It’s time to start writing again

It’s time to start writing again

It’s time to start writing again I’ve missed blogging

Hi there readers, in light of recent events collectibulldogs and the Ashdown family wish to convey our sympathy and condolences too those effected by the sudden outbreak of Covid 19, when drafting this I did continue but thought I’d like to be writing about happy things instead


Its been a while since our last article went out the reason being I’ve been so busy since the move I’ve not had time to sit down and ponder let alone write down anything ! Im loving our new life here and getting lots done too


The Collectibles are back out on display collectibulldogs is nearly upto A star we just need to display the silver and go through a tonne of paperwork, prints cards and 2d pieces and after that the whole English bulldog memorabilia collection is out at home and looking great


There’s even a new addition to our displays now as we now show the crockery collected over these passed 12 years and with the cups jugs and tea pots all mixed in it seems to of created yet another sub section taking the total to about 15 now

The writings on the wall ?

It’s time to start writing again

It’s time to start writing again ! Move to a new area and find presents left on your wall outside

Actually it was a brass bulldog pendant that my wife found one morning whilst taking the baby out and it’s puzzled us ever since, we live in an area that if something is dropped outside (usually baby things ) the neighbors pick up and place on the wall


Now as we have only been here eight weeks it’s a coincidence to move from another part of town only have Porscha to show our bulldog interest yet someone was kind enough to either leave as a gift or placed there thinking we dropped it.


Writing a note we have thanked whomever left it there and no one came forward to claim it was there’s so it’s now happily displayed with some of our other special miniature bulldog pieces that are made out of metal, we believe it’s over 100 yrs old and maybe a metal detector find

Just like our latest pieces this was acquired before the outbreak so deemed safe was washed with bleach anyway and in light of the outbreak we have not collected anything since nor will we until buying from abroad is 100% safe and we know where the pound lies

Writing up the collection into categories

It’s time to start writing again

It’s time to start writing again SO MUCH TO CATALOGUE


A good past time these next few months is to start writing up what’s in the collectibulldogs collection from the little non descriptive pieces right through to the old antiques this is something we started ages ago but got bored after two pages

It’s time to start writing again

Some will be easy other sub sections not so much

With the collection catalogued properly others Around me will have a better understanding of each sub section the age and value of the piece and once added up the amount collected these past twelve years.


Glad in a way to start writing it all down again there’s more pieces now and many that coincide with pieces already in the collection, a great example would be my birthday present (one of them) and the Queens tipple I’m told.


In amongst the plates we have a small drinks advertising tray for DuBonnet it used to be an ashtray in its former life, and now we have the advertising piece that was given out to establishments that sold DuBonnet we can place the two together


This may or may not increase the value Of the pieces combined but it does give more provenance to the attached pieces, this is how our subsections grew.

Up until recently

It’s time to start writing again

Crockery our latest subsection

So readers have you had a good start to 2020 well before the virus started anyway ! I remember eight weeks ago being the only soul in this new home with my collection and the dog that seems along time ago now.


The first month was spent turning the flat into a home we were fortunate enough to find a lovely basement flat and been working hard ever since to make both the home and garden as nice as possible

It’s time to start writing again

A feeling of pride takes over when seen all together it all feels worthwhile

It’s time to start writing again

It’s time to start writing again ITS GREAT TO SEE THEM ALL AGAIN

It’s time to start writing again

Royal Doulton

It’s time to start writing again

Back out on display


It was only a few hours ago I was out the back garden getting the raised bed ready and sowed who knows if we will have to eat what we grow this summer and I like growing anyway, shifting a tonne of compost was the hardest part

It’s time to start writing again


It’s time to start writing again

Porscha is sorry for all the solar heads she pulled off

It’s time to start writing again

Finding the right kind of pieces to dress the garden with

It’s time to start writing again

3D printing now outdoors

It’s time to start writing again

Bird houses but need re placing as shed door slams

It’s time to start writing again

Bird feeder !

