Getting started

If your a beginner or seasoned collector European porcelain is a treasure trove of pieces to start collecting if you know what your looking for, some spare hours researching some of these countries rich pottery house histories could see you finding some amazing pieces.

In my experience of researching and buying Germany, has the biggest selection of pieces in any country in Europe and the history of the bulldog, can be dated back to Germany from modern times back to the 1700s.

My favourite artisan of German porcelain is called Karl Tutter and I have put a picture of his work with this blog and its the only piece I can find by this artist and research shows he is more famous for his porcelain cherub pieces than animals or wildlife.

[supsystic-gallery id=55]

Other artisans such as Heubach, Metzner and Ortloff any many others can be found working for the biggest of pottery houses like Gerbruder, Hutchenreuther, Sitzendorf, Dresden and Meissen, there are many others but I do not wish to take away all the researching fun however you can find most pieces and prices at which can be found using any search engine.

Second to Germany and mostly from one place are the Royal Copenhagen pieces from Denmark these are high or 1st quality pieces made by the greatest artisans such as dahl Jensen and Bing n Grondahl and some pieces leave the mind boggling as to how the shape was made possible and an example of this is in one of the pictures by dahl Jensen, the young boy is cuddling his faithful bulldog and you can clearly see gaps between the boy and the bulldog I think this is expert craftsmanship and rarely gets seen these days with peoples tastes changing.

One of the hardest countries to find pieces from is Austria and I mentioned why in one of my past blogs, I myself only have 4 pieces made in Austria the rest are bronzes and as pieces are hard to locate from there I have not done much research beyond the company Keramos but as I’m blogging now I think I should not just for knowledge but to insure I get it right in my blog.

These are just some of my favourite pieces from Europe and I’m guessing there are plenty more to come so if you want some great European pieces these are the main countries to research into but every country is worth a look I have a few pieces from less known places but very few and far between happy searching.