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Hi out there to all the Collectibulldogs readers fans and collectors I hope your all safe and well and for half of us it’s time to batten down those hatches we can already feel the icy air beginning here on the south coast of the uk, typical English man to talk about the weather don’t you think so let’s just finish here by saying it’s getting Dang! Cold.

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Emails with healing powers

When I first wrote to my local museum explaining to them about my collection not only was I informed it may be near to impossible to link up but I also disbelieved the replies I was getting and this is partly due to folks letting me down and pessimism so to all at Brighton museum my sincerest apologies for any doubt shown and I sure am one happy Chappy now and my new link in the museums private collections page makes me smile every time I see it. As the title suggests after I opened the email confirming my placement in the collections page it felt like a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders and all compulsions for posting, self promoting and advertising just blew away and I write this it feels like I never had those problems to begin with anymore and I also feel I’ve made a small contribution to the city I was born in and love, now to show the rest of the city what’s hidden away under thier very noses.

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Guesting!!! Keeping those fingers crossed

When I got the link well before actually the technical colleague from the museum asked me to do a guest blog for their blog page I jumped at the chance and had a nice time blogging about the museum itself the people and pieces inside and the museum mentors art group I attend (usually).

There have been studies to suggest there’s a correlation between museums, wellbeing, and it’s possitive effect on folks experiencing mental health issues and I can bare testament to the skills the clients possess, they beat me hands down and if I’m honest I drink more tea than do art but it’s such a calming space it’s nice to be there if only for a few hours.

So hopefully they will like the blog that I set out and sent so then I can ask if I can be a regular blogger for the museum. This means I would have to learn more than just about bulldog history as there are many different collections, installations, and displays on exihibit there would have to be some research but what would get me excited Is the conditional access to the archives to pick pieces and write about them, I’ve been down there a couple of times now and last time I got to see a couple of really rare 1700s bulldog ceramics all courtesy of our head mentor Debbi Bennett.

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I’ve run out of business cards, new ones will have some more detail and maybe second link to new home.


Im not actually to sure what the pop up part means I will have to ask this week but I have heard of this expression when I have been chatting about really exiihibiting and creating a proper visual spectacle in the museum itself.

If I want this next dream to come true then I need to make a start really cataloging all my pieces, then there’s the appraisal and after that all the museum paperwork and all this has to be done before I can even think about raising the funds for the installation that houses the collection to be made.

My mentor does suggest there is help out there like grants and businesses willing to sponsor, so rest assured just like finally getting the link I also promise that bulldogs will feature in Brighton museum or another local museum in time to come.

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Looking back I had thought I’d been a bit of a lazy sofa surfer but this list really suggests otherwise, I have been a busy little bee and looking over some of the links below I’m now wondering where I found the bulls!!! To do have of this. My accolades include

Radio news flash on Heart FM

You can listen to the newscast here

In the news

Brighton father hopes to raise money for daughter’s university fees with huge bulldog antique collection

Being endorsed by mr Norman Davis World judge (retired) I thrive on this mans respect and it’s about time he was knighted but that’s just my humble opinion Norman Runs a Facebook group, if you wish to join click here.

Being in bullish mag with thanks to Theo Koekemoer And all at bullish magazine, This is a premier magazine online and paper form where it’s really affordable to advertise and also a great venture should anyone be into sponsoring etc…

Visit this link to find out more about Bullish Magazine

Various website link exchanges

Including websites in the links page, thanks to all that have intrusted me and knew I’d stick around.

Becoming an online influence

Online influence is where all your media is tracked if your seen to be moving and shaking online just like my constant self promoting so each like, comment, share, tweet and reblog gets counted up into an influence rating, which I had no clue about until a was found in analytics and described itself via email and even though my rank maybe smaller than others at the moment I’m sure more people will have faith in me now and see collectibulldogs as an asset for all to enjoy.

First to take collection online

Collectibulldogs The first collection online!

Featuring in the Brighton toy museum

Visit the Brighton Toy Museum here

Featuring now in Brighton museum

Visit the other collections page at Brighton Museum here


That oh so satisfying feeling you get when you arrive home and know within a couple of minutes of turning that key you will or should be sitting down comfy with a cup of tea trying to forget the days not so good points, that’s how I feel now I’ve advertised my bottom off it feels like I’ve messaged the world and to be given a spot at the museum in city I was born in feels right, a belonging, collectibullldogs has finally found a spot of its own a real home.

Patience is the key now not only towards the up coming installation but now I do not have an urge to compulsively promote I will have to learn to do other things and I have a few ideas in mind only problem Is they are all ideas around the collections future.

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#Brighton I ❤️️ our city


If you check out the main website for Brighton museum and the Royal pavilion you will see it’s a great place to visit wether your local or not, the museum is situated in a stable and carriage house that once belonged to HRH the prince regent whom used this beautiful building as he’s own personal summer house with a spa not 500 meters away near a stunning pond and park and I think the pond is the original as back then.

You can get your eats here, there’s a cafe as you walk in and don’t be deterred by the sercurity, they are even though thoroughly professional and constantly vigilant they are also warm friendly folk that are happy to assist with info, toilet and exit directions and some just like to have a natter.

The collections are amazing the curating around each installation is second to none and each one tells its story in object form just as if it were pages from a book. Oh I nearly forgot to say but one of the gardens main attractions are the little tame squirrels, they thrive there and are always fed walnuts by passers by and I often wonder why this form of wildlife is so close to the sea.

Brighton is brilliant city and I for one feel lucky to be living here and who knew that from a young lad doing chalk rubbings years ago would be back to enjoy the art space provided and be a young local to have his collection featured.

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As most know and where you been if you do not, but I’m always harping on about my mental health and I want to reach quickly before I go to those that either suffer mental health, a career, or even a professional in the field to look up the studies done on museums and mental wellbeing, I won’t go and bodge it up by saying the wrong thing but it’s worth looking into and if you understand the museums ethos then why not see what your local museum has to offer and if you do not have one ask your local council to point you in the right direction of orgs that do similar projects and offer a similar experience.

Thank you again to Brighton museum its staff and mentors for the great work they do and a special thank you to my art mentor whom has helped me through so really hard times and of course sharing in the good times.

So folks from a very happy bulldog collection curator OFFICAL it’s happy collecting…