French Bulldog Boston Terrier ? We Just Agree now lol

Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy

French Bulldog or Boston terrier


Hi readers how are you all doing ? i thought id tell you about walking porscha and the questions that get asked when people stop to stroke her ! French Bulldog Boston Terrier ? We Just Agree now lol its true we just agree now.


when walking her ears are pinned back yet indoors she does show she has her mums french bulldog in her with at least one ear up, it reminds me of a whales dorsel fin im not sure if its her ear muscles but she does have the ability to have them down or pricked up.


with pug in her breed mix this can make the ears bigger which porcsha does sport quite nicely, at first we would tell people or try and explain porcshas breed but after a while we just gave in, when we walk her now its just easier and quicker to agree.


French Bulldog Boston Terrier ? We Just Agree now lol, and it is funny especially when owners of dogs say oh look we’ve got one or sometimes two of them at home porcsha is a mixed breed mini bulldog by name and definition so to have others thinking she’s a French Bulldog or even a Boston Terrier is funny bless them.

French Bulldog Boston Terrier ? We Just Agree now lol

Bulldog museum Brighton

One ear up nearly a French Bulldog lol

Porcshas looking French here

Porscha with her ears up like a French bulldog

Her size and social ability show she’s not a purebred bulldog she’s much more energetic yet I’ve not owned a purebred pup so cannot truly compare (maybe write in and tell us about what purebred bulldog pups are like, we liken porcsha to the car she’s named after becouse she can narf run.


It is a joy to be able to walk a dog again but with porcsha it’s a case of who cares French Bulldog Boston Terrier ? We Just Agree now lol she just wants the attention, carrying her down the stairs is much easier and doesn’t hurt my chest and I do the majority of the walks.


My wife comes out for short walks she is about fourteen weeks pregnant now so if she does come I get her to sit on the promenade overlooking the beach whilst I try and navigate a puppy on a runner lead looking for people to find her cute stop and pay attention.


This is usually when we get asked that magic question French Bulldog or Boston Terrier ? Porcshas not caring what breed she is she just wants belly rubs strokes and getting unwound from people’s legs as the runner lead turns into a tied up bunch of strangers with an over excited puppy at their feet.


French English pug we just 😍 her


A delight is an understatement ! Porcshas been here for nearly six months and apart from the energy she’s getting out of her system she’s wonderful, she loves playing with Coo Coos our cat and you can often here the cat lightly meowing she’s trouble making as porcsha isn’t usually near her.


The cat trying to get the dog into trouble is funny but not as funny as porcshas character, she is a beautiful little scamp and just wants to play or get attention where she can, she’s now an ample size so cannot jump over debs so I spend my time trying to drain her out just a little bit.


Peace comes in the form of an over played mini bulldog or when her bellies full if not get ready to be chucking toys playing wrestling (who knew you could suplex your pet lol) we have lots of fun when the weather’s cool and I’m trying to get porcsha to stop play biting my fingers other than that she’s turning into a wonderful little friend.


Porcshas going to be on the new rebuild so any porcsha fans can pop over and see her we understand she’s liked more than the venture on social media but that’s ok  The more the merrier ! And why not she is a cutie and has her own fans now.


Porcsha thanks Pinterest !

The right Host is key to online success ie square one digital

French Bulldog

With the resent lockouts over at twitter and the  TWITTER ALGORITHMS DO PUNCH BACK I was upto 216k and now down by eleven thousand followers whom think I unfollow them when twitter does the lockout, so it’s re freshing to see we are doing well else where especially Pinterest.


please pop over My boards are varied and others have started collaborations with our boards, you’ll love Pinterest there’s no trolling it’s friendly and as long as you don’t spam others boards you’ll be added to others boards where you can share your content.


I would show a picture of the 25 thousand followers I have there already but as I’m getting used to the new Apple iPad pro I’m not sure how screen pictures are taken as there’s no button like the normal pads, that’s ok though I’ll get used to it just like I’m asking Pinterest users to get used and bare with me, mental disorders do not stop me from having intelligence yet any platform takes time and understanding.


With saying that we want to thank those at PINTERESTwhom have showed interest in our social enterprise we rely on your interest and views to carry on and I’m promising that in 6 to 8 weeks Lee would of worked hard to bring a brand-new relaunch of the website with a totally new layout, oh and thanks to Pinterest for the verification we are finally verified somewhere!

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