with bulldog judge Lorraine Watkins would like to introduce miss Lorraine Watkins

Hi Lorraine Watkins would like to thank you for doing this Q/A online interview with us it’s brilliant to get a bulldog judge to fire questions at you do not have to answer any questions you feel are to intrusive but our readers would enjoy as much information presented as possible so let’s start. so let’s get started knows that SHIPSHAPE is OCOBO we do our homework

Q Lorraine your a shower a breeder and I also believe you’ve not only won prestigious awards with your bulldogs but you’ve also had the privilege of judging at a high level let’s start at the beginning and you tell us how you first started.
Aanswer to question 1. My grandparents had bulldogs since the late 1930s. I had my first bulldog to show in 1976, a son of the well known golden nugget. I showed this dog for 3/4 years, as I left home at 19 I decided to get a different breed and I owned and showed newfoundlands for many years before having children. I judged Newfoundlands for the first time in 1984. my youngest son developed an obsession with bulldogs , he could be a bit of a handful, so we started collecting points for good behaviour, the reward for achieving this was his long wanted first bulldog. In no time I got the bulldog bug again. I gained my affix in 1985. I have kept my affix since then. I judged bulldogs for the first time in 2011, I should be able to apply to give ccs around june 2019.

Your with Lorraine Watkins at

Q Collectibulldogs would like to ask how long have you been breeding why you continue this passion and what benefits are there from breeding your own Bulldogs, we do not need to know costs etc just an outline of why would be fine. (we don’t wish to pry where we should not tread)
A  answer question 2 I bred my first litter of bulldogs 9 nine years ago, I wasn’t in a rush to start and I haven’t bred too many litters. I breed to keep something for myself. im lucky to be in touch with everybody that has bought puppies from me. the passion is to breed bulldogs that prove they can be fit and healthy and still adhere to the kennel club standard. there. I have enormous pride in my dogs, both in and out of the ring. I have bred winning dogs in the ring , and, the first fly ball competition bulldog. I am equally as proud of Lucky as I am of anything else my dogs have achieved. My greatest achievement is that around the rings, in UK and Europe my dogs are known for their beautiful temperaments.


Q Showing your bulldogs must bring immense joy to you how many of your own bulldogs have walked away with awards where is your favourite show and please tell us if your ever asked to either show or train another bulldog for show purposes.
A I have shown around 10 bulldogs. 1 is a uk champion, 1 has 2 ccs and res cc at crufts 2018, another has 2 rccs. ! is an international champion, he was also junior world winner 2014 and Benelux champion. 1 has cacs in Belgium. My champion bitch was top bitch and top puppy in 2014. my favourite show was the British Bulldog Club open show with puppy competition when it was at Tollerton, a great day out. I haven’t personally trained bulldogs to do anything else, but im working on it !! chit chatting

Q This question maybe tricky Lorraine, we’ve known each other for a few years now but I have to ask which bulldog A has been your all time favourite for show I know you’ve had a few ! And which Bulldog has been the one to melt your heart the most as a pet at home #Interesting.
A I dont really have favourites, im very proud of ch ocobo heartbreaker at shipshape. At home they all melt my heart. William and maurice are very beautiful characters. The boys are so very loving.
Q This Question is two parts Lorraine and everyone will understand as they read, firstly could you kindly explain the process of breeding from sire choice to whelping no mention of costs needed unless you wish to specify, Breeding bulldogs comes as a bit of an art form and I wish my readers to know the process.

A Breeding bulldogs is an art with a bit of good luck thrown in.  I look for a Male that i like, i then look at his progeny, then compare pedigrees, if choosing a sire that adheres to the breed standard he should be healthy, but its important to look at health tests too. Youre lucky to find a dog that meets all your requirements and compliments your bitch.

