Google is having a giggle with online Evolution

google having a giggle online Evolution

google having a giggle online Evolution

Hi readers I hope that you are well and good, I was or should be getting some sleep now yet I’m frustrated after researching yesterday! Online evolution google is having a giggle Is a perfect way to explain why.


If you do not own a website you don’t know about the inner workings (don’t worry I don’t either) however for the purposes of the blog section I learned SEO for rankings and spent money on building backlinks



These are part of what helps a page or blog article rank so it A bit of a shock yesterday when I was researching an error that Google had sent me and as I was researching I came across some new information about Google metrics.


as stated I put that Google is having a giggle and the reason for this is the Numetric is the fact that the user experience is the main factor in googles new way of determining the functionality and popularity of your website.


Online evolution google is having a giggle !

For seven years I have learned a lot about my website blogging and some other information yet Im starting to feel like one of those mechanical monkeys that bang the drum, I’ve learned how to write a blog with perfect seo and what for ?

google having a giggle online Evolution

google having a giggle online Evolution THIS SEO HELPER ON WORDPRESS FEELS OUTDATED NOW

Google now have the user metric ! this is the experience of each individual visitor to your website it used to be about the main authority and how many back links you could get on other peoples websites and now it’s all about who’s on your website and what they are doing.


examples of this are easy to explain the first example is if a visitor goes onto your website and comes back off this will show Google that your website is not actually that interesting and if this keeps happening your website will lower in searches and rankings.


The unfair part to the blogger is the fact that firstly we cannot make anyone do anything on the website and for some of us we do not sell this means that the user experience is different in comparison to a e-commerce website that is selling products.


Google has a new user experience metric


The perfect article has over 300 words consisting of keywords easy to read grammar outbound back links as well as optimised pictures please and the insert done properly creates the perfect blog this is what I have learnt myself.


The job now whilst publishing a blog is coming up with ideas to keep a visitor on the website no I normally add that links to other blogs or pages yet this is not going to create good rankings with Google unfortunately this is not a loophole.


creating the perfect blog does take time do you have to be mindful of the words that you are using and me amount of words in a sentence so if these little factors are big in the world with Google how are we meant to add to this user experience.


Spending more money upgrading the website is not an option I already did that last year and I thought this would’ve helped my domain authority shoot up but this didn’t happen so now I have to research how I’m going to increase this new metric to rank better.

He who laughs last laughs longest


A great analogy, I am bell in that I will find a widget before the game Tetris or Pacman for the website but I am going to research WordPress As this is the format are use to publish my articles with they may have new features.


Time will be the only issue at the moment regarding Google and its new metrics I have a Projects I have started that are not online and they are projects that need to be finished and cannot just be left so researching whilst working daily is going to take time


I am lucky in the fact I can speak to the article rioter Wynne to help me research all look for ways to increase this particular metric and I also have a friend that is willing to help so maybe he can help me research and together we can come up with something that will help us impress Google.


naïvely I thought that the new open spread homepage that came together as you scroll down was going to be a winner with visitors, I even added an extra section for videos and the brilliant Our Past heroes basically we totally upgraded to the old website and gave it a brand-new look.



it’s amazing the little things in life that makes you happy like making up with an old friend Garden projects have enjoyed creating a child friendly back garden and also a pond project as well as doing next doors garden fence, I also have my little daughter whom I love spending time with.


The reason I’m stating this is before I would’ve not been able to handle the frustration of coming across such information as I did with Google especially knowing that I’ve spent a lot of money on my website and I’ve learnt to do things the way that Google wants you to to rank your website.


knowing what I know now does make things a little easier so this means I can understand when my metrics for the Domain Authority is going up or down and the fact that now blog articles with perfect search engine optimisation are not the be all and end all of the website now.


it does mean spending hours online and looking at other peoples websites for inspiration to come up with a plan on how to improve visitor experience when people do come to the website we are a blogging experience. Yet if we want to improve then we will have to add something extra




Life ! is yours just a processed tin of meat ? Was a blog I wrote about peoples lives being seen as spam and the Disappointment that if you wish your life not to be spam you have to pay format the advertising fee for their ads section where we are today your article is now not seen As Spam.


this is something I’ve only just started researching already publishing online these days is a conundrum some formats are happy to have your article and others see the article as just spam I also read that off-line interaction or lack of interaction also has an affect on your Google rankings.


social media formats unfortunately have a monopoly on certain aspects of your website from your own hashtag ie #collectibulldogs too other people writing down / pasting your link themselves to no interest all gets linked to the url your using (your website address).


ideas are already circulating and I haven’t even looked yet I’ve started doing videos on PINTEREST so I could learn how to add / insert videos I can make ! I could use YouTube but this takes longer to download when on the page, I can also contact Brighton Museum and ask for some assistance from their social media team.

Forgive forget life’s short


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