Mental health awareness week !My Scars 2022

Mental health awareness week

Mental health awareness week Pictures courtesy of Google images

Hi readers it’s mental health awareness week so I thought I’d write an article for my own mental health section and hopefully also reach out to others whom maybe in my position or one that’s similar so I’m happy to discuss my own downfalls if it stops others or makes them think twice.


My scars as the title states is about my own story as a man in he’s forties still trying different ideas and suggestions to stop myself from self harming (information on organisations and help is always left on these articles) as I learn to cope with my own frustrations I want to talk about having scars as a older man and father.

Everyone gets frustrated with life but for some this frustration cannot be handled it’s alien even to the person feeling it and we end up so wound up we find destructive ways to come back down but I need to say STOP wether it’s mental health awareness week or not this message needs to get out


What your doing to yourselves now comes with the idea of no consequences but I am here to tell you this is not how adult life looks at you when your scared up ! Society can be cruel and judgmental and this doesn’t stop at secondly school adults can be just as cruel as children that don’t know better


Mental health awareness week

My scars are part of my life and what I’ve been through unfortunately they are everywhere and this means social occasions can become problematic for example, whilst in a swimming pool one day I was minding my own business getting a few lengths in when I felt a tap on the shoulder.

Mental health awareness week

Mental health awareness week

“hey fella I’ve got parents complaining that your scars are scaring the kids” I was perplexed then he went on to say “if you wish to stay please put on a T-Shirt, I understood the predicament but my confidence was hit hard so I got up and walked out.


I’ve also had troubles when out with others that wish to prove themselves! Down the beach one day in front of my daughter a man came up “think your hard do you he said” before swinging a punch ! My friends were there so it all got sorted quickly but this is another example of what scars can do.


Your scar is a visual representation of an emotion that you went through and could not handle, I want to be able to let you know that you can go through life you do not need to hurt yourself and there are other more positive ways to live life for yourself, I’m a poster boy for the negative and the positive so I do know a thing or two


Asking for help is a strength not a weakness

Ive had recent issues getting support myself I’ll talk about this further in the blog because I’d be lying if I said all support is helpful, this is my story though and my disorder can create mountains out of mole hills so don’t let me put you off.


Asking for help is evident when you are hurting yourself you need someone to talk too and as you don’t the frustration builds until destructive ideas come to mind but it doesn’t have to be this way mental health awareness week is a great starting point for anyone out there reluctant to ask for help to make the first steps.

Mental health awareness week


In the U.K. the government’s cutbacks did mean there was a shift in the mental health services I had to wait for a new psychiatrist and a new lead practitioner whom I cannot fault as of yet in both the professionalism and support I receive especially from a busy person like my psychiatrist who take an interest in what I do just like he will most probably be reading this at one point


Clinical yes the way the services is run is very much like going to the drs it’s different when you have a lead practitioner or known as a CPN, I’ve just met mine whom has already got me my Lighthouse assessment but will coming round next week (may 2022) to talk about my issues and to see the collectibulldogs collection that’s what I call hands on care.



As I’m not sure if there’s any international numbers for mental health problems my suggestion is that you use your server and type in what relates to you and see what appears we get a lot of NHS here in the U.K. and even though there’s a waiting list targets mean everyone has to be seen by a certain time, complaining about time waiting doesn’t work but a well written email of desperation can often help get support whilst your waiting.


Other ideas and suggestions to stop hurting yourself this mental health awareness week are as follows if your under 18 please ask for supervision whilst trying this idea, light a candle (fire is part of our inner soul) use the flame as a kind of hypnosis centre yourself whilst watching the candle and remembering to breathe properly this can work for some.


When I learned what they call the “the twelve steps” I was clever enough to notice that each week we were being taught to use our own inner sensory devices to learn how to start calming ourselves, one week we had to suck on a sweet this didn’t work for me but others took this more seriously and were asked things like ! Describe how the sweet taste in your head describe how it feels in your mouth it sounds funny but doing this takes the mind away from an issue even just for a little while giving you real time to think.


For youngsters or even adults there’s the tapping method “where you continue to tap the area between the thumb and the index finger, there’s also paper tearing, instead of hurting yourself tear strips of paper until the emotion passes

My scars and how I deal with my life (mental health awareness week)


Ok so I thought instead of giving ideas you can get on the internet I’d tell you how I am what I’ve got and how I cope, so I’m classed as unstable emotional personality disorder I’m also diagnosed with OCD magical thinking and generalised anxiety disorder, I take morphine for pain and a drug called clonazipam this is a calming slow release and Benzo diazepam family

Mental health awareness week

Mental health awareness week GET HELP DO NOT SUFFER ALONE

I’ve refused the medication they want me to take as the side effects are often worse than the illness, people with my condition find it hard to keep friendships and relationships but I’m happy to say I got married three years ago to a beautiful lady I’ve known since I was eighteen.

