What an amazing day JUST THANK YOU !

Just thank you

Just thank you To my wife the best in the world !

Hi readers I hope that you are well JUST THANK YOU ! Collectibulldogs has not had the best year nor myself personally so today I’d like to say a massive thank you to my wife Debbie

Just thank you

Just ! thank you For marrying me #StunningWife


As stated it’s been a tough year losing wiggles was hard enough but then collapsing the collection down into crates really took it out of me ! With nothing to blog about until the new website relaunch I’ve become a little bit miserable


As it’s our first wedding anniversary today JUST THANK YOU ! doesn’t really cut the mustard my wife is a brilliant caring beautiful lady and I do wake up grateful that she married this messed up mind lol.

With just ten weeks to go until the birth of our baby girl I’ll be thanking my wife all over again it’s 17 years since our last child (a big gap) but to us it’s a dream come true, we had plans to see some of the world but parenting trumps all else.

Just ! thank you

A day I’ll never forget xx



My wife made a fantastic mum the first time round she’s excepting of my crazy hobby and even encourages me to continue when I feel like this it’s not worth it anymore, she picks me up when I drag my feet and most importantly she knows my disorder so can handle my change in personality.

JUST THANK YOU ! As well for all the gadgets that have come back and forth yes my luck has been bad when it comes to choosing some tech and my poor wife deals with the returns the refunds and my tantrums when I cannot level my 3D printer.

Just ! Thank you

It was a beautiful evening with all the trimmings

Just ! Thank you

Just ! Thank you To two special ladies for making this look amazing

although the marriage was just a year ago we have been together for twenty four years so there’s tonnes to be thankful for I just wanted to acknowledge that I took my vowels seriously and as sick as some may feel I love my wife to pieces.


Gary O’Sullivan maybe our boxer endorsement but it’s me that felt on my wedding day that I was punching above my weight I had seen my gorgeous other half dolled up for a night out but the day we got married WOW WEE jaw on the floor and eyes popping out.


Just ! Thank you

When ya best friend turns out to be your dream wife !


She is beautiful in and out but as a normal day to day couple seeing each other making maximum effort showed we both made the right decision, I did feel dapper that day but I also had a couple of jack Daniel’s (always drink responsibly) so even though I have issues I felt I carried myself quite well.


We still have not had a honeymoon it’s a case of my wife’s parents being too ill and my stunning lady Shares her time and care going between her parents to see her mum and then off to the nursing home to see a dad whom cannot even remember her.

Reminding Folks my wife is a diabetic high risk prem mother I think what she accomplishes daily makes her superwoman yes she cannot do some things but to still get up and down 5 flights of steep stairs daily and continue as normal is admirable 👍

Just ! Thank you

I’m waiting patiently to play with my new sister


This caring nature is why as a teenager I stayed with my now new wife I met her at a party one night I do not think I left after and the rest is history as they say, we did struggle (all relationships do) but when we had our first child we knew it was time to grow up.

Dreams do come true !

So when your already a parent in the UK you cannot try for more Children without financial  support and also when your graced with a child your just thankful for him or her and that’s how we lived for seventeen years.

The smile you see in our wedding pictures on my wife’s face is exactly the same smile I got the morning I was woken with what was a ladies pregnancy test ! Surprised you bet happy and shocked OH YES, after a high five and cuddle we were both still in blissful shock.

Just ! Thank you

Our babies stock we are ready for this

A model mother to be we have been to all appointments no matter how early we’ve sorted out a girls name and now it’s time for my wife’s next dream to come true, for me it’s worries I’ve just had with my first daughter but I’m learning not to worry about things out of my control.


SIENNA ! It’s a town in Italy and I think the name has something to do with the towns colour I’m sure there’s older dialect for this name and I did not have a say in my second daughters name I’d named our first DRATS (joking) to me sienna means joy as that’s what she’s brought to this dreamer.

The year where has it gone

Create your own Bulldog Christmas

We really hope our designer shows he’s worth !

Unfortunately Im unable to say the year went quick due to fun times it’s been that dire Karma was right in giving us the opportunity to be parents again I’ve been fighting my disorders more independently and my wife’s been to and throw her parents.

After losing wiggles and becoming pregnant the house is now inadequate for our families needs so we need to find bigger accommodation other than that we’ve taken everything this year has had to chuck at us and still standing STRONGER together.


Being there at my lowest my wife has been a tower of strength she picked me up from the embarrassment of Twitter taking away our page over a wiggles post, she’s been there when Brighton museum started to back off with their ideas and help.


Most importantly she’s just been there it doesn’t matter wether it’s a late website, the fact I’ve just only admitted to needing help, even dad worries have been settled by just chatting it through, I have leaned on my wife a little this year so it’s turn around time as we go into 2020




With the hope of a healthy baby a new apartment on the horizon and the website up and running, it’s not easy saying when my wife will give birth it’s just plain embarrassing when your designer takes three months before he starts your project.


2020 Will be busy I’ll be juggling the baby the website and it’s new features the 3D printing venture and the start of branding ourselves, collectibulldogs can pay for itself with the right advertising but it’s early days HOPEFULLY THE WEBSITE GETS HERE BEFORE SIENNA LOL,


Lastly Debbie ❤️

My wife is stunning caring and Cannot wait time become the mum she’s dreamed of for years now and I’m so happy for her but for us all too if our other daughter is any person to go by then we have a second winner.


I cannot promise that next year will be trouble free I can promise I’ll learn from any mistakes made this year and try to be a better husband (do more chores meant!) and I’m sure the first six months will fly by for the right reasons.


we can celebrate a normal birth together after then it’s more celebrations right up until March, with the website back up and doing well there will be less pressure and more of those cracking smiles.

JUST THANK YOU ! Is the title of the article but I couldn’t find the actual words to show my ❤️, we deserve good things so here’s to a better 2020 as we grow stronger together and face our first year as middle aged parents (playground stares lol) I’m just jesting it’s worth it


wedding day to share with the world is an article I wrote about a year ago It makes me feel I don’t write a lot but there’s nearly 400 articles written so far # Random

Create your own Bulldog Christmas we are offering a cheaper alternative to Danbury mint and other makes yes it’s taking time but 3D printing is a technical art form I wished my printer just printed everything I asked it too !

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