Gary O’Sullivan Vs Mungula watch it here


Gary O’Sullivan Vs Mungula fight watch it here

Hi readers how are you, for any Gary O’Sullivan boxing fans out there we have a treat for you Gary O’Sullivan Vs Mungula watch it here is that not amazing or what, I’ve been in touch with Gary as he prepares for this fight over in Mexico City.

Gary has a lighthearted approach to the opponent he is fighting there was mutual respect from day one and Gary as always has been a gentleman throughout even quoting to say he liked MUNGULA and respected him not just as a similar background fighter but for the man he is too.

The confidence is ozzing off of Gary and there maybe no bad blood between these two power houses Gary knows he has a job to do and that’s what will happen once Gary enters the ring !


We’ve enjoyed our little two and throws on Twitter Gary’s a busy man training but does reply when he is able and has a new fan now with baby sienna whom he stated as beautiful! We know this but it’s nice to hear it from others especially our celebrity endorser.

Gary O’Sullivan Vs Mungula watch it here


Gary O’Sullivan Vs Mungula fight watch it here Proud of our endorsement

So after speaking with Gary he has given me the link to watch him fight how lucky are we then there’s not many that that the link has been given too,  Twitter page streaming fight live HERE  

it will be amazing as Gary will show any new fans his signature ring entrance wearing that hat and if the mans not shaven then you’ll see his moustache maybe the only boxer in the modern day era to keep that old bare fists fighting look.

This should be a comfortable win for Gary his sights are set firmly on the light middleweight champion of the world boxing title so he needs to go through Mungula as if he was just a sparring partner Gary will show why he is called spike and it should be for an entertaining bout.

We will update this article after tomorrow night and I hope all will tune in and see Gary win against Mungula and move up the boxing food chain where he would have a chance at fighting for that next dream, we will be supporting Gary and cheering him on ourselves we still have not had a ringside mention but hey it’s early days



Gary’s camp went over to mexico to win but this was not the case unfortunately, Gary O’Sullivan SPIKE fought like a warrior and some clumsy stumbles makes it look like spike had little control that’s what we think the referee called it


Gary won he’s last fight and not many boxers can say they’ve lost a match on a referees decision but that’s what happened here, we will keep you updated as to where Gary’s going next I think he will return to Ireland and enjoy he’s family who despite the loss will be proud of him just like we are at collectibulldogs

Gary would like to thank all the fans gained since becoming our endorsement I never thought my family would ever be staying up late to watch boxing 🥊 and the funniest line of the night was from my wife asking me why I didn’t have a body like Gary’s I just laughed




Find Gary on Pinterest now !


Fight aside Gary’s popular on Pinterest


It’s great seeing Gary in an interview or in the paper I’m not sure how far his reach is (no pun intended) but our Gary O’Sullivan Pinterest board is extremely popular and Gary’s picture was seen over 1 million times in just the time it took for me to post it and get a few hours sleep


and that’s what I will be doing soon we have a new born so I’ve struck up a deal where I can get to watch the fight and tweet Gary congratulations after, wether your a fan of Gary’s of boxing even please remember this man gave up his namesake to endorse our little website it’s why we give him the exposure a champion deserves.



It’s only fair we give credit where it’s due thank this page and add their url here as a sign of gratitude

Find out more about Garys career here

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