Let’s ask debs

Debbie and Wiggles my ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Debs and Wiggles my ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Good day folks I hope your well and safe, I thought it would be interesting to get a fresh prospective from my wife Debs after her last post, as my girls knowledge of the collection is limited, I thought I would ask some questions and debs could answer them so asked debs the following questions:

  1. What are your thoughts on the collection
  2. Do you have any favs or pieces you do not like
  3. Has your view changed at all since I started all this
  4. As a long suffering wife to a collector do you have any advice to other collectors spouses
  5. Finally what are your views on bulldogs in general maybe how you get on with wiggles

Debbies responses

  1. The collection is a good hobby for my hubby,takes his mind off a lot of things.There are different pieces from all over the world not just ornaments but pictures,plates,novelty items and pieces I have not even heard of yet eiffions head is full of knowledge regarding he’s passion for which THE GIRLS as he calls us are immensely proud of what he has achieved from day one right up to this year where others have finally taken notice of Eiffion and he’s collection.
    Eiffion still gets frustrated and sometimes angry with himself when he cannot figure out computer stuff but over the years I have seen a massive change and for the better…
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  2. My favourite piece is the Amari piece..It is my favourite because of the floral design.It is also has a cute face.Its not plain,it’s just decorated enough to give it a lovely design I do have a few others but this one really captures my eye.
    I did get annoyed when writing this as I had asked Eiffion to add a picture and this is not possible becouse he swapped it on with another collector but for anyone wanting to know it’s the green and gold seated bulldogs made by royal crown Derby. He says he can obtain another one but I’m still waiting till this day.
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  3. Yes I’m much more supportive now I see the bigger picture I just wish we had more room for them. The collection has grown immensely over the last couple of years.
    It was started for our daughter and I know she will appreciate it all when she’s older. I wish we had a spare room for the collection to be in, that way I’m not losing more space in my front room with him hinting at me for just the one more cabinet WE HAVE NO ROOM!!!

    Back then
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    The collection has grown
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  4. Make sure you have plenty of room,best to use display cabinets with doors to protect the pieces,try and remember each piece you have and a description of it.
    Try and buy perfect non broken pieces as Eiffion has mentioned it’s these unspoilt pieces that are what high end collectors will be wanting if and when they are sold and I would also say do not get roped into cleaning the silver it takes hours.
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    Me and wiggles

    My Wiggles

    My Wiggles

  5. Bulldogs are cute, stubborn, very lazy, child like, likes any food etc and my heart is now drawn to this breed they give you a sense of purpose and responsibility I’ve not found in other breeds we have had in the past. I
    feel like we learned a lot having Scruffy Louise which has made taking on Wiggles seem easier as we have had that past experience to draw upon when needed and after seeing a beautiful puppy this past week, I would love another but we cannot as its not fair on Wiggles that enjoys just her own company.
    I find Wiggles easy to manage at times,walks side by side off the lead.Shes too heavy to lift on the bed but that’s ok and I’m proud of getting her to change her toilet habits without training, poor Eiffion she really is a ladies bulldog.

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Firstly thank you for reading my bloggy thing it’s not as weird jotting something down as I first thought, I want to ask those that see my eiffions dream and his passion to show your support by engaging in his social media sharing liking and generally helping him to get his website established.

Eiffion pays for his site and only wants others to see and be inspired which shows me he’s heart is big I just don’t like seeing him down when he feels he’s doing all this on he’s own. To you people out there that do engage help and encourage Eiffion’s venture I thank you on behalf of Eiffion, Wiggles and of course his GIRLS!!!

Thank you

Thank you very much Debs I’ve only been asking for the past two months lol, I would like to end by saying I really wish to thank Debbie sincerely for putting up with me my illness and the collection that’s slowly in golfing our apartment.

I believe I wouldn’t be half the man I am today without the support of this wonderful generous person that for some reason loves me even though I drive her mad!!!

To all I hope you had a nice bank holiday and till next time happy collecting


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