I’ll never forget what I tried to achieve

I’ll never forget what tried to achieve

I’ll never forget what I tried to achieve My bedroom the antiques room


Hi there Avid readers ? How are you I’m not sure why I continue to ask it on every article it must be British politeness or just common curtesy, either way I should just get straight into the articles no one ever replies anyway oh except for Eileen bless her, I’ll never forget what tried to achieve does sound  defeatist doesn’t it ?


Well the website is now in the lap of the gods im with a new host whom I’m having issues with already my autopost doesn’t work and if you check the footer of the page I’ve lost my Facebook and Pinterest feed, Debbie decided to go with the new host after the last one lost he’s cool  😎


I’ll never forget what I tried to achieve


I’ll never forget what tried to achieve

Even more of the bedroom


I still have my website that’s mine and of course the collection and everything else I’ve built up but feel we may of made a wrong turn, from having thousands of visitors a day to now not achieving 500 per day is a shock to the OCD, I had a system that worked, I now feel very disappointed 😔 and not sure 🤔 what the future for Collectibulldogs online will be and if it goes then I’ll never forget what I tried to achieve here.


From a confusing back and forth messed up email session where apparently I signed off the website but cannot find proof of this, admittedly the websites performance is a little better I was given a free graphic and a months grace but that’s gone and emails for a bill have gone unanswered!


I’ll never forget what I tried to achieve


I’ll never forget what tried to achieve

What I wake up to


My Disorders we’re expressed to Sean and the square one digital team and I thought for more money than I payed last host I’d get a similar deal, apart from changing hosts, a talk about advertising and a system sent that I cannot get into and I’ll know ill NOT understand this app (MY OCD MEANT I HAD TO DELETE ANOTHER APP TO MAKE IT EQUAL) all this confuses me ! my disorder was mentioned so was the past arrangement.


Babysitting ! Far from it apart from pressing a few buttons my hosts have no clue as to the work and dedication I’ve put into this venture, four years of debt, Home taken over as no one wants a bulldog museum, I’ve done so much since I started I feel like ATLAS for the bulldog breed.


I’ll never forget what I tried to achieve


NEARLY 200 thousand on twitter alone at 198k atm gobsmacked 😶 

Moving forward I’ve connected the new host with Brighton Museum I’ve asked for a website issue audit and the cost to fix these issues (out of my own pocket it’s 100s) once we have this information we maybe able to find a third party willing to fix the website cheaper, the quicker it’s 100% the more chance there is for opportunities.


Then I wouldn’t be writing ✍️ this here now I’m sure instead if things were fine for me I would be doing a blog article on the 1000s of pieces that are adorning my whole bedroom and beyond so I’ll never forget what I tried to achieve as I live with it daily, To be honest we have come a long way since that weebly website I made it was a complete budge it and scarper but I remember people saying they missed it.


I’ll never forget what I tried to achieve

The worlds largest bulldog memorabilia collection

Theres no giving up just yet something needs to be worked out even if I have to approach the larger companies and get my own online supporter to help me I have been allocated one by square one digital but he emailed once and didn’t reply to any after.


Things sure have changed! Did I pick the wrong company did I say something wrong I used to have so much support from the online community, especially Facebook now apart from the privilege of posting in 100s of groups my following and friendships have dwindled and only a few now are still interested.


I’ll never forget what tried to achieve

Wiggles on the campaign trail

Retoicle really as I never get replies but would it matter if I’ll never forget what I tried to achieve but just gave it all up ? The only living object record of such proportions and over 360 original rich content articles, no offence but asking folk for the smallest of things this days is well laughable and no ones ever come forward to say how they would like the site to be.


Ill wait for seans response and see what the bill will be and wether I can be bothered to carry on, my debbie wants the website staying active and I’m learning to drive so the idea of the open road for the first time in 40 years could sway my thoughts but again debbie pointed out even if I’ll never forget what I tried to achieve I shouldn’t give up now bless her.


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Reminder !


Do not forget march the 16th when our amazing endorsement Gary O’Sullivan takes on Gray in the  St Patrick’s Day boxing extravaganza

I’ll never forget what I tried to achieve

St Patrick’s Day endorser Gary O’Sullivan vs Gray

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