After a mating has taken place then comes the wait.if your bitch is in whelp you start to worry about everything.  Im a big believer in a trying to self whelp, fingers crossed mine often do.  If a c section is needed it is a stressful time and a good vet that does 24 hour cover is essential.
In uk stud costs are £500 _£800 , the cost of a c section is £500 – £1400 dependant on vet and time. On average the costs of rearing a litter  ith section ) is around £2500. Well worth it as soon as your puppies arrive safely. continued

Q The second part to the question above and please be brutally honest here Lorraine as your advice could well change someone’s mind from making the wrong choices so the question is what advice would you give those that see beautiful bulldogs and want to start breeding theirselves.
A  To all ! the new laws are a massive subject now, unfortunately some hobby breeders may give up , but in reality, we will all have to have licences. , declare our income and expenditure and be prepared to pay tax if applicable. Im not certain that it will stop the really bad breeders, my concern is that they will always find a way round it. It may be difficult for some genuine breeders in rented accomadation etc. It will difficult to police and take a long time to get all breeders licenced. I have applied for a licence although under current laws I don’t need one, I want to be prepared for October. I will still have to reapply next year as licences currently run 31st dec to 31st dec. I have been an assured breeder since the scheme started and have been inspected regularly by the KC
Please note Lorraine Watkins is a certified breeder and any comments to this article I will pass on BUT any questions regarding your bulldogs health or in a crisis please contact your local vet or rescue centre for help.

On a serious note ship shape adheres to all rules regulations and has all certifications needed to show as well as judge


Just another day at the office

Q This question maybe non-conducive due to you being a seasoned performer in the brilliant world of bulldog land do you still have a dream or achievement your aiming for or without coming across as brash do you feel you’ve accomplished all you’ve ever set out to do.
A there’s always more to accomplish just like you here I hope for longevity in my bulldog career know ones knows the future but I do not intend to stop anytime soon, I may slow down as we all do, can I say I hope Collectibulldogs stays around your website is truly wonderful ave.

Lorraine loves wiggles ❤️



Q Just like our 174 thousand followers on twitter, Lorraine you take a keen interest in our rescued bulldog wiggles partly due to the fact she’s OCOBO which I believe is in your breeds genes too, we’ve had wiggles now for three years can you tell the readers your thoughts on wiggles and what Collectibulldogs has done with her. Ie the furry CEO of the worlds best website.
A  I have an interest in wiggles, Im so glad I could help you find another once you were ready it was tragic that Scruffy Louise crossed over the rainbow bridge but look at the legacy she’s left behind. seeing wiggles her life now, and the effect that she has on your family is beautiful.Its great that she her own TWITTER page and that she helps you with your collectibulldogs webpage. She does have Ocobo lines and a lot of my dogs too, I like this type of bulldog. PLEASE NOTE WIGGLES IS NOT OVER WEIGHT SHES OF OCOBO blood lines ave says some out there fat bash wiggles.

Collectibulldogs as a website your thoughts please


Collectibulldogs thanks you we seem to be doing ok it’s easy when your one of a kind

Q I have to ask this now I’ve opened the modestly chest, can you also tell our readers what you think of the idea to take a small collection put it online for all to see, blog about the niche and the fact there’s a website different to what we class as the norm, you can be as honest as you like all critic is taken on board.
A I think your idea of your collection is fantastic. I wonder how and where you find the beautiful treasures. It must be a full time vocation with the blog too. Very best of luck with it.

Even top bulldog judges collect a piece or two

Q Lorraine in my cabinets I have thousands of collectibles pieces all relating to the bulldog breed, have you any collectibles or have you ever collected ? And whilst on the subject would you kindly divulge what you do have in your display cabinet maybe just one or two of your favourite show pieces.
A  I have 3 favourites bulldog things, 2 beautiful figures given to me by a very dear friend, a lovely bronze from the same friend, two pictures I won from an auction at a show,

eBay Etsy ruby lane but has the knowledge

Q Do you have information you can give our budding collectors on where and how they might find old show memorabilia to add to their collections trophies medals even rosettes are all seen as collectibles but most winners and rightly so keep what they win but it’s worth asking.
A  the only place to look for collectables is on your webpage, so many things in one place !!

Thank you Lorraine from

Thank you Lorraine you’ve been a star your answers have been interesting as well as intriguing and informative which I hope my readers appreciate I’ll leave the last answer for you to leave a message a quote anything you wish to say.
if anybody has any questions on health or education, the breed council website will answer most of your questions or give you the name of someone that can help you.

We know each other and have done for a few years now Lorraine so I know how busy you tend to get, a face to face interview would of been much better but as we live so far away from each other I think this will  suffice for the readers and I hope you did not mind the intrusion too much.

Remember you can have your say on wether a breeder judge collector or otherwise we welcome the content and a record being added to our blog archives, if you have a story want to talk about your dog event or antique just get in touch, stay safe and happy collecting.

From raising them from pups to hitting the show ring I love them and the passion that they give me





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