International mental health awareness day

International mental health awareness day

International mental health awareness day THAT LITTLE MAGIC COULD BE THE CHAT THAT BETTERS YOUR LIFE

Hi there readers hope your all safe and well, it’s just past us but it was international mental health awareness day, a day where mental health is brought to the forefront of the public eye, I think there should be more than just a day to celebrate the stopping of mental health stigma.

It would be nice to see those with real problems telling their stories and not endorsed celebrities that have got anxiety or depression yet no one thinks to look at their lifestyle past and present I’ve seen two celebrities that have been known to take illegal drugs of course they will be messed up but its self inflicted.

Mental health awareness we need real sufferers to lead

International mental health awareness day

I’m not saying me but real life suffers should be advertising for the talking about mental health not celebrities that are ex addicts

International mental health awareness day should be about the everyday person the 1 in 4 that they statistically state explaining their illness the manifestations and how they deal with their issues, having endorsed celebrities saying let’s talk about it has just brought business into what is for some a harrowing time in their life.
Don’t get me wrong I’m all for the Headstogether hashtag introduced by the HRHs but to then have a bank create its own hashtag then get A and B listers to help in their advert is a bit of a kick in the teeth to the organisations that have been around ages trying to improve people’s lives.

My international mental health awareness day

International mental health awareness day

International mental health awareness day had me looking for this little fuzzy kitten

My mental health awareness day was a mixture of highs and lows pleasure fear and guilt let me explain, Debbie’s dad had a fit and was admitted to hospital he’s 86 and I do not have a dad myself so worry about him, this was counteracted a little with shallow excitement as my Twitter rapidly increased making my articles on how many followers I have correct again.
The day did not stop there after consoling Debbie things went quiet for an hour then I was told our 8 week old kitten had escaped and the only way was out a 4 story window and you can guess whom opened the window. Yep me.

I panicked the guilty feeling was palpable

International mental health awareness day

The change of emotions was sudden when the kitten reappeared

I had no gut feeling that something had happened to this kitten but with my wife to be saying she looked everywhere I spent the good part of three hours checking for signs of a fall or to see if the kitten had fallen and pulled itself into the bushes if survived but injured 🤕.
After giving up I laid my head down so racked with guilt I was contemplating wether to sit down stairs and wait not sure why but felt I had to do something, just as my mind went fuzzy and I was about to doze off another fuzzy thing touched me but this time it was the KITTEN OMG I ran straight into my daughters room and instantly became a hero.

My own mental well-being

International mental health awareness day

Getting out is great for the soul many find this hard I did too till I learned not to give a 💩 what others think (excuse spot I get one a year lol)

I’m not completely out of the woods yet so to speak I still have a CPN (Community psychiatric nurse ) and a lady that helps me with certain tasks that are enabled for me to better myself mentally, create a routine do a course learn to relax etc.
I’m expecting my care plan to finish after I’m married I do not think they will be expecting me to fall ill after but I know my disorder when it’s at its worst and when to tell someone when suicidal ideologies take over my rational thought process.

Contact us any day not just on international mental health awareness day

International mental health awareness day

The website maybe award winning for originality on blogging but I still have 2 decades of practical experience in the mental health sector as an outpatient so please feel free to open up it’s confidential

Please remember your not alone if you do have a disorder and if your not diagnosed but feel something is not right then please seek help immediately and with cutbacks to the adult care services you may need someone in your corner may I suggest a mind advocate, these are short term helpers that are supposed to push the psychiatric community into assessing you for any mental illness.
Times have changed since my time under the mental health act there used to be compassionate professional people in this profession/ life vocation and cutbacks and pay freezes are to blame, its all going to change when the properties of CBD get widely used and yes it’s coming the government in the U.K. will fight it but studies around the world are proving cannabinoids can be used for good things in the world of mental illness.
Please contact if you ever need to chat I myself am diagnosed with unstable emotional personality disorder, OCD magical thoughts, PTSD, the website was created to prove those like me with issues can do great things too.

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if you do not know how you are feeling please find attached a link to the NHS it has information ℹ️ on mental illness how to tell and what to do do here’s their link Check yourself out using the NHS link provided
Mental health

For mental illness and addiction

Rehab 4 Addiction offers a free helpline dedicated to assisting people suffering from drug, alcohol and mental health issues. Rehab 4 Addiction was established in 2011 by people who overcame addiction themselves. You can contact Rehab 4 Addiction on 0800 140 4690.


Most that read our articles know of my mental health so writing this was not shameful I’m very open about my illness and if I can help just one person make it back out of the pits of hell then it’s worth it yes it’s mental health related yes it’s on a bulldog memorabilia blog but that’s what we are all about.

I showed tenacity when I made this site I had chronic stress toothache insomnia and I had an eating disorder I was also in intensive cognitive analytical therapy this is where my therapy ended abruptly and why I’m so passionate about the cause.

Collectibulldogs says your not alone do not suffer in silence there is help if you access it.

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