Harry Redknapp Loves he’s Bulldogs Thank you sir Harry

Harry Redknapp

If Harry Redknapp ever reads this meet wiggles a 190k twitter star


Hi Readers, I hope your all safe and well out there today’s article is about the king of the jungle and how I want to say Harry Redknapp Loves he’s Bulldogs Thank you sir Harry, it was such a relief to see Bulldogs shown in a decent light


As Long as I’ve been alive this family have been famous so to find out Harry Redknapp loves he’s Bulldogs and the way he describes the breed is matter of fact, so the reason why I wrote this article is to show there are positive situations on TV and other formats where our beloved bulldogs are seen in a proper light not just a bias health look.


Harry Redknapp loves he’s bulldogs


If you watched Harry in the Jungle A certain lady and a certain pudding were mentioned many a time and I often strained my ear to see if Harry was talking about he’s bulldogs there but I never heard anything, I have since congratulated sir Redknapp on he’s successes usuing the twitter format, HARRY if you ever read this please follow back @Collectibulldog please sir.



When i I see people with more than one Bulldog I’m humbled that I have one but also wished I could own more, owning the largest bulldog memorabilia collection in the world (unofficially) means I’m unable to be like sir Harry Redknapp whom obviously shows his love for more than one dog and I also wished I owned land instead of apartment but it proves these beautiful bulldogs can settle almost anywhere.

Please note the short video was copied and is courtesy of ITV whom own the visual content Ive checked to see the rules and will check again, I can always take it down if asked with mental health issues I find understanding things confusing sometimes but have shown footage before, thank you to itv here’s a link for those that wish to check out more on  Itv and their fantastic programmes


We all love our Bulldogs


There has been other channels in the past that have been less than fair with the breed so that’s why I wanted to highlight this segment, not only do you see to happy bulldog beauties but healthy and happy too, Sir Harry’s dogs have the same colour as our wiggles and I enjoyed seeing Harry playing football with them one he’s biggest passions.



We all love our Bulldogs and sir Harry Redknapp is in a position to show he’s to the world it gives me a weird feeling as I wished famous people cottoned onto Collectibulldogs.com, imagine it getting a message in the inbox from sir Harry Redknapp himself saying he’s seen the site and likes what I’m doing but I’m dreaming again.


Past article celebs with their bulldogs

Harry Redknapp

Ozzy Ozbourne and he’s bulldog

Harry Redknapp

Celeb from past article



Yes that’s correct not many go back to older articles but I remember doing a celebrity filled blog it had Brad Pitt’s his bulldog, Pink and some others too Check it out here see if you can recognise any celebs I’ve named most of them in my head but being from England I was not too sure on some of them, see if you can recognise  the lot.



Thank you to broadcasters like ITV for seeing the Bulldog as more than a walking health problem, easy to understand with my own disorders, Bulldogs should be like how Sir Harry Redknapp loves he’s bulldogs


ok yes health ethical breeding of course that needs to stay strictly regulated but come off it the bulldogs been with us for so long now let’s just enjoy them.

Lastly the point was to say thank you no harm done !

Thats correct readers i have not added any private infomation about sir Harry Redknapp the article is to highlight two happy bulldogs that so happen to be owned by the latest ITV I’m a celebrity get me out of here winner and that’s the only personal content I will divulge so that people not in the UK can look this star up themselves.


I believe in luck so its worth a try to leave a message here on the off chance sir Harry Redknapp does get to read this article, and a dream for 2019 would be if this TV star actually checked out our website, It’s award winning free and fun for all the family so sir Harry if you ever read this from all bulldog owners lovers THANK YOU !

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