To  those wanting to invest in a mature quality collection, need to know the hard part first and that first part includes lots or dated research, as you will need to end up sourcing pieces dating back to around the Victorian days.

So when choosing pieces for investment purposes you have to factor in the following: Firstly is the piece worth the money the buyer wants and even more important will it retain its value and increase over a period of years.

The normal profit over a ten year period is around 30 percent or a little more if you find a bargain and if you can do this with the pieces you buy ,you will be seeing a future nest egg start appearing before your eyes.

PLEASE NOTE the world is full of reproduction, licenced and faux items this also goes for the collecting world so I cannoy urge you enough to RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!!!

As some already know this is all for my daughter, her higher education and a small boost into the world in a few years time.

You could invest for the same reason or for anything you desire, even getting to the point where your wallet isn’t needed much, as the collection starts to pay for itself.

I have thought about what you do or where to go to sell on larger collections but I put it to the back of my mind as I’ve become quite attached to the pieces in general and now love my passion, yet my wife calls it bully addiction.

As before anyone wanting assistance site links or just a chat about my or our collections please feel free to contact me…                                                          #collectibulldogs