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Our beautiful puppy Porscha at 

Hi there readers I hope your well and safe out there it feels like I have not reached out for a while yet time is just flying by just recently, It’s great news all round at Collectibulldogs starting with our latest edition settling in, Porscha is a pocket rocket and keeps us on our toes


Porscha will become a face of Collectibulldogs but for now she’s just enjoying being a carefree puppy, her traits are starting to show and she has a beautiful little character that shines through every day.  Porscha is loved online already and gets her fair Share of Retweets and tonnes of likes too.

Part of our routine is walk Porscha everyday along the promenade next to the beach we do not use a time frame as this attention seeking little scamp loves nothing more than pestering passers by for a belly rub or just some fuss ! She does need to calm down a bit more in the evenings we’ve tried walking the energy out of her but this doesn’t work.


Little steps at a time with Porscha and as It’s great news all round at Collectibulldogs part of that is her ability to learn quickly she sits at the kerbside now without being asked and now does both her number ones and twos outside with no training whatsoever, I think her wetting herself with excitement when meeting new people helped us out there. blog article Continued

Bubble interactions dog friendly bubbles from the @dogstrustshops #brighton

we are pleased to announce that Porscha has appeared in her first guest post articles The very first being here which introduces her to others I think the article went to Bangladesh and then pushed out to BLOG LOVIN this helps improve our domain authority as well as informative to others


On the subject of guest posting we had another published it’s not to do with Porscha but stigma after I got some trolling on social media So wrote about it and happy it was turned into a guesting article yes it sends my valued readers to other websites but this back and forth blogging helps our websites and mine gets mostly out link articles.

It’s great news all round at

changing completely

The pieces we’ve found this year isn’t great news but does push our antique bulldog collection even further up the ladder and you’ll be surprised to hear most pieces found this year were buy my wife debbie, with the Japanese porcelain rare bulldog I thought that would be this years best found antique but I was wrong.


Glass victorian cracker prizes, silver spoons, trophies, a beautiful letter opener carved from just one sprig, these are some of what’s been collected since we last blogged but the ultimate find so far has to be our bulldog Gong !

Our bulldog Gong at

Ive come across many of these even hit a few before but never owned one and with a bulldog on too, the quality of Collectibulldogs just keeps growing as we find ever more interesting and old bulldog memorabilia! I’m so glad for the help and it seems debbie has a knack for finding bargains.


Ten pound for a stunning glass mirror and antique seal with a bulldogs head on and the letter R represented, it comes in the original box which always makes a piece look it’s age, there’s a few more pieces we have our eyes on but as you scroll and read you’ll see why our funds need watching now.

It’s great news all round at Collectibulldogs



Its great news all round at Collectibulldogs with the announcement of a BRAND NEW WEBSITE that’s correct there will be a time where all you’ve seen will be gone, replaced with new content with actual keyword insertion and proofread too, a raw format camera is needed to for the best pictures possible.


I have agreed a price with the Host and once we have migrated this site to the way it was before just to satisfy my OCD after that the work begins, we have a deadline of just two months but I think Collectibulldogs will be relaunched later than that as I wish to get my investment perfect.

The only bulldog memorabilia museum collection in the world

Brighton museum and the mentors there are guiding us towards a self sufficient non-profit social enterprise to be utilised by the community Corporation and museums, this involves funds so we are going to see if guest sponsored posts and advertising can help pay for this before we think of asking about crowdfunding, it’s true many out there would support this but we want to try first.


I hope after the relaunch everyone will enjoy the fruits of our labour a more stylish layout and menu needs to be established and most draw inspiration from similar websites but I have the issue of being the only bulldog memorabilia website showcasing antiques and collectibles so how do I find inspiration? I cannot quite see a cross between an antique website and a bulldog magazine website so it’s having to be totally original.

Am ℹ worthy of an autobiography

From media appearances to my own autobiography WOW

As the title suggests the  colleagues that we have proofreading presently thinks my knowledge is a wealth of and a back story worthy of an autobiography! That’s another WOW 😮 I could not believe what I was hearing and it became more real when a dictatorial recorder was loaned out from Brighton museum, it’s really going to happen.


Not sure 🤔 where or how far back she wishes to go so I have not done any notes yet and the first fifteen years of my life was about being in and out of the care system so it’s important to me not only to get it factual but to be able to pass over the needed information without it hindering my illness or sets my care plan back.


My mental illness will or should be part of the story and my ability to survive under the stresses of such a complex illness, there are funny points in time I remember too as well as when I started all this which I think maybe towards the end of any book written about myself.


My youth is a story in itself and I must remember to add all the dogs throughout my life too as they were the only constant in an ever changing world for me, I’m so grateful for this opportunity and it’s perked me up quite a bit but that’s nothing compared to what your about to read below.



My beautiful pregnant debbie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Save the best till last that’s what most folks do somif your reading and got this far get ready for THE BEST NEWS EVER ! My wife is pregnant Collectibulldogs is having a baby ! Well debbie is but you get my point, we found out weeks ago and next Friday (from date this was published) we go for our very first scan.


Yes I did not think I had it in me anymore it’s taken seventeen years of trying but we finally got there in the end, I’ve never been woken up with pregnancy test pee sticks before, maybe a cuppa or fry up but WOW what a surprise, yes I did think I’d woken up in an alternate universe but it’s not the case and IM GOING TO BE A DAD.


The mum to be is so excited and happy I’d of tried harder if I’d known the change it would have and just keep her pregnant (joke) now there’s earning brownie points for doing chores being spontaneous in search but to get my wife pregnant after so long has to be 2019s greatest achievement for this collecting father to be.


Do not worry I’m allowed to share the news now and glad I’ve invested now as the new website will have to last as we budget again for another sixteen (longer for others) years, I worry about the usual things I’m in my forties and guess being a dad will be a lot different to when I first was just twenty four years old.

My pregnant VR wife



baby names are stumping us presently and our housing situation needs changing now yet that aside we just cannot believe it we’ve been blessed (debbie says wiggles left a present) Puppies modern day miracle makers or mythWas my own thinking behind this as Chloe was conceived after we got our first puppy 🐶


Next Friday I will get to see our baby for the first time our daughter was two months premature so with tears streaming down my face I just had a chance  to cut the umbilical cord before she was whisked away to Sussex counties amazing Trevor Mann baby unit.

Lastly with fingers crossed 🤞


A state of wellbeing has shrouded myself just lately I’m not having so many bad times in my head and feel I’m more productive right now, I want this to last so not to stress out my amazing pregnant wife but I’m also keeping my fingers crossed 🤞 for everything else to go smoothly this year.


A happy wife is a happy life so tending to Debbies needs and making sure she’s not lifting or putting any strain on her body I take the dog too so that the lead jolts do not effect debs, a wonderful menu is created nearly everyday with fresh ingredients rotated so that the baby eats well too.


Not so important but I still hope runs all ok are the book and website, the book is something my family would be proud of as they know some of my achievements and feel the venture gets overlooked, and a social enterprise that’s original and working taking funds yet still creating content getting bookmarked for revisits and a community type feel.


Lucky 🍀 is not a word I’d describe myself at present I think more blessed I do not know why all these great things have come and whom am I to complain yet as I write this I would like to express sympathy to those that this article may of touched our intention is just to share our news and we are always humbled by those less fortunate than ourselves.

Beautiful pieces found by a beautiful lady in honour of my beautiful wife !

I would very much like to dedicate this article to my wife and friend of over 24 years I love you with all my heart and wish to thank you for all that you do your kindness and generosity shines just like the beautiful glow that surrounds you presently ❤️