Forgive forget life’s short

Forgive forget life’s short


There is a website theme behind this article Forgive forget life’s short but I’d like to tell you a story first ! This story does not paint this collector in the best light but it was fourteen or more years ago.


When my eldest was two we moved to an area and this is where I first met this friend then and now ! We got on but I know he struggled with aspects in life and a violent temper was evident when he kicked another friend in the face for no reason one night.


Before you think I’m slatting my friend I’m not I’m just painting a picture of what I class as Forgive forget life’s short, this person was quite tight around me and very protective this was not a friendship but due to his time in prison before we hooked up.


Inmates that come out institutionalised often pick a friend and keep that friend close they do not like it when anyone else tries to come between that friendship and this is how my friend was at the time, his anger of things got him into trouble and even fights.

on a couple of occasions he would find that someone else enjoyed his company and he was different then and then turn on me but would come back when he realised these people and him didn’t get on,It was different with his long-term girlfriend but I still got pushed out the way every now and again.

Forgive forget life’s short

2019 wow what a year at collectibulldogs

Forgive forget life’s short HE NEVER MET WIGGLES

For me the stress factor was immense this frame is not the main cause for myself self harming yeah I have been told the stress from having a friend like I had was enough create enough anxiety for me to hurt myself but I didn’t see this at the time.


We were glued at the hip until he found himself a long-term girlfriend and just like any other institutionalised in mate he can only have one person around them and this is when I noticed he had a bit of an evil streak and would kick off I over the smallest things.


let me tell you now this man that I knew for a few years did not hurt me once yes he did hurt people when we were about in places and it’s my belief that he even hurt my brother on a couple of occasions while staying in my brothers flat.


Back then illegal things were taking place people were taking things that they shouldn’t and yes I am admitting I was one of them, Who is never anything too hard but when it came to the weekend we did have a hammer and tongs until things got messy.

Forgive forget life’s short ! It was a Shame really

Forgive forget life’s short Bulldog



my wife has had enough of our Ways and thought I was being let down the wrong path and after six years of being friends with him I ended up staying with one of my wife’s friends for three months this was to get away from this life yet it was a life I missed.


for 14 years I have not seen my friend until last Friday to be honest it felt like you don’t need to come round the day before to borrow some teabags, laughing 😂 and saying how much we both had aged it was funny as we both giggled and laughed at each other.


I automatically knew most of the stories will be present related or streetwise related so we sat there in the bedroom and just enjoy the small talk for a few hours, going back to the institutionalised part he now lives at a reasonable time to get home for soaps (I’m Lols )


Facebook message from this friend came up a couple of years back apologising I’m not quite sure what for and at the time I did accuse him of being a bully but looking back apart from a couple of fisticuffs that didn’t happen he never hit me once so I was wrong to call him a bully regarding myself.

Forgive forget life’s short ! Continued


he has more than made up to my brother but I do wish when he sent out the apology that he sent it to my brother as it was my brother who dealt with him whilst he was living under his robe with a very short temper.


he’s had his own journey in life he spoke to me about this it wasn’t all about freedom and I learned a few things that I never knew before and he learnt that I was doing okay yeah I had issues around mental health and we spoke about this in length


If anyone remembers I spoke about a fire that happened here in December if I didn’t I should really blog about it as it was quite eventful and the first thing that my friend wanted to do when he heard was going to push the man responsible out of his own Window and his friend of mine isn’t a kind of person just to say it


I don’t or didn’t mind the one friend friendship okay As i myself with my disorder finding it hard to make and keep friends long term Play my experience in the past that friends can normally just main crap staring and troublemaking but as we get older we will need someone to watch our back

Forgive forget life’s short

did I think about contacting my friend before I did Hmmm ! No actually it was a spur of the moment thought I did take his apology into consideration after he sent it but left it at that and it was after that that I spoke to myself is it time to Forgive forget life’s short


has he changed is he putting on a pretence no I don’t think so 14 years makes a man different, I believe he is proud of the fact I’m still around with my illness I think he’s proud of the fact I’ve brought up my daughter in a great way I think he’s proud that I got married and had another baby



These are not the emotions or thoughts of someone that wants to hurt you raise at the force of someone that has missed you and can see that you have done well in their absence, i’ve also found that my sense of humour after many years has just re-emerged.


my mental health and the way I am I could do with a buddy who has my back 24/7 and he’s much more than that.. I might be making him sound tough but if you know him he would do anything for you even if that means him going without


So it’s time (Forgive forget life’s short )

You get older and realise if you’ve changed others can too hence the title Forgive forget life’s short because it’s so so true, we didn’t just sit there and wonder where the years apart had gone but both talked a lot about a change at forty


As readers are aware I am honest in my blogging and I will say now I do not 100% trust anyone this includes my friend but this also includes my own family and everybody else around me I have a disorder that puts scrutiny on those around me,


This issue is from youth and will never go but I know myself my family our safety and security is top of my friends list he would never let anyone hurt my family and I’d feel sorry for them if they did this is when his nasty streak can show.


Do you have an old friend a family member to follow this same mantra Forgive forget life’s short I cannot emphasise how quickly your life starts to Ebb away Even if you have a life of luxury holidays and a nice job in car one day you will look back and wonder why your life has gone




mentioned earlier that my friend is bulldog theme related that’s because we spoke about my struggles running this website and trying to promote myself he offered to create accounts for me to send articles to end as offered to do other things that most friends do not normally offer


built in wardrobes can be expensive maybe up to £2000 fitted with my friend all I need to do is buy the materials and give him some space and how are you presto I will have fitted wardrobes at a fraction of the price and made by a friend of cool is it


my garden should be easier to sort out now that I have an extra pair of hands who doesn’t mind getting dirty, this means that the pond that I wanted for my daughter by the summer should be ready if me and my friend start very soon.


i’m glad I made the call Everybody deserves a second chance and 14 years is a long time for someone to reflect on the way they was and he was man enough to send me an apology even if I didn’t accept at the time I do now so remember before it’s to late Forgive forget life’s short


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