Kitten proofing the Collectibulldogs collection


Hi Readers how are you all doing I’m really hoping lots of visitors have checked out our Harry Redknapp article it was beautiful to see him with his bulldogs today we are talking Kitten proofing the collection I’ll save other relatable content and add on later buy for now it’s about Coo Coos the kitten and my precious collection.


Please Don’t ask me how I quite manage to do the Job of two people when it comes to moving things but long story short for now our collection is now in our bedroom and our daughter has our old room finally making the front room well a proper front room now !


Kitten proofing the Collectibulldogs collection HOW ?


I think it should of been Just our first cat Bonnie, but we wouldnt be without her now, like all kittens Coo Coos does not know her limits and trouble is insured either in the form of the cats playing rough or the Kitten using the apartment for a race track, this has already had her puncture us with her claws many times.


At first i couldnt notice Coo Coos then as her eyes glistened I realised she was ONLY LAYING BEHIND MY BULLDOGS! Now startling her could of cost me a few thousand pounds in ceramic wonders so I slowly went over I stroked her like nothing was up, I moved two pieces and then whipped the kitten out of her newest vantage point.


Even I hide when the felines arecon form


Kitten proofing the Collection


Laminated plastic fools kitten


So to Kitten Proof the cabinets we’ve used a combination of velcro clear plastic and pins, the challenge really was to keep Coo Coos from either getting her paws through or herself so we got plastic and covered each of the cabinets, yes it does work and eventually all the kitten does is sometimes see it’s own reflection.


With the collection as big as a ready made business (quoted by Brighton museums debbi Bennett) I was not fond of a second cat she’s absolutely lovely very affectionate but not ideal when pottery worth thousands sits just a few CMs from each shelf edge, after doing all this it dawned on us that Coo Coos stopped nearly  immediately after, I believe Bonnie our other cat taught her a few things.


Cat teaches kitten right and wrong


Sleek enough to fit on the shelf


It’s so true we’ve been studying both our cat Bonnie and how she acts around the kitten, when there’s trouble afoot and Bonnie knows it she guides Coo Coos out of whatever room she’s in and chaperones her back to my daughters bedroom, she’s also been seen swiping the kitten after getting caught pinching off human dinner plates.


Bonnie has been with us years now she was at the old home where we had different displays everything was in its place from the Royal Doulton Bulldog pieces right through to all our other segments Bonnie knew where to tread and grew a mutual respect with me, I think she’s teaching the same lesson to the Kitten “Coo Coos Leave his stuff alone”, the plastic is not to bad but does need to come down.


There’s just so much now wowza


Forget the kitten I need a lady’s touch to get display back on top


When we moved the apartment size certainly didn’t move with us and I’m left with a partially complete displayed collection and boxes with pieces in that I’ve not seen in ages, I do not mean to sound sexist when I say the collection needs a ladies touch and I don’t mean that furry little lady Coo Coos.


Shes so so cute I just need to complete the patience stage ! She will calm down and there’s steps to insure she’s not left in that room alone at all until she’s old enough to respect my space, back to the ladies touch it may not look like it in the pictures but the collection certainly needs a better eye than I, this way things get put away and even some things re found.


Dreams !


All the what onlys and what Ifs and what buts, I’m never going to get the chance to open a museum that’s why it’s called a dream, no matter how much I protect my collection from the evil forces of the cat I’m never going to get the chance to open a real set of doors where real people come and learn from my real objects, dreams dreams dreams.


Lastly please


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Do you own a cat cat or kitten and wish to tell us about them then just reach out and we’ll get to working together on some cracking original content just like this one ☝️ here, Coo Coos is four months now maybe the hardest part is behind us and once she’s been done she’ll settle down much more and act more linked her master Bonnie.

Addict cat getting a dreamies fix

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