Hi readers I hope your well and had a great start to 2019, I felt I’d make a good start too and decided to bring you a feel good article HMS BULLDOG Butt sniffing on the high seas, this story goes back to WW2 but don’t worry there’s nothing horrible in the content, I also Created another article relating to this particular ship and it’s involvement in capturing one of the four enigma machines

HMS BULLDOG Was part of a force designed to protect allied shipping during WW2 the ship was deployed elsewhere in the world but that was her primary goal, now the bulldog almighty as she sounds was a let’s say underdog to another wartime vessel and she was called HMS BEAGLE you couldn’t make it up lol.



HMS BULLDOG Had a place in the hearts of the English nation the ship was a firm favourite and U.K. citizens would like hearing about the HMS BULLDOG through wartime and peacetime’s Manoeuvres, even to the point that the ship decided to start a newsletter for its fans and also a naval football team called the steady bulldogs this team would play when docked for charity.


It was during surveying manoeuvres in the North Sea that fans and listeners on radios noticed that whilst doing dredging surveys to create shipping lanes for large tankers HMS BEAGLE was dotting all over the place and HMS BULLDOG just seemed to be plodding along behind BEAGLE and this wasn’t unnoticed by HMS BEAGLES commander.



This bowl could actually be from the HMS Bulldog


Seeing the leisurely pace that the ship behind was taking the commander reckoned this to two dogs one chasing the other to sniff its behind, using the friendly rivalry the two ships had the commander sent one of the most random commands heard on any ship at any time, The Command sent to HMS BULLDOG was to HEEL basically to move its behind.



As stated not only was there friendly rivalry between the two vessels but the mainland could hear this too and for a while the idea that two ships were running around the North Sea like two dogs sniffing butts quite funny, the Lt commander of HMS BULLDOG did not mind this quite so public joke as he knew word back home was that both ships were acting like the dogs they were named after HMS BEAGLE was here there and everywhere and HMS BULLDOG Took it’s time.


The British National anthem IN YOUR FACE CATHERINE TATE

In 1773 Lord Horatio Nelson was in the Arab port of muscat ! He took the decision one day to have his famous ship named in the cliffs that protect the port of muscat that was over 200 years ago and the tradition continues, in the 1970s HMS BULLDOG joined a long list of names and had its own right to be alongside some of the most famous fighting vessels ever.



It sounds cool to know somewhere in the world there’s Hummage to HMS BULLDOG the ship played an important and impressive role both during and after the war ! It is funny how the dog loving English did compare two wartime ships as dogs running about and lest we forget ! Not only to the crew of HMS BULLDOG But to all those that laid their lives down for our freedoms today and it’s just brilliant that HMS BULLDOG was a wartime favourite that kept spirits high.


The men and women of both WWs were seen as in a celebrity type status it’s like Olympic champions getting praise and all that comes with winning gold and it was common practice for high ranking officers to present awards trophies and prizes in events that naturally accure when it’s peacetime, Just like this piece



Collectibulldogs understands that the content has to be true original and interesting, well the first two I can honestly say I’ve covered but it’s up to you if you found the article interesting, I have blogged on HMS BULLDOG before (not on the actual ship lol ) so it’s great to find content adaptable and relatable too.

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