Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie Our latest creations

Hi readers I hope all are well and good out there Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie ! This article focuses on our attempts to create free website giveaways using the format of 3D printing.

the main showcased subject matter pieces all have one thing in common our designer for 3 d printing has sliced diced and files many of which depict the bulldog asleep, without copyright © issues tinkercad is used so our ideas remain original.

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie In different colours


Taking this Sleeping bulldog and adding to ideas has been quite a successful venture, we have managed test prints and some as you’ll see actually look quite effective even though the material is so light.

Our sleeping bulldog

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie Underneath a moonscape bowl

As stated before whilst we cannot concentrate on the collection we are attempting to come up with cheaper alternatives to some of the extravagant seasonal bulldog decorations that are normally unaffordable and also make objects of use.


Our designer has been generous in his time and efforts he spends hours on Tinkercad and other creative sites perfecting the 3D designs he creates and we are lucky in that we just send the ideas over.

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Admittedly our designer is good at creating original ideas


To give an idea of how the objects are made we have a beautiful watch stand and underneath lies the sleeping bulldog the arms were placed using shapes and if you look at where the dog lies the piece below is a dice 🎲 that’s been sliced to use in 3D creations.

If any pieces are privately sold files or for crediting too collectibulldogs is happy to do so but so far our designs are all created from scratch and as some have seen the ideas are getting better too, with two Christmas wreaths finished and other bulldog collectible types that are all now in a crate ready for new homes.

Bulldog bowls and vases !

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Vases made using the 3d printers

Two of the most popular of the pieces created using sleeping bulldogs is the different kinds of little bowls we are creating, with four sleeping bulldogs as the base bowl shapes can then be added above giving a rich ornate look when finished.

Our second favourite and I’m not sure why we started but making vases and then showing them on Instagram Twitter and Pinterest has proven fruitful and kudos goes to our designer for creating pieces others are loving  🥰

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Pretty in pink ! Vases that don’t quite get there make great bowls or even jelly molds


Theres understanding from this end that a passion for antiques and 3D printing can be of equal measure, we are not saying that we can create antiques of the future but vases and other useful objects are easy to make use little infill and look just as good as expensive pieces.

Our favourite to date is the twisted bulldog head vase we have found a software that uploads any shape takes out the middle and a vase or other object can then be created, you can play around with the settings and even have twisted style vases no matter the shape.

Are we playing with fire 🔥

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie Under this stunning watch stand

The reason for this segment is to get across any misconceptions Friends a passion for bulldogs guest post is a brilliant article on our website that explains 3D printing you can see the difference between printers sizes and more information ℹ️ including how it’s made


Most will think of the sea, plastics, the environment and other factors that may scare away a lot of people from embracing this technology, that’s a fair point but lees article is best read just so the facts are clear.

Bulldog vase

Get a bulldog turn it into a vase and twist it

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Bulldog vase cool 😎 hey


collectibulldogs is no expert in this field and we buy a filament for our printers that I’m assured is not plastic like carrier bags but in fact a corn starch byproduct ! There’s lots of different kinds of abbreviated filament yet we will stick to Just using 100% recyclable PLA

The giveaway idea saves on our own carbon footprint 👣 we believe creating our own not only saves money and inspires others but not buying mass produced cheap products to giveaway also stops the fossil fuels used to make them.


If you good folk know all there is to know you can draw your own conclusions yet the fact does remain our 3D pieces are not harming the environment our lifestyle is that of one that doesn’t use lots of energy and our electricity comes from Brighton’s offshore wind farm.

So with that in mind feel Free to contact us if you see a piece you’d like we are after social sharing social bookmarking backlinks and sharing the #COLLECTIBULLDOGS hashtag creating us impressions on social media and other formats

in return and with super cheap postage you can choose from our pieces (an article will showcase what we have) and if you use foresight 2020 could be your best bulldog Christmas ever.

By collecting the sleeping bulldog Christmas decorations and the other tree decorations we have made you can amass as many pieces as needed to recreate your Christmas festive time into a real Danbury mint home.

New designs always coming !

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Our latest bulldog keyring

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Collectibulldogs written around the paw

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

One of our latest test prints

Hey don’t worry if we have not got the piece you like in a colour you like if the website gets your support we will endeavour to hunt down any colours needed to create the piece your after or use on our custom / test prints.

Last time our designer friend turned up a SD card with forty new files was left here so we are going through them one by one, his created a Christmas tree topper that takes away the traditional fairy and in its place is a bulldog holding a Christmas tree and a star.

Most of the designs will be bulldog related of course, we noticed with our watch holders that only the leather strap kind can be used on it so we are redesigning this beautiful artful looking PLA print so that metal watch owners can utilise the product too.

One print we are still deciding on wether to make is a kitchen knife holder ! Using one of the bulldogs we’ve printed out already slits were made and the piece looked cool BUT there are some out there that wouldn’t like to see knifes sticking out of a bulldog or bulldog head so that ideas on hold.

Brand new brand awareness

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Branding some of our pieces brilliant for spreading the word

Hearts 💕 keyrings, phone holders, even PLA Christmas wreaths we’ve really made ourselves aware of whom we are lol I’m jesting yet serious about the idea of putting collectibulldogs on our 3d prints.

looking professional is a great way to establish yourself, giving away such objects with the brand on is as good as getting a media ad or radio advert, others proudly advertising you buy using the free giveaways has its merits for sure.

