Collectibulldogs from England

Lets start by dispelling the myth that here in England it is easy to buy anything bulldog due to the breed being of the English variety, this just is not true and through personal experience I can say more than two thirds of my collection even the English pieces have been sourced the world over and we do not have bulldog figurine shops here.

The closest these days is the modern souvenirs that are sold to tourists and the students that visit each year.

Before the late 1900s most pieces made depicted old blood sports with farmers standing next to bulls with bulldogs hanging and swinging off the poor beast also there were bulldog head shaped celebration cups used by the winners most of these can only be found in the best of collections and museums like the willets collection currently on display currently showing at Brighton museum in Sussex.

England does however have a rich porcelain history from the 1900s from small pottery houses dotted all over the country to the power houses of English pottery like Royal Worcester, Crown Devon Beswick, Royal Doulton and many other worth while makers with most situated in Staffordshire.

The term royal means that the companies in question have or still serve the royal household the same as the term by royal appointment.

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Most of these companies and pottery houses either do not exist anymore or have completely changed their practices and what they make and sell for the modern age yet some factories still put out the occasional piece usually to mark special events, a great period of collecting is from 1900 to around the 50s as the bulldog was used not just as an ornament but for advertising propaganda and just for normal collectors alike and just a heads up Beswick did make bulldog figurines but I j have only counted a few with the sailor by the pond the rarest of the beswicks as for doulton please read my other blog JACK AND DOULTON.

Crown devon have made a few different pieces and even a plate series and wall plaque while others such as crown derby have kept the same shape of one bulldog cast pose and just painted them in different yet striking colours with the green Amari piece being the most striking of them all.

There are hundreds of smaller pottery houses that have had a good go at their own versions of the bulldog and I have a cabinet full of single pieces made by smaller pottery houses like Ansley pottery Lenham pottery coalport and coppercraft to name a few.

If your collecting English bulldogs made in England for investment I would suggest royal Doultons rarer pieces dates 1920 to 1950s and any specialist pieces like goldscielder whilst at Staffordshire, this was a Jewish family that fled the war and made a home in England making ceramics.

I’m lucky to have a piece myself as they did not make many domestic animal figurines and the story behind them helps their pieces gain provenance which is always good in any auction house. Have a go at finding English pieces for yourselves but if you get stuck I could list what I have and you can go from there HAPPY SEARCHING and please share your finds¬† I do lol.