light of recent statistics collectibulldogs will seek to work with our designer this year and implement a mental disorder page ! It will have emergency numbers and some advice from yours truly but we hope in time it will reach out and those without a voice can finally air any grievances and help to give information and tips on diagnosis.

In December 2019 we lost my father-in-law to vascular dementia this is a form of a mental health disorder so please do not feel this is just aimed at the under 25s, everyone and anyone is welcome to add to this new page.


you never know your story could resonate with the reader and you could end up saving a life all that just for sharing a piece of your life that yes might be uncomfortable to write but would be so rewarding if it was to help others.


we are lucky that we do have a spam filter but if you feel you cannot write an article but I have a question then please feel free to email me directly and I will do my best to answer your question whether it be an illness that we share all your own diagnosis we can certainly talk about it and look into it together if that helps.



Every one knows the singer Justin Bieber and he’s huge twitter following well there’s been constant notifications on his Lyme disease but no notifications about the Australian fires the Iran crisis or any posts by the HRHs under the hashtag HEADS TOGETHER I’ve even seen over 18s posts on there but nothing to help those with mental suffering.


unlike the days of old when we all had a tribe to live in there wasn’t no such thing as mental health as everybody was there for everybody else there was also a shamen or Druid that you would of taken any issues too, nowadays it’s either a psychologist or psychiatrist that just wishes to pump you full of drugs where you end up with more complex’s then you started out with as the pills gain weight.


Open honest statements or mini bios on a disorder can prove invaluable the person writing can remain anonymous on the information given can then be filtered onto other sufferers who can use this information to better their own lives intern finding the confidence to pass it on.


there are mental health articles on this website and if this proves a good idea we can go ahead with the new page and add relevant content that not only teaches any disorder sufferer that there not alone out there but there may be a way to manage the disorder in a way that makes any persons life better that’s Gotta be worth 10 minutes of anyone’s time.


And lastly

Mental health are you brave enough to talk

I’m hoping a dose of real life at the lighthouse project will make me happy

As an old hand at sharing personal experiences I’ve already got the ball rolling  International mental health awareness day is one of our articles that just looks at mental health awareness month and there’s Collectibulldogs life after discharge-Mental Health Article one of our most popular none bulldog articles and I don’t blame people for looking it up losing your support can be life threatening


Mental wellbeing distraction techniques and ideas ok so they may work or they may not but you won’t know until you try ! I used collectibles as a distraction but have added more realistic ideas here for those that need the information.


OCD magical thinking is rather personal but there it is how do people know if they do not have the information at hand to understand or at least try, Im off to the lighthouse in 2020 is another article where I chat openly about a new project that works with personality sufferers only.


Remember everybody is unique and there’s only one of you and there will always only be one of you so take care of yourself and if you’re unable asked for help and I was out there will seek to helping you One thing I would suggest is actually speaking to someone if you feel you cannot directly go to the appropriate services straightaway there’s always someone out there willing to help you’re not alone.

More on mental health try out this link

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after our second child recently coming along and a new home I’m hoping my own mental disorder subsides let’s see  peace and love !



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