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Branding collectibulldogs using 3D pieces

Collectibulldogs logo

Our logo or name on our own creations #FeelingProud


The ornate designs are definitely a conversation starter one because no ones seen anything like what’s been created so far and the fact the pieces are coming out looking much more expensive than they really are.

testament to lee his designs just keep getting better no longer do we need Thingiverse when lee plus Tinkercad equals really cool quality and fresh ideas to add to the growing 3D world, please pop back as thee will eventually be an article where you can choose pieces and just pay postage.

3D Welcome to the world of free !

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Hoping you dig our Christmas decorations

Anyone with an IQ can work out that an investment in these printers could bring you a whole world of free ! Think about how many objects around the home that can be replaced just by reprinting a file.

Part of the joy is the fact it’s recyclable and if broken you can just print out another just like magic, components, modification pieces add ons and other files are just for making your printer perform better

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Two similar designs

Endless applications and your imagination can be turned into reality with some tech support know how or just like collectibulldogs you could be lucky and find a friend able to help, a couple of hundred pounds and internet access and your in the world of free things.

Until we Analyse whether or not our 3-D venture is a good idea our pieces Are free to go as giveaways !  to be enjoyed by the collectibulldogs readers and those that want a much cheaper yet very bulldog Christmas (all the festive look hardly no cost).

And for now folks !

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Finding new colours and ways to add them

Before We thank those that are reading 📖 our mental health articles as well as our other articles I’d like to take the opportunity to give a couple of ideas 💡 if anyone wishes to emulate and 3D print for themselves.

No need for endless names and ratings there’s three different versions in my own pick but obviously down to each individual as to what gadget works for them, firstly slave to their filament but for ease of use there’s the Sculpto printer a all in one Circular plated module designed for children aged four and up COLLECTIBULLDOGS STRONGLY SUGGESTS ADULT SUPERVISION UNTIL AGED 8-10.

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

An example of playing with colours

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Free for life we’ve been making our new arrivals toys too


A company called Monoprice create replica models and have an enclosed box style printer called the Voxel it’s not in everyone’s top ten but does have ease of use, camera functionality and customisable settings can be found on the slicing software used

Ender 2 mini is a DIY alternative you build yourself, comprising of just one bar and the heat bed this cute little printer has the same build size as the mono price yet you can build higher and the price is much cheaper too.


The best Out of the bunch is the ender 3 pro if you can get it’s settings / firmware updated you’ll find this 3D printer a dream to work with ! We’ve had six printers come and go since starting and our best results so far are from this magic creator.

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie Whilst your printer is creating rings ! Really

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Always looking for new colours

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie ! Our own logo

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

With love from us to you

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie Two Golden treats

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie Christmas decorations

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie Our website designers logo in gold

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie Or sit there looking great just like these bulldog heads

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie BLUE BULLDOG BOWL

If you could please check out some of our pages you’ll see brand new changes  and even meet Porscha on her own page Porscha Perfection An Introduction is a beautiful little page just for her  or you can check out our Award Winning Bulldog Memorabilia Collection page .

For folks out there with beautiful pooches

A late update here, collaboration with another website to state if you follow this link you can earn money from your pooches nothing sinister no breeding etc but for those interested please CHECK OUT HOW YOU CAN EARN MONEY WITH YOUR DOG / DOGS collectibulldogs trusts this link but always remember to read the fine print and stay secure with personal details on any website even ours.

Collectibulldogs update 2022

From time to time you may come across messages like this, it’s just us saying a little hello as we upgrade each and every post to be optimisation perfect for SEO, that’s search engine optimisation and I’ve only just started, a bit like a sleeping bulldog I have been lazy and only just started this mammoth task

Collectibulldogs wants to be the best it can be so if that means I have to update all 1500 pages I will try my best, search engine optimisation is everywhere these days even when you read the paper and watch TV and see brands change you know instantly that each brand is trying to get the best out of the internet as that’s where the future lies.

Most of the Collectibulldogs blogging articles bounce from one to another So this kind of information will not be on every single article I hope I have placed my links in the right place so that this message comes up every now and again that way people understand if they read the blog that they’ve read before Or wonder why there has been numbers and newer links added to boost these older posts, our last format was a minimum of 300 words and now the new format wishes for a minimum of 600 words in the article alone so we at Collectibulldogs are having to chase up our blogs reformat them and hope that they still rank.

we appreciate everybody that reads our blogs and after we have sorted out our search engine optimisation we will get back to research in bulldog antiques and Collectibles and continuing our blogs to bring you the best information can be found for our passion of collecting bulldogs memorabilia and anything English bulldog related.

just like the title suggests sleeping bulldogs this makes me feel that I have done enough for today when it comes to doing this boring SEO, I will be off to bed soon as I have a busy day tomorrow but that doesn’t mean to say that I have finished here how do I still have another 420 articles to read format so until our next published blog it is goodbye from Collectibulldogs thank you again for anyone that leaves us a review with trust pilot or yell.com these reviews really help to boost our ranking and visibility on servers like Google

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