Mental disorder Does it scare folks off !

Mental disorder

Mental disorder thank you if your a return visitor too

Hi My friends and readers, this article today mental disorder does it scare folks off !  looks at someone like me running a website and the fact I have mental health issues is it off putting and does it take away interest.

As someone with Asperger’s syndrome as well as other mental health disorders often see the world a lot differently to everyone else but when it comes to the website and the collection synapses are at 100%


Landed on my feet at the age of 36 is quite a long time to wait and other than a beautiful family that I have my other baby or passion in life is the website that I have created a collection that I have built up and the social media influence that I have created.


The last thing any business would want to disclose his mental health but I believe my disorder is part of the journey I have undertaken whilst wandering on this venture yeah I do it alone and may always will do.

Mental disorder does it scare you ?

Interestingly enough there are lots of different campaigns telling us that we need to talk more about our mental health issues yet this doesn’t happen especially on a public stage and my own honesty is not that of most websites that you come across


Life can be challenging and my life certainly is yeah that doesn’t stop me trying to pursue this dream of mine, most people that read these articles are usually one-time readers so I’m asking whether or not someone with a mental disorder scares you.

It would be great if you could write in and let us know what your thoughts and feelings are on the subject of mental health and it would be nice to hear what peoples thoughts are on someone whom faces these issues yet is still able to carry on with a passion, a social enterprise and bringing up a family


OCD may of been the the catalyst that started the English bulldog collection It’s quality and quantity and if so I’m glad of the disorder as I would not of got so much done in such a short amount of time.

Mental disorder I want to be seen as me !

No matter how low in life I get or what mental disorder articles I write I don’t wish to be seen as the stereotypical medicated pill pusher with dribble and not being able to say a word because the medication has turned the brain to mush.

everything I have done has been for the purpose that my daughters are left something when I’m not here anymore I have never once thought about owning any of the collectables that are here and I am as I say just The conduit of the collection for now.

we all have off days you have to admit you do too, things go up and down in life for everyone whether you have a mental disorder or not and I live my life just like everyone else trying my best to get through the day with a smile on my face and no hurt in my heart.

factually speaking it is part of my illness that I do find it hard to socialise or to convey myself in a way that people understand or get and I understand myself why our resident article writer is able to get more views than I am due to her way with words and her character!

Why I write about mental disorder!

Firstly I wear my heart on my sleeve so I’m not scared to say what mental disorder is what mental disorders I have and what I am currently going through just like Covid 19 lockdown Hypervigilance issuesIt is agreed that there should be a section for these Articles.

a written document not only lets others know they are not alone but I know one day my daughters will treasure what I’ve created will read these and see the lows as well as the highs I’ve faced to get collectibulldogs off the ground.


Also other than the professional articles that you can read if you google mental disorder when you raise an article by me you are hearing it from Firsthand experience firsthand experience so to speak.

unlike celebrities that are paid to indorse things I’m happy to give information and truthful fact about not only my own mental disorder and how I’m coping but I’ve written for Brighton museum on the same issue.

Collectibulldogs special Brighton museum top article is an example of what I can write when I put my mind to it and I believe the article was sent to our local MP for a muse it was deemed that good.

It’s my mental disorder!

That’s the great thing about individuality we are not all as one so you all don’t have to live like I do and for many out there I’m sure your lives are much better and more fulfilled but that doesn’t mean to say I don’t love my life


Married to my childhood sweet heart, father to two beautiful daughters, Creator of collectibulldogs the worlds first website to immortalise bulldogs using antiques, and all the accomplishments that I cannot feel self affirmation for Isn’t wasted though.

I may have a disorder but I know myself that I have created something very special indeed whether or not it’s this year next year or 10 years down the line someone will be interested in doing something special with the collection and all this hard work will have paid off.


The only thing scary about me is the way I talk I’m to the point and for some it’s not liked but I was not put on this earth to be liked by everyone admittedly due to illness are used to be as some would say lazy yeah I would say in turmoil and now my life is changed I’m a lot busier


Mental disorder-Covid 19 aftermath!

as you must’ve seen on the news mental disorder is due to sore overwhelming professionals as they take on new cases was they are dealing with the clients they already have and with the austerity measures that were put in place the mental health services in the UK is already under a lot of pressure.

if COVID-19 and the lockdown has made you feel that you think that you may be depressed or other emotions that you haven’t dealt with or even negative thoughts that seem to linger then why not get in touch and let me use my own experiences to help you to re-gather the mind that Is yours.

people don’t need to go onto medication this has been proven and although I take clonazepam for my own disorder not everybody that went through lockdown has had a childhood that I had and needs that certain medication on a daily basis.

Don’t bottle up your emotions and if you feel you can’t go to the doctor then why not use the form that will be put below and contact us it will come straight through to my email and it’s in every correspondence will be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality Let’s see if we can help.

Lastly !

This is congratulations to everybody around the world that did do lockdown or are still in lockdown this is unprecedented and everyone seems to have wanted to help one another and by staying in we saved each other’s lives.

Life will be different but that’s not to say it cannot be a happy one and we only have to stay a certain distance from one another until a vaccine has been found for this terrible virus and then we can go back to loving cuddles from the people we


As for myself I will be learning this year more about Asperger’s syndrome and stress related so cases with my CPN and I’m sure I’ll be getting more contact with either a psychiatrist or psychologist until I can get this hypervigilance under control.

I’ll still be doing my things in the garden is a joy and I’ll still be collecting yet with other interest in my life it’s a case of how many hours in the day are there and is there enough for me to get everything I want done until next time we wish everyone well and keep safe

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Mental health are you brave enough to talk

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