Help us Bite back on social media

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Help us Bite back on social media

Hello there readers we want you to Help us Bite back on social media please, we are a resource show and tell website yet we seem to have trouble fitting in on some formats, recently we started a page back on Twitter that was two years old and not often used but still got a suspension.

We get the same hassles on Facebook too, we have made friends with hundreds of bulldog themed groups yet Facebook has the last word not the group creators which we see as undermining the creators Right to make decisions and the word spam is used when selling or shoddy content like reviewers yet we are none of these.

social media

Help us Bite back on social media Where else can you find a family of porcelain huebach bulldogs

With our four awards and the fact we are THE ONLY BULLDOG MEMORABILIA WEBSITE you would be forgiven for thinking that this new niche and knowledge would be excepted with no hassles yet that’s not the case for us

Taking over any social media format is not our intention we just want to self promote without any problems and that’s where we hope you can help, if we add a section at the bottom of this article we’d like as many of our readers to COPY this and PASTE on your profiles or in groups.

Help us Bite back on social media

social media

Help us Bite back on social media

Please do not worry about any issues this is a legit method and just like using our social media icons all your doing is creating a promotion type post as if you wrote it yourself, we’d love to hit Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest tumblr digg reddit Quora and any other social media formats you folks use.

bulldog collectors club 2022 join now !

By doing this in mass the hashtags I’ll include should be noticed by most of the social media formats so when I go to post #Collectibulldogs will show up just like others tags that are established do, we are still getting our far share of visitors but when media bites back for no reason other than self promotion we feel it’s unfair.

Thank you to Pinterest and the followers we have there we don’t get many links pressed yet but we are hoping the amount we share and our own posts will start to gain us interest there, Pinterest for us is up and down

social media

social media Some of the most stunning bulldog antiques live here

presently but as we use the application we think it just stalls.


Pinterest has been brilliant we are yet to understand its layout properly and whom to invite to our boards but there’s no spamming issues our posts get seen by hundreds of people sometimes in under an hour and people there seem to like antique bulldog memorabilia and collectibles.

I want to help but cannot copy and paste !

The fact anyone will be willing to help is humbling and until a few days time a little disheartening due to pessimism but if you don’t ask you’ll never know, if you don’t know how to copy and paste why not create your own post on our behalf.

If you add you’ve already created a post but if you then add content find the best words and put this ( # ) hashtag sign in-front of the chosen words you’ll be fantastic as you would of bookmarked collectibulldogs to those chosen hashtags too.

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social media To those that Help us Bite back on social media THANK YOU


Another way to help is to use our social media format icons both in the website and in our footer, for those that attempt the copy and paste could practice just holding down on any blog article title or any page ! The chance to copy this comes up and you just paste to your profile, this type of help would go towards helping our page rank.

Collectibulldogs will continue to post where it can we do have our own groups pages and homes on other formats but unless others start showing the online world they are taking an interest we will always be seen as unwelcome on some social media sites.

Twitter help is Also appreciated

social media

Twitter metric reach weekly I think we got to good and they got annoyed lol

So the story ended with our second page suspended and as we are weeks away from having a child this is something I myself have been embarrassed about but I’ve moved on and now hope some Twitter readers might be able to assist.


Depending on your page your Twitter etiquette and how often you post we’d appreciate if you could schedule a collectibulldogs post please, we have twitter friends that post any new articles but that’s not the same as 20 or 50 even 100 tweeters from creating a post.

here’s a list of self promotion hashtags for people to choose from

#Englishbulldog,#collectables,#bulldog,#collection,#vintage,#crystal,#glass,#ceramic,#porcelain,#metal,#bronze,#sculpture,#figurine,#pose,#GuestBlog,#postcards,#paintings,#pictures,#silverware,#silver,#jewellery,#gold,#medals,#coins,#trophy,#advertising,#tobacco,#victorian,#artisan,#museum,#quality,#book,#books,#tiles,#beautiful,#colourful,#show,#breed,#bulldogs,#magazine,#about,#links,#useful,#presentation,#blog,#bulldog #blogger,#fabulous,#amazing,#exquisite,#stunning,#model,#clay,#wood,#wooden,#piece,#pieces,#sketches,#prints,#framed,#ww1,#ww2,#mack,#trucks,#relatable,
Obviously if you can think of others the more the merrier and collectibulldogs gets to reach out even further if so ! We just want a chance to get some worldwide attention for what has to be said is a kind of special website it’s varied interesting and run by someone willing to open up about mental health where else can you find this kind of website NO WHERE.

To copy and paste to your profiles

I’ve visited a newly relaunched #bulldog #memorabilia website it’s a #oneofakind venture with fantastic bulldog #antiques and #collectibles, the website boosts no less than four #awards and was the first in the world to #exhibit bulldog memorabilia they would love a visit  

Thank you !

social media

social media Twitter all those days ago suspended a bulldog page not sex not gambling not hacking just a bulldog video of wiggles

Until next year when we understand our family dynamics and Purse strings with having a family of four collectibulldogs will relent to the scourge that is paid promotion on social media platforms, these are where you pay the format to advertise or promote your post / page

Educational link about social networking

Thank you to those that understand this predicament and help, collectibulldogs hopes to get a social media manager in 2020 but again with a baby due in weeks Christmas and an eighteenth birthday to cater for it would be unwise to commit any funds to advertising.


We can offer the same back we are not barred from any formats except twatter so can promote anything you have to push out at least it’s not seen as spamming if I promote your cause and you return the favour surely, we want those social media impressions yes ORGANIC on analytics and used with keywords is the best but we still need a fair amount of referral views

social media

Help us Bite back on social media I mean who else can say theve exposed the breed as much as

Social media links that lead to a website or page is called a referral visit these are great for boosting page views and overall visitor duration but there’s nothing better than collectibulldogs being found by typing in keywords to server bars and then finding us after.

Our Pinterest link is right here just press to further your collectibulldogs experience

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