The first hood emblems started life in the mid to late 1800s they were made from different kinds of metals and were found on many a steam engines radiator cap and most were made by the engineers themselves.

This continued till the start of the automobile era when in the 1920s it was fashionable to adorn your cars radiator with an emblem and this started a craze with many companies coming up with their own symbols to their own particular products and such examples are, Mack trucks with the iconic perched proud bulldog and car companies like Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Dodge, this had emblems like the silver lady the leopard and dodge with the ram.

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This has continued through the decades resulting in many a collectible hood emblem can be found and the more vintage the better for your collection, I have looked for motor cycle companies that may have a bulldog as an emblem but did not find any except for the bulldog on motor cyclists guardian angel bell.

Most of the older emblems were made from brass and sometimes bronze but the newer ones from the 70s onwards are normally now made from chrome or some metal alloy.