Im a father to two girls ones twenty and at university and my little one is two years old,I’ve never shown my mental health side to these girls yet my eldest knows now, my point being my first distraction is my family ! Wether good or bad I can always rely on the girls to stop me having bad thoughts especially when they are fighting over silly family things


My second distraction has to be Collectibulldogs after my family my collection comes in a tight second place, I love collecting I loved the idea it was mine and seven years later I’m still here pumping out content like this blog article for mental health awareness week.

My scars and what I do to keep busy


One problem I have and many can identify with is the fact that I cannot stop and every project I do always seems to be ongoing, there’s a bit of list here as I start to think 🤔 there’s my woodwork where I create things for the community I make bird boxes squirrel feeders even dog kennels and planters for the summer


The fence for next door has been erected I’ve finished the pond (it looks fantastic) and I’ve created a path around my garden so my daughter can use for her bumper car, I’m in the middle of re fitting the bathroom and also creating a business sign to get Collectibulldogs back on Google business


There’s 3D printing that’s always fun I love the end results when it works I love carpentry too but I’m not the best, I also fly a drone and enjoy my time using metas futuristic VR headset there’s a switch here too in case I’d like to play Mario cart…My E bike is fun too when I’m able to get and about on it


My mental health is with me every day all day all night BUT if I can find things to do it reduces my chances of wanting to harm myself and or have negative thoughts when spending time in my own company.,my biggest passion after being a dad has to be the collector curator and researcher I’ve become in the bulldog world.

Lastly a rant on mental health awareness week


As it’s mental health awareness week I thought I’d take the suggestion from my psychiatrist to write down any issues or problems/frustrations that I may have these usually come out in the evenings so here’s one, when you want to get anywhere with the services you have to go through ATS


it’s my understanding that this means after treatment service and down here in Brighton where I live one department has the worst I’ve personally experienced here’s an example I have generalised anxiety disorder and yes Sam may know this as being a hypochondriac I have not got a full diagnosis but this is a mental health issue not just a physical issue.


when most people are ill or feel a pain in the tummy or somewhere else they contact the doctor for an appointment unfortunately my doctor is so booked up it would take over a month to get an appointment so I contacted A/T/S to see whether or not they could come up with any suggestions as to how I might get seen a little bit quicker as I’m now in my 40s and I’m not getting any younger.

if I remember rightly I only could A/T/S not help but they tried palming me off on to 111 and also said why not wait until it is an emergency and then phone for a doctor‘s appointment,The stupidity got to a head when the person I was speaking to started asking me about the Lighthouse project which at the time when you’re thinking you’ve got pancreatitis gallstones or other bad issues inside yourself you don’t really want to talk about anything else other than getting the support you need.


Mental health awareness week rant continued


this is not the start of my issues here I was summarily discharged a few years ago after making a complaint when a psychiatrist was rude and sexist to my wife, being discharged back to my doctor was a shock for him and myself and we were both getting annoyed with having to send me up a reassessment as there was no one else around to help me with my mental health.


things are a little bit better at the moment I have been told that I can contact the mental health services without being scared that my care plan will be put in the bin and I will be discharged again back to my own doctor and I am actually enjoying the fact that my psychiatrist takes a interest in my life and my lead practitioner was a social worker so has skills in different areas to help me in my life.


what does not happen when you phone A/T/S is they do not take into consideration your own mental health disability if anything they are okay at talking people out of situations but this is not the case all the time and as you can see by what I have written sometimes I do come out with really silly things that leave you feeling frustrated and not wanting to talk to them anymore.


as far as I can tell this is just one person at this service I don’t think I have spoken to anyone else from A/T/S in Brighton has made me feel so negative that I have taken a mild overdose,Due to the amount of cutbacks and people that have moved on in their jobs maybe this is a trainee who is yet to learn how to treat other people correctly I’m sure she doesn’t treat her colleagues or talk to her colleagues the way she speaks to some of the clients that phone up.


thank you for Reading my mental health awareness week article I hope that everybody that has read this Is feeling okay please get in touch with either the Samaritans or the Salvation Army and mind If any of this resonates with you or somebody you know or if you think that you need help but don’t know how to ask please google one of these sites ASAP get a phone number and start talking to someone and remember whether it’s mental health awareness week awareness month or awareness year you matter !

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