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Below is the bulldog chosen to be the face of the Mack trucks organisation 

One of royal Worcester’s best pieces

Hi there readers other than just wishing you a great day and asking that your safe can I ask if you saw the royal wedding didn’t the now duchess of Sussex look beautiful and HRH the duke of Sussex looked like the cat that caught the cream so I thought I’d combine the English bulldog with AMERICAN history

So in homage to the lovely American Megan and our English Harry’s marriage  I thought I’d put out an article that couldn’t be more AMERICAN if it tried and that’s the old back bone of the USA “ Mack Trucks” the machines that helped build the county our newest Royal member comes from.

Mack trucks American Made

This huge company makes huge trucks or lorries depending where you live, these powerful beautiful haulage machines are stunning to look at and even better than that they use the BULLDOG as their emblem taken from a real dog in the 50s.
America started its Industrial Age and Mack trucks played a massive part in this and onwards so here’s a few of their brilliant early machines to look at and you can see for yourself how any why the truck got its BULLDOG Nickname.

Mack trucks the original bulldog

Mack trucks

Mack trucks on the front line

During World War One the snub nose ruggedness and tenacity of the Mack truck on the battlefields of France earned the truck the nickname the BULLDOG. (Best name ever lol)
This has stuck and has been synonymous with this company ever since, the bulldog emblem on the truck hoods doesn’t look much like a typical bulldog but the design is genius with its truck like look as well as being a bulldog too.

Mack trucks AC model “the bulldog”

Mack trucks

Early vehicles from America

Another ww1 winner actually named the “Bulldog” this comes from the bread making dough boys and English tommies when using this vehicle during the battles that raged across Europe, mass produced this new type of engine meant for the first time ever horses were not needed at front line level delivering soldiers and arms.
Proving so popular this particular model was on the production line for an amazing twenty four years which back then was a record for the motor industry and a win win for the Mack brothers Responsabile for these incredible early get abouts.

Mack trucks fire apparatus

Mack trucks

Mack trucks early fire engines 🚒

The best in the bunch for collectors the emblem to any old fire engines are the rarest pieces to find when it comes to hood emblems even Collectibulldogs is yet to gain one for the collection, the fire apparatus or engine was first built in 1912 and the first was distributed to fire house #99 located in the bronx.
A game changer in them days just think of the countless lives this would of helped to save and no wonder it was a firm favourite and top choice for the fire houses of New York City and as their life count went up so did the publics affection this is still shown today.

Mack trucks Manhattan model 1905

Mack trucks

I know these snippets should be professional but how cute is that little cart

I’ll start by saying in my own words ‘ how cute is that then’ and in my favourite colour, the Manhattan was a seat over engine produced by the Mack brothers in 1905 a small work horse for up and coming retail business owners.
This dinky yet practical Delivery truck was a firm favourite with owners of breweries due to its compact design efficiency and Manoeuvrability as they used this engine to get delivery’s done quicker yet no engine will ever take away the love Americans have with horses the power in which these engines are measured by ie HORSE POWER.

Mack trucks the 1900s sightseers bus

Mack trucks

Mack trucks first bus and model for public use

My favourite for some reason is the Mack Bus which residents of New York City had the pleasure of riding back then, the Bus was first produced to an eager audience in the early 1900s,
As a sight seeing vehicle the Mack Bus could seat up to an amazing fifteen passengers and ran on a for cylinder Mack engine that pumped out an impressive thirty four horse power which was very impressive back in the days of horse back.

Mack trucks helping to build America

Mack trucks

The old American way of life paving the way for the future

A Brit like myself wouldn’t know the many hundreds of truck names now either in America or abroad but I do know even though I’m a bulldog collector there’s something very beautiful about the design of Mack from way back when they first started to the more modern versions.
These early models are what helped build the great nation of America and deserve to be mentioned and remembered as it was people like the Mack brothers that paved the way for easier living with a genius industrial concept.

Mack trucks back to Megan n Harry

Collectibulldogs would like to wish the duke and duchess of Sussex ( where I live) all the very best for the future, your bride looked stunning HRH Prince Harry I hope you both carry on your great work and come and show Sussex some compassion especially around mental health.
On horse back the blues and royals showed the world just how well we do pomp and ceremony and I loved their banter when asked questions as most are the princes friends and saw action with him in conflict.


This article was to pay homage to our American cousins and in celebration of two countries with a beautiful lady who has got what many ladies wish and I guess to Americans it’s like a fairy tale and will empower more women to chase their dreams as I’m sure duchess Megan may of played princess as a youngster but never thought it would ever happen.
Mack trucks have played a massive part in semi modern history from its beginnings before and during WW1 to the modern day where all kinds of brilliantly designed Mack trucks are used, and this trucking and truck making organisation chose the best emblem ever THE ENGLISHBULLDOG
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