Are you ready to get a Horse





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Getting a horse for the family is not a small decision. There are times when a child will beg for a pony, and then there are times when adults want to keep a horse. However, is it the right time for you to get a horse? Keeping a new pet is a big commitment, but a horse is a commitment like no other. You can feel the need for an equine friend from reading a book or watching a movie, but is that enough to fuel your love for the majestic being?

Here are a few ways to find out if your family is ready for its new member –

Who is the the four legged friend or ?

Do you want to get into horses for yourself or is it for a child? There are times when children will want things, but they are usually unable to take care of them later on. You might have watched the races on TVG or the thoroughbred shows. Then, you must know how difficult it is to maintain a horse and take care of their health. It is alright to get a horse because your child wants one, as long as you know you will also love him or her, and you will take care of the horse too.

Are you really ready 

The average healthy life span for horses is 25 to 30 years. That is a lot of expense and a ton of emotional investment. Are you ready to love another member of your family unconditionally? They will not only need food and shelter, but they will also require vaccines, medication, proper grooming and training. They can take up a couple of hours each day since they demand regular exercise for good health. They come with added responsibilities, and you need to consider these factors before you bring yours home.

 Insist on seeing the horse before buying


Insist on seeing the and a trail ride before buying

Do not buy a any from an ad on Craig’s List. You should always interact with them beforetaking them off the hands of the breeder. If you are interested in show breeds, ensure that the breeder will provide the documentation and certification of the horse. When buying for your child ensure that the foal is in proper health. Interacting with them for some time will give you a general idea about their temperament. There is nothing more important than getting an even-tempered and calm one ☝️  for your stables.

request to take out on trail trit trot (walk)

Are you still unsure about getting a horse? You can decide that by spending time at your friend’s stable. Spend time with groomers, trainers and other horse owners. It will give you the idea about the kind of time your new pet will demand from you. It will also give you the estimate of weekly, biweekly or monthly riding lessons for you or your child.

Keeping a horse cannot be a whimsical decision. You need to spend time weighing the pros and the cons to make a sound choice. Most of the times, the judgment does not rest on the breed, but on the future expenses and the commitment of rearing a creature as majestic as this one.