Lockdown beating boredom mental well-being

Lockdown beating boredom mental well-being

Lockdown beating boredom mental well-being Covid 19

Hi readers, how are you ? I was going to be pushing out another blog and one by Wynne but the Lockdown beating boredom mental well-being seems more important now, as someone whom thrived on social isolation I’m hoping to help out where I can


Firstly not everyone has mental health issues (yet) but if you cannot beat boredom it gives you brain ache this goes for the majority, uk government’s guidelines are we can go for one exercise segment per day but that’s not enough to keep the synapse going.


So three weeks of Lockdown beating boredom mental well-being is just as important as physical exercise and most will feel their tolerance level decrease as the days go on but you can be strong.


The best persons to ask about weeks months even years of isolation are the mentally ill as it’s lived by us on a daily basis, I do feel for those getting ready for what will be a hard time yet to many like me it’s how we live anyway.

Lockdown beating boredom mental well-being Don’t be sad !

Lockdown beating boredom mental well-being

We all need to do our bit. Lockdown UK 2020

Firstly keep your chin up a positive mind really helps and if your doing everything right to look after yourself and those around you hygienically then it’s more a fight with your own selves and patience coming up.


Brains can be our own worst enemies especially and if you don’t keep yours and those around you stimulated then pessimism a passive lack of respect and a sense of “what’s the point” sets in this goes from anything from Hygiene and not eating to depression setting in (for most this would take more than 3 weeks to manifest) yet many have hidden underlined mental Health issues.

To beat the lockdown either by yourself or with others can be a fun time a time to bond or a time to get to know yourself better ! I myself will now not see a CPN for three months so will definitely be adhering to my own assessment and ideas as I to have myself and a family to look after.


Before any ideas are bought forward I’m hoping each of your countries has its own lockdown policy that’s being heard and your doing your bit not to spread more of the Covid 19 virus and become one of us, I’m joking of course but three weeks in lockdown is not so funny.

A schedule or routine

Lockdown beating boredom mental well-being


Wether your self isolating or in a family style lockdown you can either go two ways the first is treat the outbreak like the summer holidays but on a scale you’ve never been used to before.


Get the pen and paper out as ideas to maintain this lifestyle are harder so it depends on how you parent or if you live alone can you learn to live with a routine that both keeps you safe and away from boredom if so start jotting these down before you forget.


a routine for both adults and children is the second suggestion ! a more structured day can sound boring to both adults and children alike but a chore a game even eating and sleeping at a set time would see the lockdown go faster


No matter what you choose we are all in the same boat so whichever path is easier to any individual parents or someone that may be living on their own there is of course no judgement as these are unprecedented times that we are going through.

Mental health

Lockdown beating boredom mental well-being

No worries about getting bored here as we bring up our second daughter

There has been scary stories from China that a mass mental health challenge has started now the pandemic is under control please understand these persons ill or not have been on lockdown for over three months we are urged to do three weeks.


If you feel your mental capacity is changing there are emergency numbers to call but hopefully most will just see this as an extended holiday and I don’t say that bluntly it’s best to think this way as it stops bad habits like panic shopping.


To keep a healthy mind it’s all about keeping the synapsis going as well as eating healthily and giving your body the right amount of exercise, by becoming stressed or anxious you put your body into a semi fight or flight situation and this can soon escalate And we don’t want that

New home new start better mental health

Lockdown is much easier running around after a diva


Keep your brain active daily there’s lots online in light of what’s going on you now have the time to catch up with passed procrastinations you have time now to really bond with your families and enjoy them as we watch fatefully as others lose theirs

Mental health brain boosting ideas

Our brain loves to be distracted and when this happens you’ll notice that time goes faster if you live alone or with your loved ones challenge yourself and of course their minds daily ! A board game a family fun computer game even reading together loses it’s embarrassing part after first two mins


If your alone and wondering how to spend three weeks first of all there’s the internet the YouTube channel and formats like Facebook that have mini games, phones pads these can have apps you may like that could distract you or !

Ever thought of creating something wonderful NOWS THE TIME ! As an ex carpenter myself I enjoy carpentry so during our family isolation time I’ll be making little bird feeders and creating hedgehog huts.


Ive had years of not trusting anyone to the point I’ve been in social Isolation for years and found myself a new world I started collecting the bulldogs you see on this website that’s 12 years of total commitment to just English bulldog memorabilia


Im not saying you need to start a bulldog collection you can do whatever you like yet there lies the crutch of the matter ! You need to be doing something and enjoying it too, sometimes I use my VR quest I also use my drone and my 3-D printers as well as this collectibulldogs so plenty of distraction


in times of crisis sometimes we look back for some of the answers facing us this could be in the shape of a book even if you’re more modern and prefer a kindle it’s still a way of keeping yourself cognitively safe and also enjoying a good read.


as stated before we are all in this together and if you feel that you are alone you can contact us direct here at COLLECTIBULLDOGS where we are happy to email back and forth share phone numbers and maybe have a chat ask@collectibulldogs.com or I’ll leave a form when finished.