It’s time to start writing again

Made a start on our garden

We did sow a new lawn but the first attempt failed when Porscha kept writing her name / leaving her mark and any grass seed didn’t make it so I’ve put together a fence and we can re sow the lawn area and take Porscha out for a few weeks instead.



The new shed took a while to put up as it is quite big and my brother whom was helping caught pneumonia so the shed took longer than anticipated to be erect but we got there, the gazebo has a nice sofa and table and there’s a fire pit / BBQ and seating with table and canopy.


There’s solar lights all over the garden which does look great at night and we are yet to catch the ambience of both the fire and the lights combined but as the weather improves I’m sure that will change.


Bird feeders are important if we are to help the wildlife so we have one and put up two nesting boxes, the area behind the garden has large trees so there’s an abundance of different birds and even other wildlife that stares at you from afar


I’m proud of everything I’ve done but I had wished I asked for help that’s eight weeks of moving heavy furniture back and forth gardening cooking shopping and most of this is done on little time no sleep as I’m the parent that can settle the baby easier it’s none stop.

Our latest book

It’s time to start writing again

It’s time to start writing again Advertising SPRATTS the early form of pedigree chum

A present for my birthday has turned out to be one of my best object presents ever it’s a first edition piece of writing dating back to 1908, I’m having to use a magnifying glass to read the content but so far I’m enjoying each and every page.


the knowledge in this one book is astounding and really takes an in-depth look at the bulldog world way back in the early 1900s even though the pictures are illustrated in black-and-white they are a great way of looking back to what our Bulldogs look like over 100 years ago.

It’s time to start writing again

The writing is top notch and the illustrations are beautiful


An article on the in the content of this book will be written and shared among those interested but for now an article on the in the content of this book will be written and shared among those interested but for now i’ll be enjoying a chapter when I get time sitting out on the patio in the Sun


With the world on lockdown it’s now time to reap the rewards and enjoy the collection that has been amassed for over 12 years look at all the pieces that I’ve accumulated and find South Affirmation in all that has been achieved and how far we’ve come since we started all that time ago.

It’s time to start writing again

Breeding or board kennel advertising

Working from home

It’s time to start writing again

wed Like to stay amazing

We are always trying to promote and as my real job is at Brighton museums this means just like many of you I am working from home but my main goal is to try and get more local people interested in the venture that I have created.

I’ve made a start there are now bulldog pieces strewn across The back garden and there is some 3-D prints now adorning the front door my biggest advertising piece is yet to be made as it will take time to look arty not a bodge it and scarper job

It’s time to start writing again

Brilliant quote I think remember this one when you think your bored

after getting the permission from the neighbours I will be hanging a wooden advertising feature from our railings in the hope others see and word of mouth spreads ! It is challenging trying to find local support but now we own a little bit of property this gives us a little more freedom when it comes to local advertising.


The back garden is a working project but the theme will be bulldogs this can be anything from old concrete bulldog statues to some of the pieces that are now already out there and as the garden develops more pieces will get added until we are satisfied we have totally bulldogged the back garden

Baby Rosenthal

It’s time to start writing again

It’s time to start writing again Especially with new great pieces whatever the size

The German maker Rosentahl Is a respected old factory in Germany that for years produced figurines for the world ! Collectibulldogs has managed to find a couple but have not seen many variations about.


Again my wife got a shock when I opened this piece sellers like to really pack some pieces and in that regard my wife was thinking the new piece would at least be your normal sized porcelain bulldog figurine but again my poor wife was in for a shock


The bulldog turned out to be what can only be described as a very detailed dolls house object as I’m not sure why so much detail would go into such a tiny porcelain paste English bulldog and as you can see even though the bulldog is thimble size that immense detail is amazing for such a tiny thing

It’s time to start writing again

It’s time to start writing again Size of this piece was no exaggeration is tiny and so very detailed

Not one to complain at bulldog presents i’ve played this tiny little fella among the other small bulldog figurines so that he doesn’t get lost and or broken, If this tiny piece is authentic then I imagine there’s not many around due to its size and the fact that it’s so fragile my wife paid nearly £40 what do you think was that too expensive

Do you have time now !


what better time to have a natter start writing in and we will reply

For we’ll ever since we’ve been live we’ve asked our readers to Get writing in about their collections or collectibles and so far the response has not been wild ! Now we all have time to most things why not give article writing a go.


