Glass and Chrystal bulldog selection

Glass and Crystal bulldog selection

Glass bulldogs

Howdy folks and I hope all is well with you all and safe and sound wherever you are, after my last blog was a bit down beat with more pouring out of my stresses with website fiascos I thought it would be nice to write a refreshing blog and show case some of the glass bulldogs we have here at Collectibulldogs.

Some of the pieces I’m showing will have a comical look and others are a really good attempt at re creating one of the hardest breeds using this material, Collectibulldogs has been turned down by many an artist as they find it difficult to get right and don’t wish to keep trying as its a waste of their time.

The pieces I’m showing are a mixture of real attempts comical and quirky pieces made from glass and or Crystal and even a piece of folk art or two.

Glass itself is as old as time well not quite but it does back a far bit and one element of glass is sand and if you go back to where sand comes from its amazing how it all comes together to give you a beautiful yet fragile material in which to use in everyday life.

Collectibulldogs has many a glass collectible but I thought I would show the figurines we have here first.

Lemon squeezer face

Lemon squeezer face

Custom made bulldog USA

This first piece was obtained as part of a part exchange deal with a collector friend of mine I had seen this a few years before on google images and I loved it straight away I wasn’t in a position back then to even think about buying it too.

The bad news I have to say is that my piece even though amazing didn’t resemble the bulldog I had seen and if you look closely the bulldogs face looks more like a lemon squeezer than of a true bulldog.

When you have an expensive commission it’s a good idea to stay in touch with your artist at all times if I had of done this I would not of excepted the quality for the price paid.

Despite that the piece comes from a top maker in the states that often get to commission pieces for corporate companies and top presentations.

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Custom made on offs

As I mentioned earlier there’s lots of glass artists and blowers that would not take a commission to do a bulldog and the next two are a perfect example of this and artists trying but not managing to get it just right.

One piece the artist whom made it really tried and even though both good attempts you can see where one has the edge over the other in its shape and detail.

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Crystal baccarat antique bulldog. Playful pose.

Baccarat bulldog figurine signature

Baccarat bulldog figurine signature

Many top makers and names can come to mind when we chat about glass and this next bulldog collectible is amongst the best like Lalique and Marano and also one of the best playful poses I’ve seen in any of my figurines.

This fella is made by Baccarat a top French name for glass/Crystal pieces and is double signed, some are triple signed but I haven’t found artists name or signature yet.

This piece has been popular when shown about on social media and you can really see such appeal in a simply formed shape.

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English glass maker Neil Harris glass works

Neil Harris UK

Neil Harris UK

These next piece are by Neil Harris from the UK and some of the best glass pieces in the collection, firstly is the small clear bulldog on a glass stand each one a custom made piece.

I did try to get more of this artists pieces out through my Facebook group yet they didn’t seem to bite lol.

Neil is an accomplished artist and gives anything a go and I would say one of the best so far.

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Custom made glass Jewellery

Also Coming from Neil Harris too are these custom made bulldog pieces one being a pin/brooch the other a glass pendant, both are made I believe by pressing different coloured pieces of hot glass together to get the desired feature.

I love the opalescent colours that can be found by turning the pieces in sun light. Neil can be found on Google, his prices will surprise you and if you mention that you know that annoying bulldog guy you might even get free shipping nudge wink lol.

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Glass bulldog cigar trays nice pair

Glass bulldog cigar tray

Glass bulldog cigar tray

A bit of fun I see when I look at these I do think they look great as a pair too and they always remind me of Cinderella’s glass slipper from the fairy tale, they are of course that dirty word ashtrays but these days in the collectors world we prefer pin dishes or BonBon dishes this sounds cleaner and also recycles the piece from its original out of date use.

I don’t seek out ashtrays with bulldogs on there are so many and I don’t see them as investable, unless petite and used for old fashioned dressers from the Art Deco period I chose these looked well made and different from your run of the mill tray round bland and dipped all the way round, these I think would of been for filter holder smokers or for cigars. (Collectibulldogs does not condone smoking in any form please don’t start and if you do please try quitting).

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The dog and the frog

Yes yes yes I know Ave, isn’t that a French bulldog you have there and Ave your collection clearly states English bulldog collectibles.

I know I know but look this piece was on eBay and for such a long time I actually felt sorry for it and the person trying to sell it and as I had seen too that were living on there I bet the other is still there sitting waiting for a new owner.

This piece could be classed as folk art, a study piece from an art student a touristy piece and even a one off.

The slate used as the base is signed and I’m sure it’s of French Origin it would be amazing if it came from an artist soon to be recognised and if you know the name please write in or comment thank you.

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Cute and fun mini glass bulldogs. Gold tipped

From countries such as Russia and China come these little glass collectibles, as a serious collector I now see these as little comical pieces but proves we all start out somewhere and I must of too to own a few.

These pieces are not Murano as some sellers may have you believe and are mass produced and put out on the open market for sale with the appeal that the pieces are dipped in 22 carot gold.

You cannot go wrong when starting out by collecting these and others it will teach those that research their pieces about more the ups and downs of collecting glass pieces and with time you will end up with better more investable pieces and as I always say research is key if you want your collection to grow in investment as well as size.

Please note it does not hurt to contact your local glass blower and ask if they would try and attempt a piece.

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Vintage sweet container from the USA

Now when I was a child we could by such wonders as sweet dispensers colourful bubble gums and other assorted favourites from the local sweet shop with hard earned pocket money but we never had anything like this.

A sweet container from the USA in the form of a seated dog (would need actual confirmation it’s modelled on a bulldog).

The sweets would come out of the bottom but not to sure to what sweets they were and I’m thinking little candy balls, I would say this piece is vintage as its made from glass and many companies these days use the cheaper form which is plastic.

A big example of using plastic as a cheaper alternative was the change in the soft drinks market.

I have a special version of one of these bottles which I will add in my next glass pieces blog.

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Quality glass bulldog paperweight Pelham glass works UK

From the Pelham glass studios comes this large and heavy glass bulldog, at first glance he looks comical where the face is out of proportion and they didn’t really give the feet much detail, but if looked at closely you can see a beautiful array of colours somehow mashed into the piece itself.

These are sold as paper weights and the company is famous for those but as he has feet and not a flat semicircle shape, I’m classing him as a glass figurine even if his face looks more like a hedgehogs lol.

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So those are the main glass bulldog pieces here at Collectibulldogs I think I have more I would need to have a look and add to next blog with my other glass collectibles, my opinion on collecting glass bulldogs is always try for one offs and get them signed.

These do not fetch lots in auction and if anything are just amazing to look at and a great piece to catches ones eye upon.

Until next time happy collecting folks!

Please share any blogs you feel I have done a good job with please.

Thank you and check out the collection if may just surprise you