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Art Drawing Carving even leather tanning THE SKIES THE LIMIT if you think there’s no stopping you from trying something new something different and if it’s not for you just move on to your next big distraction technique idea and move forward.

It’s all Family fun !

This segment obviously depends on the age of your children that’s not to say mental illness has a part to play in younger children yet it is evident that a big proportion of teenagers have mental health challenges and need help to be safe guarded.


By keeping your family in a constant state of IN THE KNOW followed by compromise and a solid airtight agreement regarding house rules regulations, home schooling and activities based around the dynamic of each household.


don’t be discouraged by the lack of ideas in your own mind you children will know what they like to do then it’s up to you to regulate this as well as add in some learning time as well as bonding time but sticking to that all-important daily routine.


if like us you have an age gap family then maybe use the time for bonding to help bridge that gap between what seems like to generations of the same person (our daughters), there’s no end to family fun from giggles on the sofa to in-depth conversations and snippets into one another’s lives that seem to be much more constructive than spending poor time alone on social media.

Indoors or out

Not wishing to get into the argument about housing space tenancies and gardens it is seen as unfair that many will be going through isolation and nothing more than a bedsit whilst others at least have the luxury of some outside space keep in mind we are allowed out for exercise in family units or in groups Two or less


If your lucky to have outside spaces isn’t time that tent finally went up or the BBQ from three years previous was brought back out, cor if I were allowed I’d be outside in my back-garden 24 / 7 I’d like to teach my daughter as she grows but at three months old that’s a while to go still.


Advocating the fact you’re staying in is just as easy as saying put a tent up outside as someone who has been inside for years now it’s not something I will call isolation I do understand in my case it’s mental health related and I socially isolate myself at the need to feel safe.


I have believed that this isolation has stopped me from getting such things as influenza before and keep me out of the range of other bugs and viruses so maybe this idea of being indoors keeping our germs to ourselves is one way to prevent more deaths coming.

Do you feel vulnerable!

Are you of a mental or physical disability and fear you’ll be passed by if your in the UK then dial the non emergency number or any case worker dealing with your care plan and gain assistance through that avenue


loneliness can hurt just as much as any slap around the face if you’re on your own feeling down and just want to chat then we have our own phone number on the website I’m afraid we are only English speaking and you need to dial +44 to reach the UK nothing gets recorded and we can chat about anything that’s relevant in your life or if you wish to ask me any questions.


There is also the Samaritans if you don’t wish to talk to myself these are a good port of call when feeling very vulnerable please check your own countries to see if you have similar help or hotlines to call when in a crisis.there is also the Samaritans if you don’t wish to talk to myself these are a good port of call when feeling very vulnerable please check your own countries to see if you have similar help or hotlines to call when in a crisis


Remember it’s a pandemic it’s not the fault of any one person and that the world throws us curve balls sometimes ! If your Covid safe and stowed yourself away then good for you and let your neighbors know the random acts of kindness haven’t been so prolific since the Second World War.

Lockdown beating boredom mental well-being Can you contribute!

Lockdown beating boredom mental well-being

Brilliant quote I think

Panic buying has left many without essentially anything worth putting into their trolleys and now is the time to get generous with those tins you were saving for the churches harvest festival! You know the ones those tins and jams lol


If you have social media you’ll find groups in your local area especially on Facebook these are great as they are set up and designed to help those elderly vulnerable and those with disabilities that struggle to live day by day as it is


My darling wife has advertised her baby formula and baby wipes ! I have OCD and started buying when the baby was announced and didn’t stop so there’s a lot of stage 1 and 2 formula here all ready to go to that next hungry baby.


many families in the UK go years without getting to know their neighbors and if your one of these I urge you just to let someone know your having to self isolate and see the kindness come forward we can all be kinder at 2 meters further away surely.

(Breath) (count to ten) (walk away) !

Lockdown beating boredom mental well-being

Be the bigger person and walk away from domestic conflict

Sad but a truth not only will domestically abused persons now be stuck at home a victim of their so called loved one living in total fear there will be a rise of new cases as not all will be able to handle the stresses BUT


Collectibulldogs would like to reach out to those with a short fuse those that hold grudges for ages and anyone whom let’s their temper rule their existence, if in any situation please walk away and de fuse as it’s the stress of the lockdown not the fact you want to be destructive.


Grief loss fear it’s already taken a grip of our lives and those we love, we prepare for what can only be uncertain times ahead in the nearer future and beyond that who knows let’s cross that bridge when it gets nearer


So in summery please be kind to each other use forgiving and forgetting and also remember things are said when people are stressed out tired or fed up but that doesn’t mean the person across from you doesn’t love you any less it just may mean they need a cuddle.


We have been at goldstone place For two months now I’ve been on temporary lockdown since we moved but not out of choice, as my next article will explain I’ve been so busy I’ve not had time to do anything as relaxing as writing an article.

From Porscha un doing all my hard work repeatedly to the flat looking much more bulldog now my life has changed beyond compare, with the current Covid outbreak we are not collecting but do have newer pieces to show.

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