The collection won’t be judged there’s no prizes or brashness and we can do total confidence if you would like to engage with our readers but keep the anonymity of your collection to yourself yet still showing in the world what you love to collect.

Or maybe you’ve wanted to give us a review but had no time to log in ! TRUSTPILOT is where we would like you to offload a five star review and if you have with you Das you can’t leave another alright I totally know trust pilot review all these of course help our website Immensely and there’s nothing like keeping your trust pilot score excellent even if we only have 64 reviews

Maybe there’s a question you’ve been meaning to ask or critic about the new website layout well let’s get chatting now we have the time ! The great thing about two minds is one teaches the other and vice versa So not only are we learning as we chat it’s also character building and great for my own mental well-being tso not only are we learning as we chat it’s also character building and great for my own mental well-being to socialise and show confidence.

Professional boxer to film star !

It’s time to start writing again

Gary getting ready to see his own film the prize fighter

If you think dreams don’t come true or Need proof that hard work pays off then Gary our star endorsement epitomises just that, Gary has been busy backwards and forwards from the United States of America these trips are usually for a boxing bout that Gary‘s last trip was for something totally different indeed.

The powers that be took it upon themselves to see Gary as more than a boxer from cork Ireland and wanted to tell his story of his own struggles to make it in the boxing arena, this doesn’t mean that Gary has knocked boxing on the head he’s just enjoying the fact someone has taken an interest in his life.

It’s time to start writing again

Always looking dapper Filmstar quality

Taking his family Gary flew over to New York City and views his own Premiere taking his family Gary flew over to New York City and views his own Premiere of March this year, by the looks of the photos the family had a great time and for Gary’s own right to privacy we won’t be sharing any family pictures.


We are hoping that Gary can donate a signed boxing glove 🥊 (fingers crossed he has not let us down once) not just to solidify his role as our endorsement but the glove will go into our collection become part of our story not many websites have the opportunity to have a celebrity endorsement


After speaking with Gary it has become apparent that this is the kind of film that will need support if it’s to become mainstream we understand it has big backers but it takes a lot to get a film onto the big screen, collectibulldogs is committed into helping Gary should this be one of his goals.

I will of course speak to Gary and see if I can find a way of streaming the film or if there’s any way anybody can support this is amazing film then we should get right on it before that next film comes along and poor Gary ends up in the CD row.

i’m not too hot or media or films but maybe if you was to search for the prizefighter you might be able to find it or stream yourself and if this is true and people did then maybe some one somewhere Will take notice and give Gary’s film the backing that it needs to get it up there on the screens across the country and across the world.

If you want to congratulate Gary yourself I’ll leave a contact form please leave your message and I will show them to him and hopefully he may answer some too, Gary’s a busy man so tracking him down even to say howdy can sometimes take days but he always replies.

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Lastly ! my Little twinkle !

It’s time to start writing again

Pop back later I’m kipping

Should really put our little twinkle but my wife does not often catch up on my blogs so let’s be bias lol, folks I’m now 42 I thought my parenting days were over and life moved on.  Since twinkle arrived three months ago my life has been filled with joy in abundance.


Sienna mae has a lot of her mums traits and luckily her looks too and this pint sized three month old has us up at silly o clock nearly every night and it’s a dream in itself to actually break the four hour sleep mark, finding that right routine has been a struggle to date.

It’s time to start writing again

It’s time to start writing again WAKE ME FOR FOOD PLZ



There’s not much you can do when this cute (way to cute) little face looks up gives a gurgle or giggle then tries to say something! Yes I understand babies cry too but as the time passes so quick every second has to be relished we are so lucky we got a second go around.


What better way to enjoy the Covid 19 lockdown measures by spending time with little miss farty bottom here she’s a delight (well until 10 till 2 am ), so far three months have just flown by as her cheeks get chubbier and her smile gets more infectious by the day.

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