It’s that sun again ! keep your dog cool

Dog cool 😎

It’s that sun again ! keep your dog cool

Hi readers what sort of of dog do you own is He or she a whizz about dog or one that likes to lay down especially when the weather gets hotter, either way I noticed just how warm it was when taking Porscha out It’s that sun again ! keep your dog cool, it’s not so easy during the day.


Early morning, not to early though you want to feel safe but this time of the day is cool and the sun starts doing it’s job at full strength around three pm, keep your dog indoors during the hot hours unless it’s  emergency maybe the vets or another doggie  appointment that you cannot miss.


Research the dog breed ! that little bundle of fun bouncing and bounding about may not be able to regulate body temperature, most dogs pant this produces air over the tongue and why you see many pugs and bulldogs on the tongue out Tuesday days.


Some dogs are smart and will seek shade when appropriate, we walk Porscha along the promenade and we make sure the floors still cool so not to burn her paws, we can get away with beach walking as the air breeze is usually quite high but I would suggest street walking in hotter weather.


Keep your dog cool free !


The most obvious answer is treat your dog like you keep yourself safe in the heat but you need to do your dog chores, anywhere in the house can provide a cool area in which to rest and your dog will love you more if you do not have carpet but use tiles, lamented flooring and Lino usually found in wet areas like the bathroom or kitchen.


Good Ventilation all year round is key to your dogs health, those dogs that spend their lives not two foot off the ground must be breathing in a percentage of what your about to pick up using your hoover, many don’t see this as a problem as there’s no medical evidence to back it up yet I do believe this is so.


Open windows and a fan or two going can also provide much needed coolness and a freshness to the air no offence you’ll find thar the fans pick up flecks as they spin this is the possible dirty bits on the carpet or close too that have caught the updraft and being sucked through the back of the fan


Also during the hottest days try to pull up all display rugs and let the floor breath if floor boards or laminated flooring then there cannot be anything better at silly degrees to be a pooch laying there with cool fresh air.

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Dog walks are essential but what time !

Many dog walkers that do not use shaded areas to walk dogs will say early afternoon is the hottest time of the day this is not just in the air but also the heat that is bouncing off the ground and can score a dogs paw.


taking your dog out in the early morning it’s not just great exercise for the dog but for you also and this should be okay up until around midday but our suggestion is after midday you wait until around five 6 pm before taking a dog out for an evening stroll.


social distancing means that a lot of us are going to the same place not thinking that other people that are walking the dogs will be in the same place you’re going to sell the idea to walk your dog at random times can be beneficial and even maybe save your life.


always take water out with you if you’re going to be longer than 10 minutes or for the selfless you could take out water and offer to those whom are walking the dogs and have forgotten to bring out a refreshing drink for their dogs to drink instead of panting all the time.

Keeping your dog cool limit sun bathing !

it’s true you can ask any veterinary practice even though dogs like to sunbathe it is essential not to let them lie there for hours upon hours in the hot sun and not moving this can cause skin problems irritation sores and even skin cancer.


most dog breeds will know when to get up and lay in the shade but to keep your dog cool you should really get to know the breed and see whether or not they are the kind of dog to get up and sit in the shade or whether you have a grade that will just lay there and not move nightmare hot they get


Heatstroke is just as dangerous for your dog as it is to humans and to keep your dog cocoa whilst the sun beats down should be at the upmost at least in the back of your mind when your dog is out exercising or playing in your private open space.


A list to look out for are

Panting, which increases as heatstroke progresses.Drooling, salivating.Agitation,restlessness.Bright red tongue.Very red or pale gums.Increased heart rate.Breathing distress.Vomiting, diarrhoea (possibly with blood) and we strongly advice you get Professional care for a vet ASAP.

Keep your dog cool make it fun !

In the summer most of us love an ice cold beverage whether it’s a carbonated soda for the children or an adult beverage for the adults there’s nothing quite like quenching your thirst in the heart beat in the Sun.


to keep Your dog cool you too can give them that same thirst quenching pleasure By creating little doggy ice poles or doggy ice cream that your dog would love to enjoy lapping up or slurping on whilst sitting at your side in The shade of the garden.

We would suggest that you know your dogs nutritional and dietary requirements before making any kind of delicious treat you don’t wish to accidentally poisoned your dog by giving them something that’s not good for them.


normally just keeping it simple is fine enough and whether or not you’re helping your dog to enjoy the trait you’ll know your doing the right thing by keeping your dog cool, we love our pets and wish to keep them well

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antiques Brighton back to bulldogs 2022

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